The homunculus soldier question

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The first 'story' of this kind I've ever posted. I guess I could try to approach some difficult ethic questions related to that kind of story, but I myself, know very little about ethics. So, later for that.
A little file that is highly classified.
Despite the existence of mass destruction weapons, role of manpower in any war is very unlikely to fade. In our world, we might never get a way to 'cultivate' manpower. But in a universe with different laws? Well, let's see.

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017



The homunculus soldier question.

Ups and downs of fabricated humans and intricacies of utilization of them in military, industry and science.


To create a homunculus, organic matter of a living being is needed, said living tissue is placed in a tank of “dragon’s blood”, which is a solution infused with “permanent life essence”. Said solution is not to be confused with “soul”. The tanks in which homunculi are cultivated are to be of the same form as they should be on the last stage of cellular development (bigger vessels must be employed to cultivate naga replicas) , since, at first, seals are placed to encourage growth of certain cells in certain places to backup rapid growth of stem cells, which is done to avoid deformities, growth will not stop until there is no more room for cells to head out to, if conditions allow more cell replication than needed, cultivated body will begin to create living cancer cells, effectively wasting all energy and bio-material needed to start the process(this problem became apparent since the creation of first prototypes). When attempting to create colossus (abnormally large specimen), great attention must be held on their circulatory and motoric systems, as well as some other procedures.  Homunculus can only be of the same size as the original being of cells of which they are made of, hence, to make a giant homunculus, a natural being of the same size must be found and sampled.

Critical mass from which a homunculus can be grown starts from 1.68 kg, if there is not enough tissue, a body will be cultivated, but it will be dead upon birth. If conditions are met or overdone, original tissue will produce living, working cells. An electric shock is needed to “activate” a now complete homunculus, if it is not activated, homunculus will stay alive in a vegetative state until an electric shock is provided. 

Homunculus will be of the same biological age as the samples they were grown from, if original being had PSI abilities, they will be inherited, however, magic talent cannot transfer and has to be learned regardless. As we make researches on inheritance and DNA, it may become possible to delete defective genes, this could allow cloning research to contribute to homunculus cultivation, allowing us to swap genes and delete them to grow homunculus from tissue of improved clones in way shorter time than creation of the original improved specimen.(to make a clone, full pregnancy cycle of its original species has to pass, to make a homunculus, 1-5 weeks are needed) Perhaps once it becomes apparent which part of the DNA affects psychic abilities, we can make PSI users that we can control and who may be far more efficient than naturals.

A newborn homunculus has no memories, instincts or identity. That is why it can be used as a blank slate for a memory deployer to put memories into, it is strictly prohibited to implant personal experiences, since they may bias or interfere with indoctrination that follows. Memory deployers may implant memories under strong supervision, if protocol is not followed, armed forces who bear witness have right to fire or detain at will.

Newborn homunculi are the most vulnerable to suggestion, since they lack “SOUL”. At this point they will start getting used to their body, paramedics must be on site when homunculi are gathered to check all their vitals, if some system is underdeveloped, specimen are to be either disposed of or to be placed back to the vital support tank to “ripen”. Newborn homunculi will remain like newborn children even despite having academic knowledge and muscle memory of a martial art veteran, they will be able to express themselves through language and back up their opinions through knowledge, but with a childish mentality they will act only to their own benefit, misunderstand seriousness of the situation, disobey orders and etc. However, if they had not been implanted with emotion prior, they will follow commands when risk of death is present without unpredictable actions. Elimination is allowed if subjects demonstrate emotion or become hostile.


Before any training is to be applied, homunculi are to go through thorough conditioning to support discipline and to let them know their place (set dominance of their commanders and trainers). This is to be done through demonstration of physical strength, giving them intellectual tasks far above their standarts, spreading propaganda, making futility of escape apparent. Lack of emotions will prevent this conditioning from causing trauma, instead of being fearful, they will follow the strongest authority around them, this will also trivialize violence and instill punishment as inescapable. Last part is mandatory in creation of soldiers and more optional for labor and scientific jobs.

For use as workers and scientific personnel, job-specific knowledge is to be implanted and a psychic specialist is to supervise and keep them in line. Recreational activities and items are to be given out for labor if efficiency of labor exceeds prices required for their sustenance. Disobedience is to be punished severely.

