Light at the end of the tunnel

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - After the fight

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Chapter 11

After the fight

After that, I kind of had a sense of how my mother felt after a fight with my dad, because I tell you, it is no good. You kind of feel guilty, but on the other hand you think how did the conversation turn into fight?

Another thing on my mind at that moment was what started the conversation between me and him. I thought about my exams in two weeks. Ever since I had met Sidney things weren’t the same in my head anymore. I thought about her a lot.

I was standing outside my house sitting on the grass, with my knees up, and my hands together in between my legs.

I breathed in the cold air of the night. I looked up at the blue sky , full of stars. I tried to find shapes of objects in the sky, made by the stars.

I didn’t know what else to do, I couldn’t go to sleep, I couldn’t really do anything else, besides just sit there and look at the sky.

Then suddenly, my phone rang in my pocket. I reached in my pocket to get it.

It was Sidney. I was happy that she called, because at that moment it seemed like everything, and I mean everything was falling apart. Just one fight made you think, like you never had before.

One thing is being there when the fight is happening, but the other thing is actually being a part of the disagreement.

I held my phone against my ear. ‘’ Hello.’’ I said sounding tired.

‘’ Hi Kevin.’’ She said to me too. She did not sound as bad as me, actually she sounded quite happy.

‘’ How are you?’’ I asked her, rubbing my eyes with my fingers, and resting my elbow on my knee.

‘’ I’m good, my parents weren’t particularly happy that I was out so late.’’ She explained. I was glad I wasn’t the only one.

‘’ Same with me, well actually it was my dad. He made such as scene.’’ I said to her.

‘’ What about your mum?’’ She asked sounding interested.

‘’ My mum’s away for a little bit. My dad started going on about the exams, and how I should stay at home. You know what’s the worst part? He’s right.’’

‘’ Perhaps he is, but if it weren’t for this night, we wouldn’t have gotten to know each other better.’’ She was referring to me and her.

‘’ I suppose.’’ I answered slowly. We chatted for a little while, and then hung up.

After talking to Sidney I felt a little better. I decided to go back inside the house.

The next morning I was dressed, and was making my way down stairs.

I slowly came downstairs with my bag over my shoulder.

The lights in the house were off, but the sunshine through the windows lightened up the whole house.

When I had come down, I stopped for a minute, and listened to the silence, in the air.

It was amazing, I hadn’t woken up without the scandals and the bacon for a long time.

Change felt good.

I walked into the kitchen. I walked up to the cupboards, and took a banana. I didn’t tend to eat in the mornings, I know you should, but I don’t really like to force my body to eat if I don’t want to. Simply a piece of fruit is enough to hold me until lunch.

I grabbed the piece of banana, and headed towards the door. My dad was still a sleep, and I doubted he was getting up anytime soon, as he was unemployed.

I unlocked the door, with the key that was in the keyhole.

I walked outside, and it felt great. After a night like yesterday, it was good to get out in such a nice atmosphere.

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