The Three Horseketeers.

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Three girls who share a love for horses have a close friendship. This is their story.

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017



My name is Ruby Daniels.  I live in Casper, Wyoming, with my family.  I'm in the fourth grade (soon to be in fifth, in the fall), and I happen to be crazy about horses!  It helps that I have a horse of my own, a red roan named Princess; she is gorgeous, and I love her!  I've had her since I was six, and I take very good care of her.

My very best friends are horse-crazy too; in fact, we are so passionate about horses we call ourselves "The Three Horseketeers"!  My best friends are Alaska Cate Bernard and Raven Bear Paw; we've been best friends since kindergarten (nearly five years now!!).  We're so close we're almost like sisters! We all spend many hours riding our horses and taking care of them: brushing them, giving them baths, feeding and watering them, making sure they get plenty of exercise and loving, and taking them to the equine doctor whenever they get sick (which isn't often, thank goodness!).

Raven's horse is named Thunder Cloud (he's a dapple grey color with dark brown and black spots and a white and black mane and tail), and Alaska's horse is named Aurora Magic (she's black with a white mane and tail).  As I said earlier, my horse is a blood red color (a red/brown color, and her mane is black, as is her tail).  She's what they call a blood bay.

We took riding lessons when we were six (me and Raven) and seven (Alaska), and we still learn new skills every year.  We keep up on them; that way, whenever a rodeo or fair comes, we can compete and hopefully win prizes.  It's always fun when someone wins, but our riding instructors (and our parents, both) are always telling us to just to try our best and be proud of who we are and what we've learned over the years.  We try to keep remembering that, but sometimes, in the thrill of the win, we get a little big-headed, and then someone has to pop our balloon-heads and bring us back down to earth.

When we grow up, we want to be horsewomen (of course!) and perform at rodeos or at fairs across the western United States or Canada.  

Besides horses, we do have other interests, but horses remain our first and biggest love.

Well, I hate to go, but it's time to have breakfast and then Mom and I are going to go shopping and then I have a doctor's appointment at 3:30 (just a checkup).  We will then go out to eat afterwards.  Sounds like a good day.  Will write in here again soon; 'til later, this is your horse-crazy friend, Ruby Daniels, saying so long; take care and God bless!

~Love, Ruby.  :)

End of part one!

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