For soldier homunculus, their memories of prior conditioning are to be deleted, results of conditioning stay regardless. From this point on conditioning takes aim to encourage cooperation and obedience in a more “positive” way. More memories will be assigned, but now along with associative emotions, emotions are to be sampled exclusively from a subject named “THE PATRIOT”. Freudian psychology must tie favor of homunculi to a subject named “THE MISTRESS”. PATRIOT possesses skills accessible to very few, has qualities that lead to extensive self-improvement and great sense of loyalty (especially to the MISTRESS). Patriot has no knowledge of his mind being sampled, his personality may become even more fit through time and is to be sampled each month.

Homunculi must be kept from discovering the PATRIOT, their sympathy and sense of kinship may surpass their fear and loyalty.

Once all conditioning passes, subjects are to pass extensive military training, due to PATRIOT’s progressive personality, all specimens should easily pass initial training. It is recommended to pass competitive spirit through them. Instructors can go for much more drastic measures in instilling immunity to toxins and pain, if in process subjects experienced mental breakdown or failed certain tests, memories of said trauma are to be removed and process be repeated again and again, until a certain level of success is reached.

A weird effect of PATRIOT’s personality (apart from many other oddities) is that after some time each homunculus will develop a personality of their own, but all of them take failures lightly, which leads to high morale at almost all time, but great ineffectiveness of disciplinary actions.


PATRIOT is not a particularly stable person, due to having a great sense of identity, it may shine through usual behavior of homunculi. There is no way to erase the following effects:

-Most homunculi will talk to themselves when no one is around, such sessions can last for hours.

-There are rare cases when specimen will attempt to *data deleted* until they can bend their limbs in opposite directions. This may lead to severe traumas, but if the process is successful, homunculi can reach unnatural flexibility, not even intended upon their conception.

-Homunculi might act in a narcissistic manner, enjoying their own bodies like a loved one’s. This also manifests in their bonds with each other, they appear to have a kind of an asexual bond, something similar to how mentally alike twins will feel incomplete without their sibling. This disturbs their overseers greatly. This might be a result of their bodies being grown from MISTRESS’s cells, in which they take great pride and joy, since PATRIOT is obsessed with the MISTRESS. This effect is also boosted by Freudian psychology indoctrination, which boosts both their loyalty and effects listed above.

-Homunculi may act friendly or playfully with their enemies and allies alike, this does not affect how they complete tasks, but it is to be noted.

-Homunculi all believe in a concept of “true destiny”, not much is clear about that concept , they will mention it when their limits are tested, or when death is certain. So far it hasn’t interfered with their efficiency.

 -Homunculi act aggressively to non-homunculi and people outside of their training routine, this aggressiveness is not apparent until they get to make an action or team up with outsiders.

-Homunculi will act violently if they feel like they are made fun of.

-All homunculi seeks to achieve vampirism, this is tied to the MISTRESS.

-Homunculi may not need to use normal communication, since their thought process is almost the same.


-Because of limited amount of cultivation tanks, only 30 soldiers can be created each month, only 1-5 of them will reach status of “elite’s elite”

-All specimen have the same genome, this makes them vulnerable to certain diseases.

-If even a single homunculus goes rogue, it will be easy for him to rally others, not to mention that even a single soldier of this type will be difficult to take out( read “incident 4”).

-It will be difficult to integrate homunculi battalions into the main army if need comes due to their hostility to outsiders.

-Subjects have delusions of being chased by a paranormal being named “the oppressor”. Which interferes with their use of psychic abilities

-When under great stress, they tend to inflict ritualistic self harm. Often this leads to near-fatal trauma.


-Morale and obedience of specimen is always high.

-Due to lack of soul, dark magic attacks are ineffective against them.

-Instant loyalty to MISTRESS bordering on obsession.

-Personality that automatically leads to self-education and constant improvement.

-Absolute bond with each other.

-Eagerness to fight.

-Surprising creativity for a soulless being.

-The method allows to cultivate elite fighters at an incredible speed, replicating bodies of the fittest and mind of the wisest.

-Potentially endless source of workers.


-Endless potential for hybridization.

