The Island

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The group continues to make their escape. But Frank won't allow them to leave.

Chapter 70 (v.1) - The Island Section 4

Submitted: June 25, 2017

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Submitted: June 25, 2017



Knife hits Simon's neck. Simon gasps then falls. Simon. Sarah feel no pulse. Damn...sir, Simon's dead; said Sarah. Hurry up Allisyn; said Officer Tim. Allisyn places last explosive. I'm done; said Allisyn. Good...get over the wall; said Officer Tim. What about you; asked Allisyn. I'm getting my brother. Here. Officer Tim hands Allisyn detonator. Wait ten minutes then blow this place away; said Officer Tim

See you on the other side; said Allisyn. Both walk different directions. Officer John runs along wall. Guns firing. Frank approaches. Machine-gun cocks. Officer John looks then jumps behind house. Come out or die; said Frank. Officer John thinking. Officer Tim looks, sees Simon's body, slowly walks towards it then grabs gun. Guns clip being pulled out. I'm coming brother; said Officer Tim. You got ten seconds...starting now; said Frank counting. Officer Tim cocks gun.

Hey...behind you. All look. Surprised to see me; asked Officer Tim. Officer John looks then runs. Frank sees Officer John running. Kill them; said Frank. Guns firing. Officer Tim runs. Officer John continues running. Officer Tim in front of Officer John. Are they set up; asked Officer John. Yes...hurry, over the wall; said Officer Tim. Freeze...don't move. Your both dead...drop the guns; said Frank. Officer Tim looks at watch then smiles. You're too late; said Officer Tim. Frank sees explosive on house.

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