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Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017




Paralyzed with fear

This isn't real, This isn't happening

This isn't real, This isn't happening 

He repeats this mantra with eyes closed tight, Hoping the black mass before him would disappear, Diminishing his fears, And pushing them into the four corners of the room

He opens his eyes, And finds himself surrounded by black shadows

We are your demons

From deep inside

Wherever you go

Within you we hide

They taunt him as they circle him

His fear escapes his mind, and pushes him to a corner 

I am your darkest thoughts 

That keep you up at night

I am the chills down your spine

I am what fills you with fright

I am the monster invading your precious dreams

That causes you cold sweats 

As you wake up in screams 


The voice of Fear itself echoes off the walls

He stands still in the middle of the room 

He starts to sway in a circular motion 

Mirroring the movement of his inner demons 

I am the host 

I am still 

I am not free

I surrender myself to the demons

That live within me 

After all the suffering 

And becoming heartless 

My thoughts are far gone 

In this realm of darkness 



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