-Free subjects for experimentation.


-“Oh, I have a great idea: let’s not use crazy people for mind sampling next time.”-Samuel S. Sterret.

-“I suggest we use them to test further use of PSI abilities, we could have a strong PSI agent use them as mere vessels, since they have very little will of their own at first stages of development. They have the brawn from birth, our specialists have the brain from experience. I believe they can’t be counted as casualties when they weren’t sentient to begin with, our experts on the other hand, can fight without any risk.”-Herman T. Parson.

-“Implications of this research is astounding, not only can we make an army in a short period of time, but we can also protect the life of our gracious leader, the MISTRESS, by creating a perfect body for her soul to inhabit.”-Gabriel N. Jostac.

-“I suggest that we take a PSI specialist’s cells to create a battalion of PSI soldiers, if my theory proves right, they should have a psychic connection with the donor psychic, that is, if the donor is still alive. Unlike Parson, with such way of untraceable silent communication, I believe that it is better if said donor can provide them Intel but let their training do the rest, not like a single person could control a battalion anyway.”-Samson W. Gale.

-“This is crazy, of course, everyone speaks of PSI potential, but c’mon. I, as one of the original researchers of this project, had discovered this: PSI clones from one donor, are as clever as the most clever one of them, it is like knowledge circulates through their small net, once one of them learns something, every one of them receives that knowledge. Not only that, but once one of them dies, the psychic kickback is strong, but once it passes, it is like deceased homuncul’s PSI energy gets dispersed over his living comrades, making them stronger. By that logic… no, what am I saying. Forget the last part.”-*NAME CLASSIFIED*-stationed at project ‘AWAKENING’.

-“The last guy mentioned PSI energy dispersion, I believe that if all but one of 30 homunculi are killed, the last one will be on the top of his psychic might, approximately 30 times stronger than he was originally. If that last subject is made into a donor for a new replicant army, all his ‘children’ will be as strong as himself. However, I believe we aren’t ready to contain those amounts of power.”-*NAME CLASSIFIED*-stationed at project ‘AWAKENING’.

-“We long pondered about the idea of soul, we don’t know anything about soul, yet now we know that souls, much like bodies, can be cultivated. This disgusts me, an infinite source of SOUL. This is the most vile, sinful, horrible thing we had ever done, I guess we’re all going to hell after this. Might as well go through with this.”-*NAME CLASSIFIED*-stationed at project ‘DEATH OF ENTHROPY’.

-“Due to great morale of these soldiers, courage of PATRIOT and their likeness to MISTRESS, they could be made into a commanding unit endlessly loyal to us, it is inevitable that we’ll have to unite these forces and army. They might as well be in command since they are most reliable.”-Nevil G. Torro.

-“Imagine what it is like for the instructors, yes, they beat the shit out of subjects when needed, but on later stages of development  motherfuckers might just brush off torture with a laugh. They are all weird as hell too. What do you imagine it being like to talk to the same person(with slight variation) 30 times a day, while they chat with each other, ignore any threats, attempt to talk whoever they perceive as an enemy to death and many other shit. We don’t pay these guys enough,”-James T. Marth.

-“I don’t believe we should expand this idea too much, MISTRESS was always looking to start a meritocracy, let me remind you what a meritocracy is. It is a form of rule where citizens are assigned to position where they are most efficient at. And what are you planning? To hand all industry and military to replicants?”-Aline P. Stocker.

-“No matter what anyone else says, these chaps know what to do, I don’t believe I’ve seen as much heroic qualities in a normal soldiers. They are more human than humans, yet not as human. Maybe that is just because they are all hard for each other, but maybe, just maybe, we can already make something superior to ourselves, at least on moral side of things. I swear to god, there was that one time when on a test we subjected them to food deprivation. They did what nobody thought they’d do. When 7th day without water passed, they sat in a circle and pondered on a question ‘what body part is most moist’. In the end, most of them willfully donated eyes, their own damn eyes, 40 eyeballs, the ones with the worst eyesight gave up both of their eyes. All willfully. What more can I say?”-Brook R. Waterherm.

-“Remember, they are servants, we must not make them way better than ourselves, a superior being would have no choice but to take control.”-*NAME CLASSIFIED*.


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