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about a girl who has learned a lesson in her life and is ready to learn more ....

Submitted: June 25, 2017

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Submitted: June 25, 2017



Words or more like emotional pain hurts deeper than physical pain. Because physical pain will only scar your body and after some days it will be healed and the scar will be gone but words they scar your soul, they don't get healed and they stay within you for the rest of your life.

I remember when I was in like 5th grade; I used to get low marks as said by the people and as compared to my cousins and friends. Being always scolded, I was a very sensitive child from the beginning. Though I never failed any of my subjects, I was always made to felt bad about myself. I used to felt that I was the reason why they feel ashamed and looked down on me. People used to say a lot of things about me like, "you are a failure", "you are a disgrace to us", "you will always be like this" and etc.

As I grew up I was still getting the same marks still being scolded for the same reasons. They started doing a new thing, they starting naming me, started putting tags on me and started accusing me of stuff I never did like, "a stealer", "a bad girl" , " telling my mother that she will bring shame to you" and stuff like that.

As I grew up more like 13 years old, I started to think very deeply about each and everything like trying to figure out how’s and why’s. I remember there were days when I used to cry in my bed all night silently feeling so helpless and just asking myself over and over again “WHY ME?”

I was bullied with words all my life but for some people verbal bulling is nothing, it doesn’t even exist for them. At that time I had no one with me for help.

After some years things started to change a bit, my high school started though I wasn’t at all happy because I was being transferred to a new school. But who would’ve thought what that new turn of events hold for me. Now as I look back to it, it seems to me like a ray of sunlight that came after a very long and heavy rainfall. I met a lot of people during this season. Some of them used me and some of them betrayed me. But there was this one awesome and amazing person who helped me with my life, she changed me into a strong person, she supported me and above all she stand up for me.

Those were the days things started to actually change for me because finally I had someone who was there for me. I started getting good grades. Now I had an aim in my life, a goal to prove each and every person wrong who laughed at me and called me names and tried to put me down. I will prove them that I am not what they think I am and to just simply prove them wrong. With having great faith in God and with constant struggle, not sleeping for at nights. I finally proved all of them wrong. I got what I needed. I still remember the day when I came to know about me achieving my goal I was so happy and excited and I was repeatedly saying thank you to God.

I remember when those people came to know about what I did they were really shocked, but even that didn’t stop them from saying things to me. But you know what that at time I felt so strong that those words didn’t affect me at all because I was not the same person I used to be. Now as I look back at those days, those words were actually the reason of my success, they helped me, they changed me and they made me what I am today. Those people thought that they would scattered me into bits and bits of pieces with their words and it would be irreparable but they were wrong.

With the grace of God and with constant support and help of my amazing and awesome person. I went through all the barriers and was able to achieve something in my life. I am proud of myself. For me that awesome and amazing person of mine is a miracle for me. She is like an angel for me sent from up above. People say they want miracles in their life what they don’t see is that they have miracles roaming around them which they don’t see. Well I noticed one of mine because I have a living miracle with me all the time. Who knows how many more miracles I was given that I just didn’t see but this one is beyond of everything. I am so thankful and I feel so blessed. Because meeting her was the turning point of my life.

And as my favorite quote says,” Miracles are God, and God is forgiveness and miracles are Gods way of letting us know He’s here.”


As Emma finished writing her diary, she kept thinking what would’ve happened if she had not been blessed with that miracle. What would she be like, all these things keep coming up in her mind and then she snapped out of it, she offered her prayer and then she raised her hand clasped together for dua and thanked God for each and everything He has ever done for her. She went to her bed and laid their thinking about the lessons she learned from all those events. She learned one important thing from all this that, sometimes the people that you had expectations from will put you down, so the best thing to do it to never expect anything from anyone way too much. Emma again started to cry in her bed but this time the tears weren’t of pain and distress and they were of happiness and proudness. …


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