Nothing but the Truth

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how honest are we willing to be

Submitted: June 25, 2017

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Submitted: June 25, 2017



“Nothing but the Truth”

The special kids I teach rarely tell lies- they have no filters. I love them for that.I am required to teach them the social nuances; without changing who they are. We practice greetings, salutations and complimenting skills. In reality, most people rarely use the skills they insist are so important.

I often ask myself, what would the world be like if we shared our complete truths?

Could we tolerate the brutal honesty?

“I think you are mean.”

“You take advantage of others.”

“You don’t deserve his affection.”

“Criticizing me won’t make you appear better.”

“Yes- I think we are a broken society.”

“Apathy is the opposite of love and that’s how I feel.”

“You can’t buy class and self- esteem.”

“I think you are overcompensating with your things.”

“Yes- I think you are distracting from your sadness with your athletic activities.”

Whether we voice our truths aloud or not, they can be felt by those who are paying attention.

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