Light at the end of the tunnel

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Dissapointed.....once again

Submitted: June 28, 2017

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Submitted: June 28, 2017



Chapter 4

Dissapointed....once again

After 6th period I was standing outside of school, near the steps, and waited for Sidney. To be fair, I was a little bit nervous, but that probably must have been because of how Dave gave me this speech, how to be around girls, I didn’t want to listen, but then I found myself trying to remember what Dave was telling me about it, but nothing came up.

I had been waiting for quite some time, but she didn’t show. She never showed. I decided to take my bike, ride  home, but on my way I kept thinking in my head, what must have I done, that she didn’t come. I decided to just go home and try not to think about it.

When I arrived home, the second that I opened the door the voices of my parents fighting travelled to my ears. I wasn’t that shocked, it was just another feeling of disappointment I had felt that day. I walked inside my house, and I immediately thought to myself

‘’ What could they be arguing about again?’’ I asked myself that a lot, although I didn’t think I’d ever get an answer.

I went into the living room, but before I could say anything to them, I realized they didn’t even notice me. They were arguing about something, but it was never about the thing that caused the fight. They always got off the topic, and started arguing about other things.

They were standing opposite each other, on the opposite sides of the coffee table, in front of the TV.

‘’ You don’t even hear yourself Linda!’’ My dad yelled.

‘’ I don’t? You listen to yourself, and your ridiculous stories!’’

Mum shouted.

‘’ How many times do I have to tell you, it’s not a story, that’s what happened! I’m trying to explain everything that happened, but you are just simply ignoring it!’’ My dad defended himself.

I couldn’t bear to listen to  anymore of it. I turned around, looking disappointed and , and walked up the stairs to my room. Iwn as surprised that I even felt anything, after all those times. Every time they argued when I thought those feelings were gone, they appeared again.

I walked into my room and closed the doors behind me.

I dropped my bag down on the floor, and fell in to my bed, on my back.

I could hear them shouting down stairs. But that was the last thing I was worried about then. I kept thinking to myself, as to why Sidney didn’t show!

Maybe it was a sign that nothing was going to come out of it. After a while, I was so deep inside my own thoughts, that I couldn’t hear anything, it was like I wasn’t even in my room.

Suddenly my room’s door opened. I quickly jumped back to reality, and moved my eyes towards the door.

‘’ Kevin? You’re home already?’’ My dad asked, looking wound up.

I quickly sat up on my bed.

 ‘’ Ahh, yeah, I arrived about 15 minutes ago.’’ I said quietly, hoping he wouldn’t flip at me, because that’s what happened sometimes, after he had a fight with mum.

‘’ Sorry, we…..didn’t hear you arrive.’’ He said awkwardly.

‘’ It’s fine. What happened? Why were you fighting?’’ I asked.

I thought he’d say something like ‘ Nothing, it’s fine’, and wouldn’t really explain.

‘’ You see, your mother thinks that I’m lying to her about where I was all night.’’

He said placing his hands on his hips, looking at me like he was expecting me to say something.

‘’ Where were you?’’ I asked. I didn’t want to sound like I didn’t trust him, I tried to say it in the subtlest way I could.

‘’ Great, now even my own son doesn’t believe me.’’ He said to himself.

‘’ No, dad I just want to know.’’ I explained.

He walked up to me, standing in front of me.

‘’ You see this scar?’’ He said pointing to the scar on his forehead.

‘’ This is what I got last night. They fired me. I lost my job. Nate fired me, because he thought I robbed his bank account! Me! Of all the people!’’ Dad said sounding outraged.

‘’ What, uncle Nate?’’ I asked, to be honest I was surprised. Nate and dad always got on really well.

 ‘’ Yes! And I thought he was my friend!’’ My dad said, and sat down on the chair, behind him.

‘’ But, why did he think you stole the money?’’

‘’ Because, I was the only one in the firm who had access to it, besides himself. Then after that, I stayed late at the office, packing my things. I left, and had a few drinks. Then, I ran into Nate, and we had a fight. Then the Police arrived, and I spend the night there!’’ My dad explained everything to me, and I believed it!

For some reason mum didn’t. Maybe she did, but maybe she just wanted a reason to be mad at dad.

‘’ Sounds like you had quite a night.’’ I said looking down at the ground.

‘’ Do you maybe want me to talk to mum?’’ I proposed. It’d do anything for there to be piece for at least a day in this house.

‘’ No, it’s fine, we’ll figure it out ourselves.’’ He said getting up, and walking up to the door.

‘’ I’ll have a nap, I haven’t slept all night.’’ He said tiredly, and walked out.

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