Secrets in the Forest

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Cole

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



Chapter 2


Let’s continue the story where we last left off.

The next Morning everything had seemed like a surreal blur, Like I made the whole thing up. I start getting ready when my Dad walk in. “Hey Charlotte’ how are you doing.” He sounded so gentle like he was talking to a person that could snap at any given moment.

“I’m fine Dad.” I sigh.

“Listen Charlotte’ You know you can-” I rudely interject.

“Dad I said I was fine. No, I don’t want to talk about it. No, I am not going to cry. He was a jerk and I am not going to miss him so please just leave me be.” I push him out of my room and slam the door. Yeah, I was kinda being rude……. Nope definitely being rude. I just didn’t want to talk about it. I wasn’t lying I wasn’t going to cry I was more likely to punch someone with all my anger. Anyway let’s just continue the story. I was relieved to be by myself. I left the house after Dad left for work. I felt kinda bad. I get in the car and head to school. Thinking it was just another day. Little did I know that idiot left me a lot more. I step into school and Cami runs up to me and pulls me into the Janitor's closet and locks the door.

“Charlotte’ what happened are you okay.” She turns me around and looks at me from head to toe. “What happened yesterday. Reggie said something about you and Liam. Now Liam is nowhere to be seen. The football players parents are making them drop out. Basically all the teachers are on lockdown. One last thing there are like 50 cops around the school. Was Liam in some drug ring or something.” Okay imagine that sentence but five times faster. I love her and all, but that girl can talk.

“Cami I am not supposed to tell anyone this so please keep it on the DL.” I know the principal told me to keep quiet, but one Cami was my best friend and we told each other everything and two if I didn’t I would never hear the end of it. “Okay so Liam and the varsity football coach were having an affair.” I have a dead straight face, but she on the other hand.

“Like sleeping together affair.” Her mouth is wide open.

“What other affair is there.” Sometimes she isn’t the smartest person.

“Oh My God this makes so much since now.” She leans against the wall.

“Also one more thing……. Me and Cole kinda had a moment.” I sigh

“Wait like Hot, Mystery, Ex Best Friend Cole?” She pulls me out of the closet. We walk to our lockers to finish the conversation. “I heard he wouldn’t date anyone how did you do it?”

“We have been friends for like ever so the door was just kinda open.” I open my locker and pull out my chemistry book. “Look I will fill you in later, but I have to run.” I slam the locker door and make my way down to Cole’s locker. He still had the exact same locker as last year.

“Hey Charlotte.” He smiles and rest his hand on my upper arm. I smile back. “You are still coming today right?”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” I lean against the locker and take this all in.

“Okay after school. Do you want to walk together?” He looks down and gives a sly smile.

“Yeah I would like that.” I take his chin and move it up until our eyes meet. “I have to go so I will see you around.” I walk up the hallway and down to my class. The rest of the day was just gossip about the Coach and Liam. Not to mention the fact everyone was prodding me with questions. Now to the fun part the end of my day.

“Hey Cole. Are you ready?” He takes my hand and leads my out the back door of the school.

“Let’s see if you remember how to get their.” He gives me a sly smile. I should probably tell you where we are going. Back when we were kids and Cole still had a house we built a treehouse. It was just beyond the fence to his house. We used to go there all the time it was ‘our spot’. Until we fell out of touch and that tree house still stood waiting for us to reconnect.

“It should be just around this hill.” We climbed the hill and stood at the top. Letting the trees and the smell of dirt fill our lungs. “I told you I still remember the way.” I ran down the hill and stopped right at the trunk of a massive oak. The treehouse was built around the trunk. I head up the ladder. It creaks with our weight. I push open the trapdoor and dust fills my lungs. “Oh wow we haven’t used this place in a while.” I move my hand around trying to see through the dust.

“If you mean in 2 years yeah you are right.” Cole is now standing next to me his hand brushing the side of mine. I wanted so badly to reach out and take his hand in mine. Alas I didn’t. We look around at objects we used to love so much. My diary the key lost. A map of our beloved town. Then I remembered why we were really here.

“Why did you bring me here?” I face Cole now. The smile was replaced with a frown. He turns away from me and opens the little wooden window.

“I remember us coming up here everyday. Things seemed so perfect. Perfect doesn’t last long here.” He starts to take off shirt.

