The Start of the Hart Country Band

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Amber Foster reads an article in a past issue of the local newspaper. She thinks her step sister Josephine Hart has been hiding the truth which leads to an argument. While letting Amber cool off Josephine goes and places and cross at the accident site where Amber's mother was killed. She notices a business across the tracks and mistakes a bar for a restaurant. Fearing for Josephine's safety Amber pretends to be a musician with a band called the Hart Country Band. Amber panics on stage and Josephine goes on stage and preforms with Amber.

Submitted: June 25, 2017

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Submitted: June 25, 2017



Amber Foster was looking at a microfilm at the Piney Point Public Library. “Inmate Found Dead in County Jail,” read Amber to herself as she was reading a past issue of the Piney Daily News. “Oh-my- gosh! Vincent Cullen Abner was serving a twenty year sentence in connection with the death of Allison Foster and her unborn child,” continued Amber reading the newspaper article. Amber read the newspaper article and started looking at other articles on the microfilm. Amber came to the obituary of Vincent Abner. Her curiosity got the best of her and she had to stop and read the obituary. “Oh-my-gosh!” exclaimed Amber as she read the obituary. “Vincent was Karen’s brother. That would mean Joey’s uncle was responsible for mom’s death,” said Amber with tears running down her cheek. 
Josephine Hart and her mother Karen Foster were sitting at the kitchen table when Amber walked by without saying a word. “I wonder what is bothering her?” asked Karen. “I will go check on her,” said Josephine.
Amber was sitting on her bed crying when Josephine walked in. “Sis, what is wrong?” asked Josephine. “Why didn’t  you tell me?” asked Amber. “Tell you what?” asked Josephine with a puzzled look on her face. “Your uncle was responsible for mom’s death,” said Amber, “What,” exclaimed Josephine. “Don’t play innocent Joey Hart, you know exactly what I am talking about,” said Amber, “Sorry, I don’t know what you are talking about,” said Josephine. “Your Uncle Vincent was responsible for mom’s death. It was in the Piney Daily News,” said Amber. Josephine thought for a moment. “I remember mom saying it would be a while before I saw Uncle Vic again. Then the next thing I know we were going to his funeral,” said Josephine. “I knew you were keeping it from me! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!” exclaimed Amber. “Sis, mom never told me why it would be awhile before I saw Uncle Vic,” said Josephine. “Liar, Liar, she told you, and you kept it from me. Get out of here I never want to see you again!” exclaimed Amber. Josephine in tears went to her bedroom and locked the door.
Karen went to check on Amber. She knocked on her bedroom door. “Joey, I don’t want to see you or talk to you,” said Amber. Karen opened the bedroom door. “Sweetheart what is wrong?” asked Karen. “I am so freaking mad at Joey, I could strangle her for not telling me that her uncle was responsible for mom’s death,” said Amber. “Sweetheart, Joey didn’t know,” said Karen with a sigh. “What,” exclaimed Amber. “Honey, Joey’s uncle was an alcoholic. He had been arrested a bunch of times and his licenses had been revoked,” said Karen. “Oh-my-gosh,” said Amber. “On the day your mom was killed; Vic had already had too much to drink and was looking for more. He got in his truck and was going to the Boogie Barn. Vic was driving at a high rate of speed and didn’t try to stop until he was only a few feet from your mom’s car. He slammed on the brakes but it was too late and rear ended your mom’s car. The impact pushed the car onto the railroad track in front of an oncoming train ” said Karen. “But why didn’t Joey tell me this stuff ?” asked Amber. “Because we never told Joey what happened. Me and Allen thought that she was too young to understand what was going on,” said Karen. Tears started rolling down Amber’s cheek as she started to feel guilty about what she had told Josephine. “Can you excuse me. I owe someone a big apology,” said Amber. 
Joey, Joey, wait!” shouted Amber as she saw Josephine walking down the stairs. “Joey, Joey,” continued Amber trying to get Josephine’s attention. Josephine walked out the front door and got in Amber father’s white jeep.
“Can I borrow your car? I really need to talk to Joey ” said Amber to Karen. Karen handed Amber the keys to her car. 
Josephine drove to the site where Amber’s mother was killed. She got out of the jeep with a small wooden cross. She placed the wooden cross in front of the crossing gate. Josephine got back in the jeep and saw a car pulling into a business that looked like a barn on the other side of the railroad tracks. 
“Boogie Barn,” said Josephine to herself as she pulled into the parking lot. “I think I will see what they serve. If me and Amber ever get back on speaking terms we might come hang out or me and Jason could come here on a date,” thought Josephine putting a smile on her face as she was getting out of the jeep.
