Light at the end of the tunnel

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - The Concert

Submitted: September 30, 2017

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Submitted: September 30, 2017



Chapter 23

The concert

My mother’s and Shawn’s relationship seemed quite alright at the beginning, despite the fact that he was kind of like a lover to her.

Then, Steven seemed a little too happy, but I thought maybe I was overreacting a little bit.  Maybe he really was the one for her.

The park was full of different people. They made a nice circle around the stage.

Elderly, teens, adults, children. Everybody.

‘’ The place looks amazing.’’ I said.

‘’ It does, doesn’t it.’’

Steven had his arm wrapped around my mother’s shoulder, and it didn’t look like he was removing it any time soon. Neither did my mother look like she minded, and at the time it felt like she was in love with Steven like no one else.

I looked around at the bunch of people, and everyone seemed happy, and fine. I thought maybe I should give this night a chance.

I walked away from Steven and my mum, to the other side of the bunch of people.

As I walked past all the people, each person you passed, it was like passing a whole life story.

You walk past people, you talk to them, but at the end of the day, often you don’t know anything about them.

I stood in between the people and glanced over at Steven and my mum from time to time.

As I was looking at the stage, a boy in blue jeans and a black shirt ran past me, and then ran into me. He fell down on the ground, and as he fell I exclaimed.

‘’ Oh!’’ I stood besides him, and he reached his hand out saying with a weak voice.

‘’ A little help?’’

I gave him my hand, and pulled him up.

‘’ Are you ok? What happened?’’ I asked.

‘’ Running from someone. It doesn’t matter.’’ He told me, looking around.

‘’ Ok, I should get going.’’ He said scraping the dirt off of his jeans, and his elbows.

‘’ Alright, good luck I guess.’’ I said weirdly.

‘’ Thanks bud!’’ He exclaimed, and gave me a tap on the side of my shoulder, and ran off.

‘’ That was strange.’’ I said to myself.

I looked around, and my mother and Steven were gone.


I immediately thought of going to look for them, but something was stopping me. I thought maybe I should give them their privacy, and keep my worries to myself.

The music started playing, and the mood in the park immediately raised.

I felt a little weird, because I was kind of alone there.

I didn’t know what else to do besides just listen to the music.

I put my hands in the pocket’s of my grey jacket, and stood in between the crowd.

My mind was everywhere that night.

My body was there at the park, but my mind? Not even close. It felt like my mind was divided into many parts, and each part for a specific thing.

One of those things was my mother, the other was my father.

There was also Sidney and David. My mind was everywhere basically, just not there.

I was so deep in my thoughts that  I didn’t hear anything besides my thoughts screaming in my head, to solve them.

I was looking at one point. On the wire of the microphone that was on the stage. It moved as the singer moved about on the stage, but as the wire moved, my eyes did with it.

Suddenly, someone tapped me on my shoulder and as I turned, I saw Steven and my mother.

The second he touched me, I started hearing everything.

The music, the people, but my thoughts quieted down.

‘’ Kevin, enjoying yourself?’’ he asked in a really happy voice.

They were both dancing on the spot. I looked at them with a little bit of a confused face, but I don’t think they noticed.

‘’ Yes, very much.’’  I answered. I don’t even know why I said that, where it was obviously not true! But as I said, they were too happy to notice anything. But, I guess I didn’t want to explain anything to them, because I was afraid they wouldn’t understand. It’s easier to just fake a smile, and keep it all to yourself.

You’re afraid that what you’re worried, and sad about, might or will sound completely different to others.

‘’ Are you too alright?’’ I asked, even though I really did not care, but I wanted it to look like I did.

‘’Yes.’’ They both said at the same time. They were holding hands like a young couple.

‘’I’ll go get myself a coffee, maybe you too would like one too?’’ My mother asked.

‘’ I’m fine.’’ I replied.

‘’ I’m fine too.’’ Steven agreed.

‘’ Ok.’’ She said and walked off.

It was just me and Steven. That was awkward. I could not have felt more uncomfortable.

‘’ So…..’’ I started. ‘’ So…’’ He continued.

That was about all I could think of to say to him.

I bet we both looked like strangers, not that we weren’t.

We were on our way to the park, walking while the bright sun shone.

The park was

really pretty, the lights hanged on the branches of the trees, and the stage in the middle with the band getting ready to start playing. The front near the stage was all full of people, so we stood at the back.

The skies were in a mixture of the beautiful colours of the rainbow. Pink blue, violet. All of them made a lovely romantic

atmosphere, where anyone could fall in love with , and get their heart broken at the same night.

Felt like that was the power of the skies.

The trees

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