“Cole….” I stare in disbelief. His muscles so strong and prominent covered in scars. “I don’t understand?” He turns to face me. His abs covered in scars and blue and black bruises. I walk closer and touch them.

“My Dad.” I look up at him. “That’s why he left. He used to beat me, Mom, and Hazel. Often threw beer bottles at us. I got strong enough and one day had enough I beat him to a pulp. He left town. Never heard of him again. My Mom got so pissed that I made him leave that she would get drunk so drunk she would punch me and hit me. It didn’t feel right for me to stand up to her to.” Standing there I wanted to touch them away all of them. I wanted so badly for him to never feel pain again. I look up at him and his green eyes. Our faces only inches apart. “So yeah that’s what happened to me.” He takes a step back and puts his shirt on.

“I am so sorry, but why are you telling me this now?” I felt so bad. Like I said secrets unfold. In this small town there were too many secrets we imploded. Just like Coles Family.

“Yesterday you were so honest and I needed to be to. We used to be so close. Now that we’re back I felt like I needed to tell you.” You sighs and opens the trapdoor.

We climb down from the tree house and back to the school. “Hey Cole do you want a ride home?” I open the car door.

“Yeah, Thanks.” He slides into the passenger side. I turn the car engine on and pull out of the school parking lot. We turn to the only busy street in Cape town. Main Street. The odd thing it was quiet. It was like a hush fell over the town. “There must be a storm coming.” He pointed to the black clouds and the fog rolling over the street. It gave the town an ominous feel.

“This is weird.” I look over at Cole who has the same puzzling look on his face as mine. Then we see it. Not it her. Cami lying in the middle of the street surrounding a pool of blood. I slam on the brake and the car comes to a dramatic stop. I run out of the car, Cole not far behind.

“Help we need help.” Cole’s screams pierce through the silence. I take her head into my lap. Tears streaming down my face. “Apply pressure Charlotte.” I couldn’t move, so he did. He placed his hand over the wound.

“Charlotte I’m cold.” Her face drained.  

“Please don’t leave me.” I stroke her hair. “Cami, who did this to you.” Her eyes closed. I shake her. “No, who did this to you.”

“We should have gone for that coffee Char’ we should have.” Her eyes closed. I feel a pair of hand rest on my shoulder.

“Miss please move.” A paramedic takes my hand and moves me from the scene. I look at my hands covered in blood. I can hear another paramedic. I start to feel sick.

“V-fib charge to 300, Clear.” 300 Volts of electricity pulses through her body.

“No please, Please no.” I try to push through the paramedic and the officers surrounding the scene. “No she can’t leave me.”

“I am sorry miss you can’t be over there.” They hang yellow tape around the scene. “This is now a murder investigation.” I heard those words and cracked. I fell to the ground screaming. Then the rain came down. Pouring I cried in the street. This town’s secrets had killed my best friend. I felt someone pick me up. I looked up. Cole had picked me up completely. Soaking wet he wrapped me in a shock blanket. I rested my head on his shoulder. He sits me in the back seat of the car and drives me home. He carries me inside. We walk inside and my Mom is making dinner.

“Hey honey I heard the door. I am making-” She drops the pan of spaghetti all over the floor. “TOM.” My dad comes rushing up the stairs. He sees my bloody hands and clothes.  

“My God. Honey are you hurt.” I couldn’t talk. It was like someone had taken my voice. My throat raw from screaming.

“She’s fine. I am going to take her upstairs. Her room is still there right.” My parents nod. I wanted to say thank you Cole, but I couldn’t find the words. He sat me down on my bed. I went to the bathroom and turned on the water. “Hey Char I am running you a bath.” I nod my head throbbing. Tears streaming down my face. “Can I undress you?” I give him a nod. He takes off my shoes. Then my shirt and pants. I am left standing in my bra and underwear. I wasn’t going to get naked in front of him. He wasn’t the kinda guy to do that. He leads me to the bathroom. He leaves me in there and shuts the door. “I can stay outside the door if you want.” He was worried. You could hear it in his voice.

“Pl-” My throat dry. I couldn’t say it.

“I know Char. I will.” I get in the bath and the water turns a shade of pink. I reach for the soap. I scrub and scrub. Underneath my nails, My arms, My fingers. I scrub until my skin is red. “Are you okay in there.” Cole knocks on the door.

