Butterflies in LOVE.

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This short poem is about a woman and three butterflies. The yellow butterfly represents the female and the blue and orange butterfly represent the males. The woman represents a butterfly effect that jeopardizes the relationship of the butterflies. The woman falls in love with the blue butterfly and he loves the yellow butterfly. The yellow butterfly loves the orange butterfly but secretly loves the blue butterfly. The orange butterfly secretly loves the woman and the yellow butterfly realizes the true beauty of the woman and the blue butterfly realizes his hidden love of the woman. The woman sparked the effect to the blue butterfly to realize the secret of love.

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017



Butterflies in LOVE.

The butterflies fly.

Their love cries.

One is trapped,

the others are strapped.


The woman views.

She is confused.

The blue butterfly is feeling consumed.

It begins to feel embarrassed.

The woman begins to cherish it


Love begins to form.

Thus, begins the silver storm.

Love is glazed almost like ice

The woman and blue butterfly weather away like gneiss

There is no love connection,

but wanted to be nice.


The blue butterfly was in love with the yellow butterfly

and the woman was in love with the blue butterfly.


Complications arise as orange butterfly “loves” yellow butterfly.

The woman would like the love returned by the blue butterfly.

The blue butterfly believes it is absurd and cannot return the love.


Despair had engulfed the woman and

was pleading for someone to care.


The blue butterfly asks yellow butterfly,

if it’s possible to spare some love?

Yellow butterfly didn’t dare to break the love with the orange butterfly.


But love was at shortage between the two.

There was secret love orange butterfly had for the woman

and the yellow butterfly secretly loves the blue butterfly but wanted to be committed to orange butterfly.

Blue butterfly admired the woman but he felt that it loved the yellow butterfly.


The yellow butterfly laid an eye on the woman and fell in love.


The woman had represented a butterfly effect.

Causing a type of defect,

which blinded the orange and yellow butterfly.


The woman had fallen in love with the blue butterfly,

although the blue butterfly didn’t return the love to the woman,

she had sparked a change of falling in love.


Why is it that love is misread?

Are we lost in our head?

We love those who do not connect.

We must select that love that projects true affection.

For there we will know our true reflection

and we may make a correction.


The butterflies loved each other.

Some were untold and some of the love was falsely told.

We may love those who secretly admire us for what we hold.

The woman and the colored butterflies shared admiration but

they had fallen in love with those who did not return the love.


Those who felt love for the other was shunned.

Stunned by those thoughts they still soar like doves in search of true love.

It was the Butterflies in LOVE.





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