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Emily Hampton was going to be the greatest... the biggest... of them ALL.

Submitted: June 25, 2017

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Submitted: June 25, 2017



We used to talk every day through text messages. We used to skype every other day. She was my best friend, but that doesn't mean it was gonna last forever. We met on internet site and exchanged phone numbers. She was two years older than me. She loved music and nature. She would skype me when she was in the woods and it was the most beautiful thing ever.

Days passed, even weeks, and we lost our routine of checking on each other in every morning. We started talking less and less and we didn't skype anymore. I didn't know she had moved from Canterbury to London. I never told her that I had graduated. We stopped telling each other about our personal lives.

Weeks turned to months and we messaged only a few times until we stopped completely. In the past two years we haven't messaged once. My last message to her was 'good night' and there's some kind metaphoric beauty in it. Now, she has disappeared from my life.

But let me tell you a story about her. How her life took a turn, after we fell out of touch.


Emily Hampton was regular teenager before, but everything took a turn after she turned 24. She lived in London, in a small apartment with a cat named Lowell. She didn't have a job, but she had friends. Lot of them. But most of them dropped out of touch. Her best friend Jonathan was a year older who worked in a pub, and promised Emily he'd help her become a waitress in the Arctic Pub.

That was a new road for her. She made new friends, completely forgetting about her old ones. Only Jonathan managed to keep in touch with her when she started to hang out with the new people. Emily was always a social person. She could make friends extremely easily, she was born with amazing charm.

Guys easily fell in love with her, but she wasn't the type who would have a relationship. She wasn't interested in having a partner, or even an affair. She was probably asexual. Or then just one of those lonely wolf type of people.

One day, she met a man in Arctic Pub named Askar Sakenov. He was from Russia with a lot of connections and courage. Jonathan warned Emily about the shady man, but Emily didn't listen. Askar asked Emily to join him, but he didn't tell her in what. She didn't know where she was headed to. She was jumping into strange waters head first. But Emily was looking for an adventure. The job in Arctic Pub was quite boring, so she said yes.

Askar was in the black market business. He was dealing cocaine from Moscow to London, and was looking for people to work for him. And Emily Hampton was perfect for him. The business was a whole mafia, but Askar was not leading it. He had a boss, Vazkov.

No one on the planet knew where Vazkov came from, of how the man got his position or if Vazkov was even his real name. But by holy water, the man was respected. He was feared. He wasn't afraid.

Emily was a pretty girl. Perfect girl from the next door. She even had freckles and those innocent eyes lured people to her. It all started with small deals in a dark alleys and forgotten crossroads. But Emily was a unique cocaine dealer. She made lot of connections, very quickly and in a month she had a whole network of customers. She met with Askar every two weeks and she got 25% to herself.

She didn't use. She was the perfect dealer, she always was carrying and always at the right place at the right time. She was confident, a true leader. Communism doesn't work because a human is too greedy, and that's what happened to Emily.


She wanted more.


Askar was getting worried. Afraid of his own place in the mafia. Emily demanded to meet Vazkov. Askar couldn't say no to her. They travelled all the way to Moscow to meet the boss. Askar wasn't sure what was going to happen. When the meeting started, Vazkov threw Askar out of the room.

For the first minute, they looked at each other but neither of them said anything. But then, Emily started speaking and she charmed Vazkov immediately. He wanted the woman to himself, all of her. He gave her a gun and a mission. Emily wasn't afraid of it. She wanted to grow. She wanted to be the greatest, the biggest. She left the room and saw Askar, shaking.


He saw it coming. He got a bullet into his head.


Emily took Askar's place. She had employees, they had her old customers. She and Vazkov became rulers of London's drug world. Emily worked in London, Vazkov in Moscow. She must have been the youngest boss in the world. She was ambitious, jealous of Vazkov and capable of anything. She made possible the most impossible. In 6 months she was running the whole of England. She wanted to take over Wales, Scotland and even Ireland. She wanted the United Kingdom to herself and she wanted to be the queen.

She started making connections in outside of Moscow, without telling Vazkov. The man trusted Emily from the bottom of his heart. Didn't take long before he called her about a threat. A new circle inside his territory. She only smirked on the other end of the phone. She sent her best employees to Russia. She had trained them to be as charming and talented as herself.

Vazkov was almost afraid. He didn't know what was happening when one by one his employees dropped out, saying they had found someone better. He was furious. Mad like an angered lion. He called a meeting as soon as possible, of all his remaining employees including Emily. She was feeling...cunning.

Emily, at just 26, took Vazkov down with a single bullet. No one in the room did anything. They all sat silently, watching how Vazkov's bodily fluids spread on the floor. Nobody complained. Everybody went with the new road. There was a new leader.

After couple of weeks, nobody even noticed the once greatest drug lord was gone. There was a new one, the new drug goddess was born. She had Vazkov's place and she couldn't be more satisfied with herself. She was in heaven, she was living her own dream.

She was respected in London, feared in Moscow. And it was perfect. She was going to run the world. She was the greatest. The biggest. She was the beginning of the apocalypse.

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