Chapter 2: Town of Neitherham

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Town of Neitherham


Young Anja walked across the path into town his people called Nevermeet, carefully counting the number of steps he needed to take so he could reach the city hall. The purple sky above his head still felt alien and he wondered, why was he even saved? Hundred thousand, two hundred and twenty-one. That was the number of people from Earth, those which „descended“ to the higher realm, on the day when the Savior came. 

„Seriously, we are such simpletons.“ Anja laughed, remembering the gigantic words SAVIOR, imprinted on a hull of a gargantuan ship that came to carry them all away. Christians weren't wrong. Other religions too. However, prophecies changed over time. What was obviously supposed to be a ship, over the centuries turned into a human being that will descend down on a judgement day and take those still loyal, those who still believed in goodness.

Did he even count among a good ilk? Anja saved that one girl, back when the Earth was still hospitable. Maybe that's why people from Kepler saved him? He didn't care, really. Taking only one glance towards their strange-looking buildings – combination of hives and giant mushrooms reminded him – Anja wasn't home, and even those silvery towers built for the Earthians looked like something from a bad science fiction novel from the seventies, like twenty-first century pictured by a modern art painter.  Anja accidentally rubbed his shoulder against one of the Keplerans, and a man greeted him with a cold, inhospitable stare.

How he wished he was home now.

Sakii na murael?“  he heard a voice from behind. Anja swiftly turned around, adjusting his long scarf. It was a Kepleran girl, Meeio, one he saw one night when he walked by the Indigo lake. Her body consisted mostly out of jelly slime, with transparent, purple skin and large eyes that looked like opals. The girl was a bit of a stalker too, and he let out a sigh. For some reason, she clung to him like a drunkard on the wooden fence.

„What do you want, slime?“ he asked.

Sakii na murael?“ she asked again, not really versed in his language. Two soft horns on her head quivered as her purple cheeks turned red.

„I don't know Keplerian. Sorry, say that again.“

„You ride needed?“ she asked, pointing at the strange, disc shaped thing beside her. Anja let out a sigh, once again. What was the point of all this?
„I'm close to the city hall. We Earthians have a council today. I don't need a ride.“

With a visible disappointment, Meeio turned around, assuming a form of gas, disappearing somewhere unknown. That was a handy ability, or so Anja realized when he thought about the long distance he had yet to walk.


Humans built a city hall in the town of Neitherham. City got this name as the joke, based on the fact that the meat on this strange, alien planet is sparse. Instead of an alien mess of huge mushroom hives, purple sky and yellow walkways among the indigo grass, Neitherham sat in the crevice not far from the town. Since it was built in the bottom,the only thing that surrounded the town were stone cliffs. And cliffs at least looked like they were still on the Earth.

Anja relaxed tense shoulders, walking among the familiar buildings, towards a city hall in the middle of the city. He hurried, and soon disappeared inside of the huge, wooden doorway.

„You're late, Anja. Have you fucked some of those slime girls yet?“ asked one of his friends, Maric. Anja turned his head and rolled his eyes. He didn't even want to touch any of these aliens yet.

„No, of course not. I hope we'll get off this alien rock soon. You should, too.“

„You don't know what you're missing, dude.“ Maric smiled, his hazy eyes having a distant look.

„I don't want to know. Anyway, concentrate. There's a meeting discussing the state of the Earth. It's been three months after all. Perhaps we can make a plan to return.“

Anja sat in the comfy chair, staring at the guy who led the speech. His name was Antack, and he was something like their leader, and everybody respected his words. He wasn't important on the Earth, but hard times shape a man.  His long gait hasn't stopped even when he talked, as he went through the public who listened, and captivated young girls obsessed with his charismatic demeanor.

„And thus, we will find a way to return to Earth! Nothing is over  yet, my friends, nothing! Soon after we get that treaty signed, I will petition their Gaartham, their leader to make us a ship! We'll return!“

Everybody clapped. Anja didn't. Another meeting where he spouted false promises. Keplerians haven't signed any treaty yet. They were content with their own pace, which was too slow for Earthians. Even the days of Kepler lasted long, like a whole week on the Earth. And the nights were as long as the days.

Nobody wanted to sleep in the houses Keplerans made for them. Neitherham felt safe enough, though Anja missed the sunlight once the Turningsun passed the point of zenith, leaving the city in the shadow. 


„So, how was your hunting today, son?“ Anja's father, Malcom, asked from the door, as Anja came back home. Anja swiftly took a backpack, hidden by his long cloak. Three large hare looking things dropped from it with a splat as they hit the floor.

„Are those things even edible? They produce a slimy sound when they hit the ground.“

„Look, son. Those things up in their alien town maybe CAN survive without the meat. But we can't! Plus, hunting is man's romance! We have to give our best to survive like our fathers did, and our forefathers and their fathers and a lot of the fathers before them! Meat is what we live for!“ Malcom exclaimed, pumping his fist.

„As you say. They die when hit by an arrow. Luckily, I wasn't caught. I don't think those Keplerans would let me go if they saw me killing their animals.“

„Who cares. I'm hungry for some proper meat.“

Malcom took a large knife, taking one of the hare looking animals. Hitting the stomach, he cut the line, soon realizing their organism is like nothing he ever saw before. Unlike animals on the earth, those things haven't bled. Their innards looked like jelly, even while their fur looked normal. As soon as he opened it, though, innards turned to water, seeping out of the body, in a sink.

„Gross. What the hell?“ Anja asked.

„Mind your tongue, son! We want the skin and the meat. I would throw the innards anyway.“

If their mother were alive, she would probably protest against such things. She was a vegetarian, and Malcom accepted her diet, even while he didn't agree. She died on the Judgement day. Or so Anja and Malcom both wanted to believe. Keplerians haven't taken her in their ship, so they assumed she remained on the Earth. And since they repeated that for those left there's no hope...

Well, there was no mom to protest against this. So Anja sat at the table, staring at Malcom as he cut the meat, throwing it on a pan. It had that sweet smell he liked so much. His mouth watered involuntarily.

They both sat at the table, when they heard a single, hard, solid knock on the door. Malcom took a large bite, swallowing the piece of the meat whole before he went to open it.

In front of the door was one of the Keplerians. Anja looked at his translucent blue skin and opal eyes, being reminded on somebody who he already saw. Was it that slime girl from before?

„What do you need, huh?“ Malcom asked. The man looked at their table with a disgusted and sad stare.

„You, and you, come with me. Now. No questions.“ he spoke in a fluent  common.

And both men felt the need to obey his command. Little they knew that their actions caused a chain of events that will shape their lives, and the lives of those around themselves, forever. 

Submitted: June 30, 2017

© Copyright 2020 Little Star of the North. All rights reserved.


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Murron Cain

I've now finished reading the prologue and the first chapter and I think this book is fantastic so far. I love your characters and the descriptions of your settings are incredibly vivid as well. I also really love the premis of the story. I am really looking forward to reading further chapters as I think that this book will be brilliant.

Fri, June 30th, 2017 1:54pm

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