Light at the end of the tunnel

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Chapter 2 (v.3) - seeing her for the first time

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017



Seeing her for the first time

 I was standing outside my house. I looked around me, and the sun was shining. It felt great, because for the past few days it had been pouring down with rain, and I could hear the rain drops hitting against the roof, when I was sleeping. But now it was all dry, and quiet at nights. The sun was so bright that morning, that I could barely even keep my eyes open.

As I stepped outside, I covered my face with my arm. I walked to the garage and my bike was leaning against the wall. I never bothered to get it in the garage, because no one ever took it. It wasn’t that valuable either. Just a bike, a little scruffy, but it was alright for me. I hopped on it, and rode away. As I was riding the bike, the warm wind blew in my face. It was nice. The leaves were dancing around on the grand, as I passed them with my bake.

As I rode, when the back wheel of my bike rode over the leaves, they rose high up in the sky, and then fell back on the ground. Summer was slowly passing away, and a beginning of a new school year was starting.

 The streets were pretty empty, although that’s because I left my house pretty early. It was the first day back at school, and everyone was excited, but mostly upset that summer holiday’s over.

I arrived at school, and left my bike in the school bike section.

When I arrived it felt like I never really left for summer, I mean, everything was just the way it usually was, and nothing had changed. As I was walking, in the  distance I saw David.

‘’ Hey! David!’’ I exclaimed raising up my arm, and waving it. He noticed and ran up to me.

‘’ Oh hey Kevin! Well, first day back isn’t it?’’ He asked tapping me on the side of my right shoulder, holding on to the straps of his bag.

‘’ Yeah, it is. But everything just feels like it always does. I mean, if you look around ‘’ I said looking around.

‘’ everything’s the same.’’ I said in a normal voice.

‘’ Well….’’ David started. ‘’ Maybe not everything.’’ He said turning to the right and pointing at a girl standing alone near the benches.

‘’ Who’s that?’’ I asked curiously staring at the girl.  For some reason my heart started pounding, and I wanted to know who she was.

‘’ Sidney Davis.’’ David said looking at her too, with his hands in his pockets.

‘’ That’s the new girl. They say she’s moved from New York.’’

I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her brownish blond hair whiffled in the air, over her face, as she was reading a book sitting on the bench.

‘’ Kevin?’’ David called my name tapping me on my shoulder.

I could hear him, but I didn’t want to come back from that faze I was feeling, when looking at her.

‘’ Kevin!’’ He exclaimed louder. I finally turned my head.

‘’ Yeah?’’ I asked as if nothing had happened.

‘’ You totally just spaced out!’’ He said.

 ‘’ I was……just looking…..’’ I still couldn’t speak properly.

‘’ Hah, looking at her weren’t ya?’’ He asked mockingly punching my arm with his arm, standing besides me.

 ‘’ No I, no I was not. ’’ I answered quickly……and then bounced back. I didn’t want him to get any ideas in his head. When I was looking at her, I didn’t quite know what I was feeling yet. If he said I liked her, I don’t think I’d believe it, even if it was true.

 ‘’ But, how do you know her name?’’ I asked out of curiosity. ‘’ Heard someone mentioned a new girl was coming. You know, rumour always has it.’’ David told me convincingly.

‘’ Alright, I think I’ll go inside.’’ David said.

 ‘’ And hey’’ He said turning around.

‘’girls are a complicated thing, been there, seen that. Be careful for who you’re falling for.‘’  he said to me advisedly, and walked off.

I guess when I was looking at her, that’s when I realized that today wasn’t going to be like the rest of the days. Most of me thought nothing would or had changed, but a small part of me felt like something new, or important was going to happen.

As David left , I was still staring at that girl. Then suddenly she got up form the bench. I quickly turned around, because I didn’t want her to see me staring at her. She was carrying three books.

As she faced towards my direction, I started walking away. As I walked with my hands in my pockets, I had my head over my right shoulder, looking at that girl walking into the school.

I entered the school, and started walking along the corridor. People  were chatting on my right and my left, standing by their lockers. As I walked through the hallway, the bell rang, and everyone rushed into the classrooms. I keep saying that everything was the same, the same as it was last year. It was, it really was. I felt like my life was never going to change, it was going to be black and white forever.


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