The Soccer Goddess

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I'm not really sure what inspired me to write this to be honest. I played soccer for my high school team both in ninth grade and when I was a senior. I also watched a bunch of soccer videos on Youtube to get a bit more inspiration. I decided to switch over to the commentator voices halfway through the poem to add more variety and a different perspective of the game. So I hope you enjoy this poem and please feel free to comment what you think; I would love to hear from you!

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017



  You step out onto the field;

A tense hush casts it’s shadow over the stadium.

Thousands of eyes gaze at you and your teammates as you take your positions.

Your heart is a beating drum in your chest.


The bright lights beat down on you as the whistle blows.

The field is your stage;

you and the other players are the cast of an unpredictable play.

The ball is kicked off, beginning the first scene.


You start running here and there;

the ball weaves back and forth across the field.

You run up the center of the field and call for the ball.

The forward passes it back to you with a swift kick.


You dribble the ball up the field.

Left foot,

Right foot,

Left foot.

It’s just like you practiced over and over again.

Left foot,

Right foot,

Left foot.


A defender lunges toward you.

You quickly brisk the ball to one of your teammates.

There are cheers as the ball moves swiftly up the field.

You continue running; sweat dripping from your brow.

You call for the ball when you become open.


Your teammate tries to pass the ball to you,

but a defender snatches it.

The flight of the ball is reversed;

you must get it back!


The ball makes its way down the field;

Like a needle it passes past the control of your teammates.

The other team’s offense passes it back and forth;

They pass it with such ease.

The ball glides from wing to midfield.

The midfielder shoots;

the ball soars into the goal.

Your heart stops as the crowd roars.

You yell encouragement to your teammates as the ball is placed in the center of the field.


The whistle blow echoes in your ears as the second scene begins.

The forward dribbles the ball up the field.

A defender runs for the ball.

“I’m open!” you yell as you sprint down the field;

your heart racing.

Your teammate snaps the ball back to you.


You catch the ball with your left foot and dribble it up the field:

Left foot,

right foot,

left foot.

A player comes at you.

You fake a pass and sneak it through her legs.

The crowd goes wild; they are impressed by your magic trick!

Another defender comes towards you as one of your teammates calls for the ball.

You sneak it over to her before the defender knows what’s happening.


The ball gets closer and closer to the goal.

You run up the center as one of your teammates tries punting the ball into the goal.

A defender blocks it;

The ball is deflected out of bounds. 


A corner kick is set up.

You get into position by the right goal post, ready to strike.

You take a deep breath as your teammates’ arm goes up.

All seems to go silent as her arm comes down and she makes the kick.

The ball goes soaring through the air.

You run and jump as the ball comes towards you.

You head it with all your might as it glides into the left corner of the net.


Your teammates hug you and yell “good job!” as the crowd roars.


“This is becoming a heated game; the score is now even,

Each team has one a piece.”

“Yes it is, Bob; it is hard to tell who will come out on top and win this one.”

“Germany now has the ball as they hope to regain their lead.”

“The whistle blows as the play resumes.

Number eleven, Mittag passes the ball back to Goessling.

She takes it and dribbles it up the field.

She tries to pass it to Islacker, but US midfielder Carli Loyd intercepts it.

It is shot wide to Alex Morgan;

She receives it and dribbles it down the field. 

German defender, Josephine Henning comes for the ball.

Morgan sees Kelley O’Hara on her right and sweeps it over before Henning knows what’s going on.

Annike Krahn tries to snatch the ball,

 but O’Hara deflects it past her like she wasn’t even there!”

“It is really looking like team USA is going to charge ahead;

The German defense is scrambling to prevent a goal!”

“It sure looks like that!

O’Hara shoots from the right side of the field;

Is she going to score?!

No!  Laura Benkarth makes an amazing block as the ball goes flying to midfield!”

“That was truly impressive!

Team USA is going to try again as Amy Rodriguez snatches the ball.

German defender Tabea Kemme comes for the ball.

Rodriguez sees Tobin Heath open on her left flank.

She makes a swift pass to Heath;

Heath catches the ball with her left foot.

She makes two touches of the ball and shoots.

Will she make it?!

The ball goes flying into the right corner of the net as Benkarth misses it!


That is the second one for the Americans;

both by midfielder Tobin Heath, as team USA takes the lead!”


You can barely hear yourself screaming for joy as the crowd roars.

Your teammates jump all over you as you run down the field,

hands in the air.

Your heart is racing; you are taking in the rush.

The crowd starts chanting “U-S-A!”


You are their soccer goddess.

They cheer you on as you step onto the field.

They chant your name as you make an amazing trick.

They adore you as you score a goal.


As you step off the pitch at the end of the game,

the bright lights shine on you and your teammates.

The stadium is now quiet.

But within time it will be filled with cheers as you step back onto the pitch.

Your heart racing.

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