A Man Named Jordan

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A woman is thrust into a mental hospital where one nightmare is replaced by another, and another.

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017









“Lana, can you tell me when you first ‘invented’ Jordan?” Doctor Fine leaned back in his chair and folded his hands over his left knee.


“I can’t remember when I invented Jordan. It must have been right after John and I divorced. I would talk to him, Jordan, at night knowing it was a fraud I played on myself. Loneliness? I kept this up until I felt Jordan was as real as you and I . I even changed my telephone message to say: ‘ Jordan and I are out or engaged in a project. Leave a message and we will call you back’.”


“Were you aware at this time that Jordan was just an imaginary...companion?”


“ Partly I think. It was well after changing the phone message that I began to see Jordan as real.”


“ Were there questions about Jordan by your family and friends? After all it went on for almost three years.”


“Of course my friends and co workers asked questions. I covered every angle. Gradually I believed in Jordan. His shoes appeared under the bed. His dirty laundry joined mine. We talked for hours in the evening. Talked for so long that I would fall asleep just as he moved my hair away from my eyes and gently covered me so as not to wake me.”




“I didn’t think twice as to the phone call I received from Jordan one evening. He was working late and I shouldn’t wait up. Being like most women I was a little apprehensive he may cheat. I laughed at that after thinking it. Anyone else maybe, but not Jordan. He would be home when I woke and he was. Asleep on the couch where he had fallen exhausted. I smiled and covered him before I dressed for work.”


“ Lana, did you see Jordan as you covered him? Or was it more you felt as if you had covered him?


“ Doctor Fine, i can’t say now. I mean the six months of being here around real people and your therapy. I know now it was all just a dream I had built on my own. There is no Jordan and if I ever ‘saw’ him I couldn’t say now. I just feel a bit silly.”


“ No need to feel any negative emotions Lana. Things in your life were overwhelming you and you invented a partner. Not all that uncommon. Most people just think of their imaginary friend or lover knowing it is just a distraction. You merely took it one step further.”


“ So...what is the prognosis now Dr. Fine? Will I be able to play the violin when I leave?”


“ Clever Lana. If you played the violin prior to coming to the facility you will play again.” Both laughed at the old joke and then Lana became quiet and watched Fine’s eyes for any tell.


“ Lana, I won’t keep you in the dark on my recommendation to the director. I informed him I feel you are more than well enough to leave as soon as possible. A support group has been set up to help you in any way you feel comfortable with and luckily your house was already paid off when you arrived and so there will be no halfway house for you to deal with. No starting from scratch.  Your life was just on pause. I believe you will be discharged in the morning. Around ten.”


“ Oh, I could kiss you. But that would be crazy.” A slight smile from Fine. “ I can’t wait to get back to my kitchen. I might even get a cat. Or small dog.”


“ Pets are great therapy Lana. Best of all they are real.” This time Lana smiled.


The last dinner at Hardin Hospital was the same as the first. A bland casserole and a bowl of applesauce. Lana took both a milk and coffee for her drink. Surrounded by the deeply disturbed Lana was still able to smile inwardly in anticipation of reuniting with Jordan.


Lights out. Lana spent her last night at Hardin dreaming of Jordan and how he would welcome her home. Seeing her houseplants flourishing she imagined Jordan caring for them in anticipation of her return. The dreams were comforting and allowed Lana to sleep soundly until the routine wake up call came from the nurse on duty.


Last day and Lana’s least favorite nurse was at the charge desk. She scowled when Lana walked past her.


“Lana,” Nurse Eileen barked. “ No time for breakfast. A taxi is waiting to take you home. The hospital has already paid the driver. I only pray the Doctors know what they are doing releasing you now. I heard you mumbling: Jordan, Jordan. For ten minutes straight before wake up call.”


Lana walked away from the nurse and met the orderly that had her suitcase in hand and waiting at the elevator. At least he was smiling thought Lana. Doctor Fine was nowhere around to see her off. Lana shrugged and joined the orderly as he entered the elevator.


The taxi ride home was uneventful. The driver seemed to prefer no conversation. Afraid of the crazy woman? Lana laughed at the idea of the large man being afraid of a light weight in his back seat.


In under ten minutes Lana was exiting the taxi and apologizing to the driver for not having a tip. He made no comment and carried the suitcase to the door and walked away. Service with a smile.


Inside Lana first noticed her houseplants as she imagined them in her dream. Healthy and well cared for. Jordans running shoes were tucked neatly under the sofa’s edge. The carpet was freshly vacuumed and there was no sign of dust. Listening closely Lana heard Jordan moving about in the bedroom. Lana crept silently to the door to surprise him.


Opening the bedroom door Lana saw Jordan, shirtless, staring out of the window. Lana walked as quietly as she could and threw her arms around her lover. He flinched and then turned smiling.


Lana felt herself beginning to faint. “Doctor Fine?”


“ Call me Jordan Lana. Just like always. Welcome home love.”






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