Light at the end of the tunnel

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - A girl beneath my window

Submitted: June 30, 2017

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Submitted: June 30, 2017



Chapter 5

A girl beneath my window

After he left the room, I was still sitting on my bed. I didn’t really think much. After every one of their fights, I wondered, if that was the last straw. It wasn’t. It never was. I was kind of hoping it would maybe be , because if it was, they’d live separately and it would be better for all of us, no more fights, no more strange undefined looks across the room, none of it.

Then a bike bell rang from outside. I got up from the bed, and walked up to the window.

When I saw who it was I was shocked. It was Sydney! I thought she didn’t like me, and that’s why she didn’t show that day.

She was standing beneath my window waving at me, giving me signs to come outside. My facial expression might have not really showed her that I was impressed by it, even though I was, I had never seen a girl standing outside of my window, wanting me to come out. At least not when she had a problem with me.

That should have been the other way around, with me standing beneath her window.

I quietly opened the door, and walked out of my room. I then quietly closed it, and walked down the stairs.

Just when I was about to open the door, I heard my mum sniff. I immediately stopped, and walked into the living room. She wasn’t there. Then I looked in the kitchen ,and there she was. Sitting at the table.

‘’ Mum, are you alright?’’ I asked.

‘’ I’m fine.’’ She said wiping her tears away from her face with her hands.

I wanted to go outside, but I couldn’t leave her there.

‘’ Kevin, I’m sorry that you have to go through all this.’’ She said to me, looking at me with a sorry face. Her eyes were slightly red from crying. It hurt me seeing like that.

 I couldn’t exactly say ‘ it’s fine’ because it wasn’t.

‘’ Dad explained to me where he was last night. I believe him, you know. You should too!’’

I said, trying to change my mum’s mind.

‘’ That’s not the problem.’’ She said and got up from the chair, walking up to the kettle, and turning it on.

 ‘’ Anyway, how was school?’’ Mum asked, trying to seem interested, but I knew she was only asking to get me off her back. She wiped the tears beneath her eyes off, that hadn’t even rolled down.

I wasn’t sure weather to tell her about Sidney. I figured I shouldn’t, because then Sidney was only a friend.

‘’ Nothing new. First day back, you know how it is.’’ I said casually.

‘’ Ok, I think I’m going to go lie down.’’ She hugged me. As I hugged her I felt how warm her body was. It was shaking. Pain was almost breaking out of her and I felt it.

 ‘’ Ok, have a good nap!’’ I said to myself. She walked off so quickly, I don’t even think she heard me.

I had forgotten that Sidney was outside. I remembered, and ran up to the door, and went outside.

‘’ Hey!’’ I said casually.

‘’ Hi.’’ She said walking up to me. She was wearing black jeans, and a green jacket, and trainers. Her hair was down by each side of her shoulders, as it whiffled in the air blowing against her.

‘’ What are you doing here? I mean, not like what are you doing here, as if like ‘go away’! No! Just like, what are you doing here?’’ I said quickly. It was a bit weird.

‘’ I just wanted to explain why I didn’t show.’’ She explained.

‘’ It-it’s fine, really. You know, I get it ,you don’t know me at all, and now you’re standing in front of my house, which is strange and all, you know. I get it.’’ I said looking anywhere else but at her.

I must have sounded like an idiot.

 I wanted to seem understanding and normal, although that might have not turned out well.

 ‘’ Anyway, I was going to, but then something came up, and I really had to go.’’

‘’ No, it’s fine you don’t have to explain, really. You’re here now, so it’s fine.’’ I said shyly. She smiled at me. Her sky blue eyes sparkled, but  still full of emotion.

‘’ I’m sorry is this not the right time? Should I go?’’ Sidney asked, getting a little shy.

Of course she’d ask that, considering it took me 10 minutes to walk outside of my house.

‘’ No, it’s a good time.’’ I said. She nodded her head approvingly, looking happy by my response.

We stood there uncomfortably for a second. Then she added.

‘’ Maybe I could get your number? So next time I don’t have to come to your house to tell you something.’’ Sidney joked.

‘’ Yeah sure!’’ I replied. She gave me her mobile phone, I started dialling.

As I was holding the phone, every no and then I rolled my eyes up to look at her. I finally finished dialling, and handed her the phone back.

‘’ Ok, see you tomorrow at school!’’ She said sounding hopeful. ‘’ Bye!’’ I said. She walked off.

To be honest her arrival did make me a little happier. I walked back into the house, and the silence immediately caught my attention.

I walked into the kitchen, and saw my mum wasn’t there.

She must have been in the bathroom. I didn’t care to check, so I just went up stairs.

For the rest of the day, I didn’t do anything really. I spent the rest of the day in my room, doing homework, and reading books.

To be honest I was kind of a book worm, I still am. Homework was really important to me, school work in general.

As I was seventeen, I was going to have to leave school soon, so I had plans. I was going to become a lawyer. I thought that lawyer was a respectful career, that’s mostly why I chose it.

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