Ageless Time Machine

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Submitted: June 25, 2017

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Submitted: June 25, 2017



Timeless clocks tick inside A helpless child far behind . Underneath a shallow core Where a lonely heart starves for more. We only wish our secrets stay as secrets. For mourning mass. I remind myself , It's a faded scar. A reminisce of a distant star. Waiting for those bells. Anticipate the reasons of her seasons. That age like dust. She stands in dormant mist . Awaiting true Love's kiss. Metallic mercies, chill me to the bone. Stranger transparence carries me home.

Open your eyes , you'll see my world. A crypt of light where hearts unfold . Driven by a current that a story holds. Ten thousand years will pass. She'll bring the oasis dry at last. Where my ducts won't rain for my fears of glass. Dance with flames , and scorge my rage. Dressed in pearls , a luring shame. That breaks the morals In my lasting pain. Hold my hand , I won't alone. Patch this barren night that roams. Inside a time in another realm . Where I carry love to a scent of home. The child hears the drums and the ancestors run. Carry me deep .

Destination is now unknown . Where in time we'll shine in stone. Stagger on a noise of sound. Where nothing lives in the freezing cold . Lovely girl , you're the psycho in my world. Wearing silk of satin In the folds of ageless sin. Come along in a flash. The hearts have grown to love my past. When I look into your eyes my emotions fast. If you crumble before my time. The machine will die. The tear of my sadness Is holding my lost dreams. That fell into darkness And into a blood stream. Carry me home .

Close your eyes , You'll see my fits. That rage the storm the lightning lit. I wouldn't sell my soul , but I'd haggle it. A price to be with a fear that bit it's fangs of venom in a fate that rips . The remains of my broken heart. If this story is through. Carry me home .. To you. We can't age any more.

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