The Other Side

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Rene woke up one day in an unknown place and an unknown time. Faced with major amnesia and nothing but the torn clothes on him, Rene must find out where is is, why he was there, and who he really is. However, things get a little more complicated when he checks the mirror and finds horns growing from his head.

Submitted: June 25, 2017

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Submitted: June 25, 2017



Chapter 1

When the boy woke up, the first thing he noticed was the horrid state of the build that he was in. It seemed to be a mall of some sort, with many differing stores around the central hallway. However, this was not a normal mall of any kind. This “mall” was completely destroyed.

The boy noticed that he was lying in a pile of rubble as he struggled to get up. He let out a grunt as he failed to get up. A massive throbbing started up in his head before he could stand.

He gently rubbed his neck and shoulders in an attempt to loosen the headache. Looking around, the mall he was still in seemed to have been abandoned quite a while ago- but the rubble around him still didn’t have much dust on it.

“Where… am I?” The boy asked himself. He had no recollection of where he was or how he got there. The pain in his temple was starting to fade after a minute or two, although his head still felt a little heavy. He carefully stood up and looked around.

Near where he woke up was a couple stores such as a bookstore and beauty parlor. The boy it would be good to make sure he was not injured in any way before leaving the building, and started towards the beauty parlor.

“Who am I?” The boy, after realizing that he must have some sort of major amnesia, decided to search if he had any recollection of who he was. After some thinking, he could faintly remember a man seeming to be his father, but nothing about his mother.

Getting close to the parlor, he gave up on remembering anything else and gave himself a name: Rene, which he got from a I.D. card in a wallet on the ground. Someone must have dropped it for some reason. He thought that a name should be good enough information to go on for now.

“Why was I on the ground?” Rene thought that this should be a good question to start next on, but he stopped as he reached the beauty parlor. After a check up on his body, he should probably head to the nearest superstore for basic medical supplies, or if he somehow had no injuries, he would head out of the mall to check out the state of the area around the mall. Rene looked into the mirror next to him.

Rene immediately recoiled from what he saw. He rubbed his eyes and double checked if what he saw was correct. He had a small stream of blood coming from his forehead, which seemed normal considering his amnesia, but there were two major differences; one being that red is not a normal eye color, and the other was that no normal human had horns.

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