“Yeah.” I finally got the words out. I empty the tub and wrap myself in a white towel. I swipe the condensation from the mirror. Looking back I see a girl with a puffy face and red cheeks. I wrap the towel around my body and walk out. Cole still there. He follows me back into my room. I go into the closet while he waits in my room. I change into an overlarge sweatshirt and sweatpants. I crawl into bed. Cole turns the lights off.

“I should catch your parents up.” He opens the door.

‘Wait-- Can you stay? With me?” I look at him. Probably like a lost puppy.

“Yeah.” He turns around and sits next to me on the bed. I put my head on his chest. He strokes my hair.

“I never realized how tall you were.” I smile. He laughs.

“Yeah 6 feet. Now why don’t you get some sleep?” He strokes my cheek.

“Yeah.” I close my eyes and fall asleep almost immediately. Then I see her. Cami she takes my hand.

“Listen Charlotte. You have to find who did this to me.” She looks pale and is in a white dress.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I take both of her hands into mine.

“It doesn’t work like that. I should have told you when I had the chance.” She turns away from me. “Listen there is evil in this town uncover it so I can be free.” She starts to walk away into this fog just in front of the forest.

“Stop.” I run to catch up with her. Then I hear a loud bang, she turns around. Blood is covering her dress. “I have to apply pressure.” I rip open her dress. “Where are you bleeding.” I look all over but couldn’t find the source. “What the hell?”

“Save me Charlotte I am cold.” She closes her eyes. Then out of nowhere she jumps up and pushes me over. “I told you to save me Charlotte.” Her eyes full black. “Save me.” She is standing above me now. She grabs me by my collar. “You stupid little girl.” She takes a gun and holds it to my head.

I wake up screaming and kicking. “Charlotte it’s me Cole calm down. You’re fine.” He hugs me. I start to ball.

“I saw her.” My words trembling in fear, angst, sadness.

“It was a nightmare. You’re safe with me.” He pulls me in closer. The heat radiating from his body. “We need to go downstairs and talk to your parents and the cops.” He pulls me up from bed. “I can carry you.”

“No it’s fine I can walk.” He stands by my side one  hand around my waist. When we get downstairs, there are cops everywhere.

“Ms. Grey. We have a few questions and for you to Mr. Jones.” We sit down at the kitchen table my Mom hands me a cup of coffee.

“Cole would you like one to?”

“That would be lovely Mrs. Grey.” He looks down for my hand and grabs it. He whispers to me. “We will get through this.” He squeezes my hand.

“Cole it is so nice to see you around here again.” She passes him a cup of coffee.

“It is wonderful to be here thank you.” He gives her that devilish smile.

“Okay Mr. Jones can you go to the living room please.” The cop comes from the hallway and grabs Coles shoulder.

“Why?” I sit up a bit alarmed.

“Just to get two different perspectives.” He starts to walk down the hall.

“I will only be gone for a little while. I swear.” they shut the living room door.

“Okay Ms. Grey start from the beginning.” The officer pulls out his notepad.

I pull the sleeve of my sweatshirt over my fingers. “Yeah, me and Cole were driving home from school-”

“About what time was this?”

“I would say about 5:30ish.” I wonder why he asked me that.

“Little late to be getting home from school right. What time does the highschool end. Three o’clock so what were you doing?” he gives me sly look then writes something down on his note pad.

“We were feeling a bit nostalgic.” I look over to my Mom who is starting to look a little worried. Then I see the officer write down something else.

“Continue your story Ms. Grey” He smiles. I start getting a little restless. I take a sip of water to calm my nerves.

“ We were driving on Main and it was dead silence no cars on the road no people on the sidewalks. Anyway me and Cole-”

“So, you are saying there is no one there to back up your story.” He jots something else down. I feel this anger boil up inside me, but I push it back down.

“Continue.” He half yells.

“Then Cole screams to stop. I look down to the street and there she was in the road bleeding. We got out of the car-”

“Did you see anyone, bullet casings, or footprints.”

“No I didn’t wh-”

“Of course you didn’t” He mumbles under his breath. I stand up from the table. Yelling and screaming.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean.” I slam my fist down into the table my cup of water falls over.

“If you would please sit do-” now he is trying to be nice.

“Like hell I will.” I grab my bag and walk out of the house. Glad to be out of there. That stupid cop. He thought I had something to do with my best friend's’ murder. Like hell I did but, I was going to find out who did. Wow, and you thought your life was hard we are just reaching the tip of the iceberg right now.


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