Light at the end of the tunnel

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - The unexpected call

Submitted: July 16, 2017

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Submitted: July 16, 2017




Chapter 14

The unexpected call

I walked in my room, and swiftly sat on my bed. I leaned against the wall, with a few pillows behind me. I got my phone out and called my mum.

‘’ Hello?’’ I spoke when she picked up. ‘’ Kevin?’’ She asked sounding surprised.

‘’ Yes, it’s me mum.’’ I said with a slight smile, having my arms crossed together.

‘’ Darling, how are you?’’ She asked sounding caring. It was nice to hear her voice again. For a change it was happy, not miserable and tired.

‘’ I’m good mum, how are you?’’ I asked interestingly. All those ‘ How are you?’ and ‘ Are you ok?’ phrases, didn’t really mean anything to me. It was just a part of a social convention, just like sending flowers when someone’s sick, or if you wanted someone to like you.

When people asked you those questions, they didn’t really care, it was just a thing people did.

Well guess what, I didn’t care for any of it, I never really started a conversation with someone that way. When you are already feeling bad and somebody comes  up to you and starts the conversation with a ‘ How are you?’ they don’t expect you to start telling them about your problems. That’s the thing that made it so annoying for me.

Imagine once actually answering ‘ No, I’m not fine’, or ‘ I’m not doing good’ if someone was in a rush, and asked you that automatically, I don’t think they’d even notice you saying the opposite.

‘’ I’m doing really good actually.’’ She told me in reply, sounding a little excited.

‘’ Really good?’’ I asked her chuckling.

‘’ Yes Kevin, really good.’’ She said again. Then I heard a man’s voice in the background, immediately that raised some questions, and something inside of me startled, that made me sit up.

‘’ Who’s that mum?’’ I asked.

‘’ Amm, that’s ammm…..’’ She struggled to answer.

‘’ Mum?’’ I asked again, not knowing what to expect as an answer.

‘’ Look, the reason I’ve not called you is……because I’ve been busy.’’ She said nervously.

‘’ Busy?’’ I asked again.

‘’ I’ve met someone.’’ She told me quietly.

‘’ You’ve met someone?’’ I asked not quiet knowing what she meant.

‘’ A man.’’

‘’ A man? What’s his name? What, are you leaving dad? Is that why you left? What’s happening?’’ I quickly started panicking, I didn’t know why, even if my parents were miserable together, I don’t think I was ready for them to divorce each other.

 ‘’ Kevin, calm down!’’ She told me softly over the phone.

‘’ Mum!’’ I exclaimed in a rage.

I got up from my bed, desperate to find out what she had to say.

‘’ It’s nothing for you to worry about!’’

‘’ You are seeing someone behind dads back! Am I supposed to be ok with that?!’’ I asked holding the phone to my right ear.

‘’ You’re not………’’ She said hesitating. I was surprised.

‘’ What do you mean?’’ I asked sounding confused.

‘’ You see….your father knows.’’ She told me.

That was a surprise, but not really. I knew somewhere deep inside that it would end like this, but you never expect something like that to happen when it does.

‘’ Dad knows you’re seeing other men?’’ I asked to make sure I understood her words.

‘’ Not men, but a man.’’ She corrected me.

‘’ Wow……I don’t know what to say!’’ I said confusingly.

‘’ Look, Kevin this is not really a conversation to have over the phone but, you are old enough to understand this.’’

 She told me, expecting me to understand.

That was the first time that I looked behind the glow of the halo of love.

Up until that conversation marriage to me seemed like something that couldn’t just be thrown away. Even with a lot of attempts. It was something you agreed to be part of till’ death did you part. To many people marriage is like a shield for the problems they have at heart. It’s like another thick layer you have on above your love, and if you felt like you didn’t really love, you couldn’t just end it. You were married, and that’s what made it stronger in a way.

‘’ Yes, I do.’’ I said with difficulty.

‘’ I’m glad. I’ll be back in a few days. Take care, and remember I love you. No matter who I’m with.’’ She said, and hung up.

I felt different. Even though it was only one conversation, it felt like it was the end of something.

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