Chapter 1: Prologue

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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When Astra woke up from another quiet sleep, it was evening. Howl carried a sweet scent of apples across the barley fields, shaking the nearby meadow with a mild, summer gale. A warm evening smelled like love, mystery, and the warm July air was nearly impossible to breathe. By the day, she hid inside of her burrow, escaping the strong, summer sun. By the night, she woke up.

She expected a bit more hospitality at evening, but Night was a rather cruel mistress. She shared her bed with Day, leaving the humid air. Astra sat above the quiet water, staring somewhere in the hazy distance. Over the water, so far away, her gaze disappeared more and more, until it united with a horizon which kissed the ocean.

Her salty lips haven't felt the kiss in a long time.

 As she looked at her weathered hands, Astra remembered the time when her island was inhabited, hours she spent with her friends, or with her father, grabbing the rough ropes, pulling the nets brimming with anchovies, up to the docks. Her nose suddenly became flooded with the smell of fish, and she wondered, how did she even find it disgusting?

Astra wished she could turn the time and enjoy it once more. She used to hide in the barn near the stables when she wished to escape a hot, smelly air on the docks. Up on the barn, the air was always fresh due to the ever-present gale, howling across the barley fields and meadows. That's also when she first realized she had Gaia's gift.

She grabbed the bale of hay, wanting to jump right into it. However, when she grabbed it, something strange happened. Straw below her fingers softened, became colder, more alive. Suddenly, she held a bale of grass in her hands. Dandelions, marigold and roses started growing out of the grass, and she hit the wall with her back, obviously afraid of what has happened.

Flowers kept growing and growing, and more they grew, more she scampered into the corner until she faced the prospect of jumping from the ten meters high window to save herself from choking. Now, the plants had already become gigantic. With a smile, Astra remembered how she wanted to jump, but she saw a pair of hands, which grabbed her from a window and pulled her down.

„You're alright?“ he asked, gazing at her with love and care. Astra opened her mouth to say something, but no words escaped her mouth.  He carried her down the ladder, and when he realized she's okay, he just ran somewhere afar. She didn't even get to ask his name.

Since then, everything has changed. Astra took one glance towards the forest where her town used to be. Some of the trees grew right out of the buildings. She saw the barn where she almost lost her life. It was atop a great tree, and looked tiny from the ground. Until this very day, she still hasn't had no strength to climb it. It was too steep and dangerous.

With a sigh, Astra stood up and jumped into the ocean. Solace of the cold, salty water erased the bad memories more than anything else.


Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Criss Sole

Your descriptions are excellent. I like the genre you chose and I hope you keep writing, You describe everything very well. I am going to shelve this.

Thu, June 29th, 2017 10:40am


Thanks Criss :)
I will continue publishing new chapters then

Fri, June 30th, 2017 2:39am

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