Mother May You Ask Why

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I collect this writing from the deepest help our global village may be granted. Let one Mother of Creation fulfill this earnest request for all. :)

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017



Before any claims you submit this life unspeakable in true love,

Our struggle through paths in the end leads to your source,

A role God in the next acceptance finds a charitable feeling in my epic,

Mother may you ask why you ever lived a time when there was no creation,

Today our story possess this beautiful Earth drenched in a fight unending,

Oh Merciful! Here our wheel of causations give hearts to God and hands to Work,

For your love's sake the source of your creation ask for a help of all sublimity,

Oh Beloved! I cannot trade in love,

Even in this life I feel a wound tolerant for ages ahead in your unity,

Oh Creator! My mind finds to evolve a God out of man aiding humanity to realise its own true, divine nature;

This soul of a heathen cry out for the my impoverished starving people with parched throats to feed them with food,

A burning Indian stomach ask for bread but we give them stones,

How God came to fulfilment of this truth and not to destroy the ceremonial life we live here,

Forget this language in the tongue of HIS people,

For the rural poor long in this weakness of the universal human heart shall be faith in God,

Oh Mother! Your prayer may be its glimpse of a Mother Nature with an unselfish noble soul sweeter in its love and unattach any mistake for the cause of our downfall,

Yet our struggle starts everyday when this labour fight to assimilate your own laws of the most exalted character in harmony and peace,

For the soul lives to attach the spirit of universal unselfishness binds a body enslaved down the good ones unforgettable in making of its knowledge work,

Until this love set us free ninety-nine per cent of mankind will work like slaves down in the chains of existence,

One stop of time without this reaction of bliss forgets all true love known to the heart of man,

Oh Creation! If God gains nothing from your work will bondage of this Nature rest on a physical attachment without any painful reaction,

Mother may you ask why in return from what you have given for your children,

I dont know why given by you is a free offering to the world,

Oh Mother! You take the position of a giver,

Yet expect only attachment of peace and harmony when you guide our conduct here,

I believe I have a Personal God who may live in the very heart of the greatness and richness of this sacrifice,

In this sacrificial hall I know money and its jewels win no commitment,

A true life of renunciation in giving your share for charity will may be the fortune to help a heart to fulfil your obligations,

When we pray for your help,

May your unselfish moral soul be the very health of happiness inspires us to take care of each other here,

I feel your world still nourish this lost balance struggling to get back to the state of perfection,

May this necessity of your creation live fullest for your promised home here.

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