Jago: The Millennium Galaxy Race

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

---------------------------------***Win the race. Rule the galaxy.***---------------------------------

When the human slave, Trash, is framed for a crime he didn't commit, the last thing he expects is to be saved by those who framed him and offered a position with the bounty hunting crew. He takes
their offer and quickly forms an affinity with the four other crew members. However, his bonding with the Jago crew, especially the enigmatic and powerful Kiko, is cut short when they become
unwilling participants in a grand race held every millennium.

The Millennium Galaxy Race involves tracking down four stones scattered across the universe—when combined, the stones give the winner the strength to rule the entire galaxy and shape it to their
will. Though the galaxy has lived in peace for a thousand years due to the kindness and wisdom of the previous winner, that’s about to end. The power-hungry, blood-thirsty Kai Ozias is determined
to win the race and rule over all, but not before claiming another power—Kiko's power.

Trash and his newfound friends are on a race against time to get to the final stones while navigating strange new planets and their unwelcoming inhabitants. Ultimately, the Jago crew must choose
between the safety of their close-knit family and securing the peace of the entire galaxy.

This story is COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!! There are 45 chapters.

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Table of Contents


Trash. Yep, that’s his name. Trash is a slave from a distant planet called Sola, a dry planet with two suns. One day, he is framed by a mysterious girl who calls herself an intergalactic bounty
hunter named Akiko. She tells him the only way to save his life is to help her capture the most notorious villain on Sola. What he doesn't know, is that he's supposed to challenge the greatest
fighter on the planet in order to do so.
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Chapter 2: Choices   My face pressed against years of grime, and the strong smell of iron and rot filled my nose. Her knee k... Read Chapter


Chapter 3: Battle   It’d been less than a day since I was convicted, and it seemed like the entire city was gathering in t... Read Chapter


Chapter 4: Sync   “Help. Help me!” “I'm trying, I'm trying. Hey, Rei,” I heard her shout. “How d'you activate ... Read Chapter


Chapter 5: Abducted Dumb, shocked faces stared down at me. Unable to make a sound. My eyes found my master—my old master—sta... Read Chapter


Part 2: Crew of the Jago Chapter 6: Crew   I awoke in an unknown place. From what I could tell, my limp body melded into... Read Chapter


Sorry! I went to the Anime Expo this weekend and I fell behind a couple chapters. So, I have to play catch up! Read Chapter


Chapter 8: Questions   After that night, I saw Akiko around more often. Most of the time she trained in the training room wi... Read Chapter


Chapter 9: Quwallie    “We are outnumbered, and our blasters are out of commission from our last encounter,” Tammy ... Read Chapter


Chapter 10: Secrets   As soon as they shot past me, my fingers gave in. I was sure I was going to join their fate,... Read Chapter


Chapter 11: Introductions   How did this thing even stay in the air? It looked like it was put through a metal shredder and ... Read Chapter


Chapter 12: Gifts   The next day Rei took me shopping. “What are we looking for?” I asked. We were inside a travel ... Read Chapter


Part 3: Millennium Galaxy Race Chapter 13: King   As the week ended, everyone on Crux was preparing for the Millennium G... Read Chapter


Chapter 14: Race   No one questioned him. We ran inside, grabbed as much as we could, and set it by the entrance where Cashe... Read Chapter


Chapter 15: Village   Everyone stopped, frozen at the sight of the beast. It lumbered forward on all fours, its thick body t... Read Chapter


Chapter 16: Commitment   “Are you sure someone else has landed?” Kiko sounded nervous. “Yes,” Tammy replied from... Read Chapter


Part 4: Elemental Stone Chapter 17: Location   The stone was located on a planet called Fargon—a planet located on top... Read Chapter


Chapter 18: Comrades   “It’s you …” I mumbled, trying to convince my brain that my eyes weren’t lying. “Of c... Read Chapter


Chapter 19: Wind   I jumped out of bed and found that everyone else was already up and helping to keep objects from flying o... Read Chapter


Chapter 20: Rain   It was still raining the next morning as we waited to meet with Breccan and decide who would be going. ... Read Chapter


Chapter 21: Snow   A crunching sound approaching my tent woke me the next morning. For some strange reason my first tho... Read Chapter


Chapter 22: Sage   I took off my mask along with everyone else and gazed at a nearby flower in full bloom. It was large, alm... Read Chapter


Chapter 23: Separated   We took off towards the stone. “Do you think,” I shouted between breaths, “Breccan’s alr... Read Chapter


Chapter 24: Unwavering   My gut wrenched as I fell. At some point, I lost Lux’s hand so I tried my best to cover myself as... Read Chapter


Part 5: Morph Stone Chapter 25: Feelings   I didn’t leave my room for days. I didn’t feel like doing anything. When ... Read Chapter


Chapter 26: Destination   The tips of my hair were still white a week later when a familiar alarm blared throughout the ship... Read Chapter


Chapter 27: Reunited   It was a girl my age, and she looked very familiar. I peered at her. “Lone?” I asked as memor... Read Chapter


Chapter 28: Exposure   It looked as if millions of twinkling little stars were rising from the sea about a hundred feet away... Read Chapter


Chapter 29: Tranquility   “What are you talking about? What island casing?” Kiko demanded, but Lone just smiled. A l... Read Chapter


Part 6:Subliminal Stone Chapter 30: Decisions   The gloom of losing Cashel hung with everyone in the Jago. It was quiet.... Read Chapter


Chapter 31: Artificial   “Lone!” I called out. It was useless. She continued to stride away as I chased after her. ... Read Chapter


Chapter 32: Revealing   I didn’t understand how this could be a plant. It looked like they were asleep and being swallowed... Read Chapter


Chapter 33: Withdraw   “Aki?” Rei asked cautiously. Neither of us were sure if Kiko was herself or not, especially s... Read Chapter


Chapter 34: Extricate   We traveled for a few weeks towards Thereon where the fourth and final stone was waiting to be found... Read Chapter


Part 7:Tech Stone Chapter 35: Veer   I licked and pushed the earpiece into my ear, keeping it powered off. Then I change... Read Chapter


Chapter 36: Origin   “The name’s Balt,” he said. I didn’t like the thought of him following me, but I didn’t h... Read Chapter


Chapter 37: Love   I had finally made it back to the planet Tammy was on. I ran through the building, hoping not to run ... Read Chapter


Chapter 38: Consume   Her knife was still in her hand, dripping silver blood from the black blade, as she walked to us with ... Read Chapter


Chapter 39: Abandoned   When I awoke I still had the sensation of being in Kiko’s arms, but when I glanced around, Rei and... Read Chapter


Part 8: Vo Chapter 40: Landing   I hardly saw Rei the next few days other than when she came to sleep, but even that was... Read Chapter

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Jago: The Millennium Galaxy Race

Vo: The ultimate power in the galaxy. Its wielder possesses the strength to rule the entire galaxy and shape it to their will. With Vo's current wielder, the galaxy has been at peace for a thousand years and it’s about to end. One can only wield Vo for a