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this is a story that happened to me so it is real!

Submitted: June 25, 2017

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Submitted: June 25, 2017



once upon a time there was a girl she is 11 years old. on boxing day the year before her brother died. his name was cole. he was 15 years old.

his furul was on friday. she coulden't even look at him without crying. now when she listens to his favourite songs like all of me, impossible and don't worry bout it. she remembers what happend to her brother cole. 

she had just went to collage and she really wanted to annoy him that year but now she couldent.  but that dosen't stop her from annoying jayla. she makes her want to scream. 

one day when she was in class she heard a scream so at lunch she told her sister she heard it too but her friends didn't belive her.  "i think it was cole." she told jayla. " i think so too" 
so now when they hear voices they Know it's cole...


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