Light at the end of the tunnel

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Arriving at the beach

Submitted: July 03, 2017

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Submitted: July 03, 2017



Chapter 8

Arriving at the beach

When lunch was over, I went home, and was getting ready for the beach. I had packed my bag, and was heading downstairs. I was alone at home, dad was out looking for a new job.

I walked up to the door, and opened it. I turned back around, and was locking it. Then, just as I was getting ready to start walking away, I saw my dads car pull up. I decided to walk up to him.

‘’ Hey dad.’’ I said in a normal voice.

‘’ Kevin, what are you doing outside? Don’t you have that test tomorrow that you need to prepare for?’’ he asked me looking and sounding concerned closing the car doors.

‘’ Yes I do, I’m just going out for a while, but I’ll be back soon I promise.’’ I tried to convince him that I was alright, and knew what I was doing.

‘’ Are you sure?’’ He asked me directly.

‘’ Yes, absolutely, it’s only going to be an hour or two.’’ I told him getting ready to leave, but suddenly he stopped me.

‘’ Where exactly is it that you’re going?’’ Dad asked me again. Usually he didn’t really care where I was most of the time, because he was always busy fighting with mum. Now that she was gone, you could really see a difference.

‘’ To the beach?’’ I replied awkwardly.

‘’ I don’t know Kevin. These tests are pretty important, you don’t want to mess them up!’’ He said to me, trying to change my mind.

‘’ I know dad, I won’t. It’s just for a bit, I’ll be fine, promise.’’ I said starting to walk away backwards but still looking at him.

‘’ Ok, go on.’’ He replied approvingly. I completely forgot to ask him how it went with his job search. I decided to wait until I returned, and then ask him.

The beach was not far from where I lived. It was probably about 15 minutes walk. I got there pretty quickly, and when I arrived everyone was already there, sitting at a table, in the sand, near the water.

The smell of the water really made me feel great. I was starting to change my mind, that maybe it wasn’t duch a bad idea.

The seagulls were flying above us in the blue sky. Some of them were really shallow in the water, so were deep ahead in the water.

I walked up to Sidney Ian ,and David.

‘’ Kevin! You’re here!’’ David shouted, getting up from the seat walking up to me and giving me a manly hug.

Ian nodded with  his head. I noticed, and nodded back. And Sidney, her hand was in a fist, and she was resting it on the table, leaning against it with her cheek, and subtly smiling at me. That was all I needed, and completely enough.

‘’ We thought you weren’t going to come!’’ David said, putting his arm around my shoulders, and walking with me back towards the table.

 ‘’ Why wouldn’t I!’’ I replied sitting next to Ian, opposite Sidney and David.

‘’ You know why! You can’t sw-‘’ Before David said the word ‘ swim’ I kicked his leg under the table, which was easy to do, with him sitting opposite of me on my side.

He immediately realized what he was about to do. He quickly fixed it by saying ‘’ You can’t go to the beach without getting a sunburn!’’ He awkwardly tried to fix it. Sidney did not seem like she caught the bit where David was about to say that I can’t swim.

‘’ Do you really get sun burn easily?’’ Sidney asked. Even that to me didn’t really seem like a good replacement for my real problem. What kind of a man was I , if I couldn’t get sun burn! I thought to myself then.

‘’ Uhh, yeah, I do.’’ I said trying to sound convincing.

‘’ Well, you better have packed a lot of sun cream!’’ Sidney said chuckling.

‘’ Yeah he has, he never goes to the beach without it!’’ David said mockingly.

‘’ Yeah, no I do, in fact’’ I said reaching down into my bag, getting my sun cream out.

I was glad I packed it, but at home I was really considering not bringing it, because I liked getting tanned, although that day I was not getting tanned, considering the amount of sun cream I put on myself, to make it believable for Sidney.

If you tell a lie, better make it good.

I showed everyone the bottle of sun cream, and put it back in my bag.

‘’ Should we go in for a dip?’’ Sidney suggested, getting ready to get up from her seat, gazing over to the wide blue sea, on her right.

‘’ Yeah, let’s go!’’ me and David said.

All four of us got up from out table, and started heading for the water.

Me and Sidney were walking by sides, where David and Ian were further away.

‘’ It’s a nice day isn’t it?’’ She addressed me, walking through the sand barefoot.

‘’ I know, a really nice day, I’m glad we’re doing this!’’ I told her. I wanted her to know that I supported the idea, maybe not as much as I lead on, only because I couldn’t swim and didn’t want her to see that.

As we found the place to lay our blankets on, we started getting them out. Once it was all ready, I sat on the blanket, with my knees up, and my elbows resting on them.

I looked into the distance, and it was beautiful. The water rippled, and made this pleasant sound that you hear in movies. The water in the distance, sparkled in the bright sunlight.

I imagined what it must feel like for the fish in the water. All that wide water, all for them. They could swim in any direction, no matter where they went, it was all water around them, and there was no escaping.  Underneath the water, near the surface, the water felt warm and pleasant. But as you went in deeper, the water got darker and darker, colder and colder.

Again, I lost myself inside my own head. It was like the view hypnotised me.

As I was sitting still, Sidney was getting undressed, and getting ready to go in the water. Even though I didn’t turn my head in her direction, I could hear her taking her clothe off, and dropping them on the blanket.

‘’ Ready!’’ She said to me sounding exited. I calmly turned my head, and got up.

I was a little nervous, as I didn’t know what I was going to do. Then I decided that I should overcome my fear and get in there.

‘’ Ok, let’s go!’’ I said a little nervously, with a weird feeling in my stomach. 

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