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The Journal

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This journal is from the point of view of a character I created for a Dungeons and Dragons game. I'd become way too obsessed with his backstory and decided to spend far too many hours writing journal entries for him, in the vain hope that the other players will read them one day, and understand why he is the way he is.

The story itself is heavily influenced by the rules of a DnD game. I don't quote stats in my writing, but everything that happens is checked against the rules to make sure it could have happened as written. That said, I did take some artistic license with the story.. as they say, story trumps rules.

The story is set in the Greyhawk campaign setting, in the Lortmil Mountains. The prologue contains a brief description of the main character, Oskar Balderk. The following chapters will be entries from his journal. I intentionally left some misspellings and grammar mistakes in the text, since it's a journal and Oskar doesn't care what Grammarly thinks about his writing.

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