Like Uncle Like Nephew

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there once was an uncle, his name is matt, he’s got a cute little nephew his name is jack, Matt and Jack are very close, Matt loves him a lot, and will always be there for him. Matt and Jack got some of the same similarities we both like women, we’re funny, good-looking and smart, when women hold jack he likes to pull down on their shirts so he could see their tits, Matt cracks up laughing, even when I hold him he gives me a nipple cripple. Matt went to Jack’s room to get him ready for bed, out of nowhere, he was masturbating while watching the adult channel, Matt and Jack both Laughed! come on mate time for bed, goodnight Uncle Matt! goodnight Jack! In the morning Matt was feeding jack he opens his mouth and says Yum! Yum! After breakfast Matt took Jack to the park, they played on the slide and the swings, after they were finished Matt puts jack in the car, he sees another little boy and kidnapped him. Matt and Jack tied Daniel to a chair, Matt slits the knife through Daniel’s Throat he passes the knife to Jack and he stabs Daniel two times, Matt and Jack Created graves in their backyard, to put anyone, they kill in there, Matt finished digging Daniel up, Jack pissed on Daniel’s Grave, and then! they both headed back inside. It became night time Matt gave Jack a bath, we both stayed up to watch a bit of Tv, after that, read him a bed time story, he was suddenly getting tired, Matt then puts jack to bed and he went to bed as well. When Matt woke up he was watching keeping up with the Kardashians Matt is a huge fan of Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney! when he saw all three of them on the Tv, he started Masturbating! And he cum all over his pants. Jack called out, Uncle Matt! As Matt went to Jack’s room, he says what’s wrong Jack he cried in tears and said he had a nightmare its ok Jack I’m here I’m not going anywhere! Matt went to put on a good movie for Jack it’s called the Incredibles a true coincidence, the baby in the movie his name is Jack-Jack, I started laughing when Jack and Jack-Jack both said Mum! Mum! Mum! Jack likes playing at the park, when we arrived there, he saw two mums who were lesbians and good looking, he said Milf! Milf! While jerking off. Matt said to them I am so sorry! what Matt and Jack didn’t see, that a guy named Nick recorded them, and putted the video on YouTube, one thousand-five hundred and seventy-five people around the world watched the video, and they found it hilarious. Matt will always be the good Uncle to Jack! He said to Jack its ok Mate not in public, you can do it in your private time, I’m sorry Uncle Matt! its ok Jack, Matt gives Jack a kiss on the cheek and a hug. Matt and Jack Planned a mission to go to the bank, and steal seven billion dollars, when they took the money, they escaped and went to a safe place in the woods, so they don’t get caught, Matt and Jack visits the architects gave them the seven billion dollars, and with that money! Matt told them to build him and Jack, a Mansion! they made the deal, then Matt and Jack were on their way back to the safe house.










It was time to hit the sack, Matt Gave Jack a kiss and hug goodnight! the lullaby song made Jack very sleepy, he started talking in his sleep, he says in a possessed voice! I’m coming to get you! as he roars and laughs! and he’s eyes went all black, then he transformed back to human. The architects called Matt on the phone, and told him the mansion is ready, him and jack went in the car, he typed the address on the Navigator forty-five Morgan street, when Matt and Jack arrived they looked surprised and thanked the architects for doing a good job, Matt and Jack were settling into their new mansion, placing the furniture! and after they finished doing that, they invited some ladies over, turning it into a playboy mansion. Matt hanged out with the four girls Jack went to the hottest girl and gave her a slap on the ass, she said omg and laughed, Jack said to her I want some milk as she got her tits out jack started to suck the milk he enjoyed it. Jack was feeling sleepy, Matt went to go put him in bed, when he came back downstairs him and the girls started making out, while Jack’s eyes were closed he was having a dream of one of the girls at the mansion, the habit happened again he started to masturbate, when he’s having a wet dream. Matt decided him and Jack needed to see a Psychiatrist, the Psychiatrist told them its normal but it’s hard to stop maybe don’t think about it and it should stop like that, Matt made up a chart for him and Jack, if Matt doesn’t masturbate and Jack doesn’t as well, they get a gold star, if they do it! they get a demerit circle, it turned out to be good, for a whole week they listened, and it got better. Matt and Jack went downstairs to play the ps4! and they played WWE, Matt and Jack are a huge fan of Wrestling, they watch it every day, the guy wrestlers are good Matt and Jack like the women wrestlers cause they’re beautiful. Matt made some vanilla ice cream for him and jack for a rewarded dessert, Matt says yum! Then Jack replied Yum! Yum! Yum! I love you Uncle Matt! I love you too Jack! Jack is going to be a big brother and he is so happy!

The story to be continued………………

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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shit fu-zi

dude, you got fucking problems.
...of course you like wrestling.

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