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You never know who might be standing next to you at a gig

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017



Lucy recognised him. She'd seen him before, and it wasn't long ago. It didn't quite twig at first, but she had definitely seen that cheeky smile before.

He wasn't bad looking, actually. Messy hair, and he could do with a shower - but then, so could she. It had been three days, and she wasn't going to risk the ones at the back of the field full of pee and God knows what else, so she had decided to just roll with it and get a shower when she got home. 

He almost looked like he could have been doing a set at the festival. Heavy metal, perhaps. Dark jeans, dark jacket, dark shoes. Not that imaginative, and a bit creepy looking. But he was the only person she could see in this little part of the campsite, so it would've been rude to ignore him.

"You not watching the Black Keys?" he shouted from behind his tent.

"I was just on my way actually" Lucy replied, unzipping her bag and dipping her hand in, frantically grabbing around for her phone.

"I had to come back and get my phone" she said, beginning to panic that it wasn't here either. "I can't find my phone. I really, really need it". 

"Don't worry, it'll show up. Fancy a drink before you go back?"

She was barely listening. She was beginning to think her phone was gone, and she desperately needed it. It's not in the bag, it's not in my pockets, I have been really careful with it, she thought. Where is it? I need to call her.

"I've got some cans here".

"Sorry, I need to find my phone. My little sister is missing and I need to call her. I can't find her and now I can't find my phone". The panic was starting to become evident in her voice. "I can't find her" she repeated, almost crying. 

I know you can't, he thought.

She's right here in my tent. 

"Oh, how old is she?" he asked innocently.

"She's only 14. My mum is going to kill me, we told her Amy was going to stay at her friend's house for the weekend but the little shit had to come along here and cause me hassle, didn;t she?"

"Don't worry, she's 14. That's what they do" he said, peeking in his tent to make sure Amy was still out cold. 

He zipped the door back up and walked over towards Lucy's tent.

"Don't worry" he repeated, as he reached the entrance. 

Something about the way he said it made Lucy look up from her bag. He was still smiling. 

Then she realised - the Up N Coming Tent. That's where she'd seen him. Just a few hours earlier, he'd been the one who let her go in front of him at the bar just before Kit Reggae started their performance. The exact same smile. What were the chances? That tent was all the way over the other side of the site, almost two miles away. 

She continued to root around in her belongings, raking through everything to find her phone. She had a strange feeling about him, but she was so busy looking for her phone she didn't notice him enter the tent until he felt him stood right over her.

She jumped back a little.

"Don't worry" he laughed, "I'm just trying to help". 

He reached out a hand to help her up, but as he did she noticed something. In his pocket. The distinctive ears of a Minnie Mouse phonecase. 

Her Minnie Mouse phonecase. 

She looked up at him, to see his teeth still showing on his grinning face.

"Is that....." she started to ask, but the sentence trailed off as she then saw what he had in his hand.

Before she could do anything about it, she felt a strong hand on her arm and then the sharp pain as the long, thin needle pierced her neck. It only took a second or two for everything to go fuzzy and turn black. 

The next thing she knew, she was awake but in total darkness, with just a soft sobbing sound for company. She didn't need to be able to see anything to know that it was the sound of her sister. And they were both in serious trouble.

TO BE CONTINUED - would appreciate any comments about how you see this going 

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