Footprints in the Snow

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A late night babysitting experience that can never be forgotten.

Submitted: June 25, 2017

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Submitted: June 25, 2017



Every winter, the whole state of Arizona would be covered in thick snow. During one winter break, I had a break from high school so I spent my free time babysit Anna, the daughter of this young couple who lives a few houses down the street from where I live. It was Christmas night and I’ve already spent Christmas Eve with family, so I offered to babysit Anna while the couple goes out.


As soon as the door closes behind me, Anna drags me to her room with all the toys ready for me. The relationship between Anna and I are like sisters. We played with legos in her room, we had dinner in the kitchen, and we built puzzles in the living room. It begins to get pitch black outside and Anna begins to fall asleep so I tucked her in bed as usual and headed downstairs, finishing the puzzle on my own.


I was not sure for how long it’s been there, but I began to notice movements outside the window. Too scared to move to the windows to close the curtains, I froze in my seat reminding myself not to look back. After a couple of minutes, my mind almost exploded by someone or something pounding at the door, followed by the buzzing of my phone. Anna’s mom texted me to let me know that a relative will be stopping by to pick up a package. A huge piece of weight flushed out of me and I stood up to open the door.


Outside was stood darkness and footsteps leading to the front door. But. No footsteps were found walking back out. I stood just stubbornly stood there until I felt hands grabbing my waist.


I jolted around to find little Anna trembling with a terrified look on her face.


There were movements of sounds upstairs. We both heard it. We both stood there, clutching each other while the cold from outside the door rushes in, pricking our skin.


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