Amber pulled into the Boogie Barn parking lot. “Oh no, if something happens to Joey, I will never be able to  forgive myself,” said Amber as she watched Josephine enter the Boogie Barn. “I know I will call Jason and ask him to help us,” said Amber as she took out her cell phone. Jason did not have his cell phone on and Amber’s call went to voicemail. “Jason, this is Amber, we are at the Boogie Barn and need help,” was the message that Amber left. “Crap,” said Amber to herself as she tried to think of another solution to the problem. “I Know, I will call Korey,” said Amber. Korey’s cell phone was also off and Amber’s call went to voicemail. She  left the same message.
Josephine sat down at the bar. “Young lady, I need to see some id,” said the bartender. Josephine showed the bartender her driver license. “I am sorry you are under twenty-one and we can’t serve you,” said the bartender. “I am sorry, I thought this was resturant,” said Josephine starting to get up from the bar. “A restaurant! This little girl thinks this place is a restaurant,” said one of the patrons laughing and making fun of Josephine. Several others sitting at the bar laughed at his remarks. “Just a minute young lady,” said the bartender. Josephine sat back down at the bar. “Great, he is probably fixing to call the cops,” said Josephine to herself. The bartender sat a Coke and a cup with ice in it on the bar in front of Josephine. “It’s on the house. I am Max Carlson,” said the Bartender introducing himself and shaking Josephine’s hand. “I am Joey Hart,,” said Josephine nervously. “When my father started this bar his dream was for people to have a place to visit friends and make new friends; a place for people to listen and enjoy music; or a place for people to talk about their problems, so don’t be nervous” said Max. Josephine opened the can and poured a little coke into the glass. 
Amber opened the door to the Boogie Barn. She said the f word when she saw not only Reginald Hoskins and his wife Denise but also her music teacher Wilson Stephens in the crowd of people. “Who are you?” asked the disc jockey to Amber as she just stood there holding the door open. “Amber Foster, I am with the Hart Country Band. The rest of the band will be here shortly,” said Amber starting to get nervous. “Come on in,” said the Disc Jockey leading Amber backstage. “How long will it be until the rest of your band arrives?” asked the Disc Jockey. “Soon, real soon,” said Amber. “Let’s go ahead and let you do a couple of songs,” said the Disc Jockey. “Without the rest of the band?” asked Amber. “ Yes,” said the Disc Jockey. “For your listening pleasure Boogie Barn is proud to present the Hart Country Band,” said Disc Jockey. Amber started playing the guitar. “We want to hear singing not just instrumental,” shouted one of the patrons.
Josephine turned around and saw Amber on stage. “What is she doing?” asked Josephine to herself as Amber began to panic on stage. Josephine knew that Amber could play the guitar but couldn’t sing. Josephine went on a stage and took the microphone off of the mic stand. “Good evening are you ready for some great music,” said Josephine. The patrons started clapping their hands. Josephine and Amber performed on stage for forty-five minutes.
Josephine and Amber exited the Boogie Barn with big smiles on their faces and holding each other’s hand. They walked over to Karen’s car. “Joey, I am very sorry for what I said earlier. Would you forgive me?” asked Amber. “I forgive you,” said Josephine hugging Amber.
“Ms. Hart, do you have a minute,” said Wilson Stephen when he saw her get out of vehicle she was driving. Josephine walked over to the white picket fence. “Yes, Mr. Stephens,” said Josephine. “Ms. Hart, would you mind explaining what you were doing at a bar?” asked Wilson. “Mr. Stephens, me and Amber had a fight about something that happened in the past. She told me she hated me and never wanted to see me again. While I was giving her a chance to cool off and think about things I found a wooden cross and wanted to place it where her mother was killed. I saw a car turn into a place on the other side of the railroad track. I thought the place was restraunt. You do believe me don’t you?” asked Josephine. “Of course Ms. Hart. I was there and was sitting at the table right behind you,” said Wilson. “I promise I will never go back there again,” said Josephine. “I wouldn’t say that, Ms. Hart,” said Wilson handing her two fifty dollar bills. “What is this for?” asked Josephine with a puzzled look on her face. “The Hart Country band performing this evening,” said Wilson. “Thanks Mr. Stephens,” said Josephine starting to walk off. “Wait a minute, I am not through Ms, Hart,” said Wilson. Josephine turned around. “Yes, Mr. Stephens,” said Josephine. “Max wanted to know if the Hart Country band could come back and play next Friday,” said Wilson. “I will ask Amber and let you know,” said Josephine with a smile on her face. 
Amber was in her bedroom stretched out across her bed watching tv when Josephine came into her bedroom. Amber put the tv on mute. Josephine sat down beside Amber and handed her fifty dollars. “What is this for?” asked Amber. “I have to pay my lead guitarist,” said Josephine with a smile on her face. “Lead Guitarist,” said Amber with a puzzled look on her face. “Lead Guitarist of the Hart Country Band,” said Josephine. “They paid us performing,” said Amber. “Yes, and they want us to come back next Friday,” said Josephine. “Awesome,” said Amber. Josephine reached in her pocket and pulled out the other fifty dollars and showed Amber. “I have fifty and you have fifty, are you thinking what I am thinking?” asked Josephine. “Shopping,” exclaimed Amber and Josephine together.


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