Matsumoto: Rising Star (with extra fight scene)

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The full version (and hopefully final) of the script of a story I made.

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017




FADE IN: TORONTO SKYLINE - NIGHT MULTIPLE STREETS - NIGHT EXT. OUTSIDE BAR - NIGHT Some cars are parked out front, one drives by. INT. BUSY BAR - NIGHT The BARTENDER works as all watch the TV over the end of the bar, they are watching a Toronto Blue Jays game. There is light chatter until... OF TV ...Jose Batista hits a homerun... OF THE CROWD ...the bar erupts with CHEERS. CLOSE IN ON A GROUP OF SIX AT THE BACK OF THE BAR MATTHEW STONE, early 30’S, clean shaven, dark hair under a black cap, red shirt tucked into jeans, is drinking a COKE, the other’s, all in their 30’s, drink beer. They’re all discussing the game and about their job in construction. GARET takes a peanut from the BOWL on the table. GARET So Matt, how do you like the job so far? Matthew shakes his head disappointedly. MATTHEW It’s hardly my first choice, but it’ll do until my job councillor gets me something else. Matthew takes a drink as the others chat and poke fun of each other. Matthew puts his drink down and nods his head smiling while two laugh at a joke. Matthew slouches back a bit more. Matthew stares off into space while the others continue to amounts themselves, Matthew’s smile fades. They start to discuss a gym they go to. MICHAEL, chubby, has a look of remembrance. He pulls out a FLYER. MICHAEL Check this out. He places the flyer on the table. BRAD, shaved head, wears a tank top over a swimmers build and some tattoos, pulls the flyer closer. It’s for Rising Star training academy in Willoway Bay. BRAD What? You want to learn to fight? There’s schools in Toronto. Michael, pointing to the flyer. MICHAEL Not like this one. It’s supposed to be up there with the Hart family dungeon. Maybe better. GARET Well it’s better than Calgary but still, that’s a life changing move there. Matthew takes another drink and looks at his watch. The inning ends and Matthew stands up. MATTHEW Well, I should be getting home and to bed. BRAD looks at Matthew. BRAD What? But the games not over yet? MATTHEW We do have work tomorrow and I need my sleep. Everyone says their goodbyes as Matthew walks out, everyone continues with their conversations. INT. MATTHEW’S APARTMENT - NIGHT A COAT RACK sits half full of clothes next to the door. CLICK, the door unlocks and Matthew walks in. He locks up and removes his coat, hat and boots, placing them on the rack. He empties his LUNCH BAG and walks into the kitchenette, he places the contents of the bag and his MUG on the counter. Matthew walks over to... INT. BATHROOM - NIGHT ...Where Matthew brushes his teeth. INT. MATTHEW’S BEDROOM - NIGHT A BOOKCASE FULL OF COMICS AND DVD’s sits next to a flat screen TV on a DRESSER. Matthew walks over and to the COMPUTER and turns it on. He sits and lets out an exasperated breath as he waits for it to boot up. He goes into his e-mail. OF SCREEN It shows an email from his councillor. It reads. I’m sorry Mathew, I know you didn’t want that construction job but I can’t find anything else for you at this time. I’ll keep searching but staying there is the best option for you right now. Matthew hangs his head and sighs, he looks up. MATTHEW Seriously? (beat) I so need a better councillor. He turns off the computer and stands. EXT. BUILDING, OF WINDOW - NIGHT Some time goes by and the light in the window goes out. INT. MATTHEW’S BEDROOM - NIGHT An ALARM CLOCK goes off reading 5:00 BUZZING SOUNDS. Matthew sits up in bed and pushes himself up. INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT Matthew stands at the counter, his eyes are barely open and he’s frowning. He makes his COFFEE and pours it in a MUG. Matthew looks at the CALENDAR ON THE WALL. OF CALANDER On it is written "crappy construction job" with X’s marking nearly three weeks. Matthew adds another X. MATTHEW Ok, here we go. Just try to think positive. Don’t let depression suck you dry. Matthew picks up his once again full lunch bag and mug and heads to the door. He unlocks it and goes out. EXT. CONSTRUCTION SIGHT - DAY The sun is still rising as EIGHTEEN workers gather on the ground level of a seven story building that is half done. The foreman, ELLIOTT, 40’s, gruff looking, talks to his men. ELLIOTT Alright, we might get some bad weather later on so let’s try to get as much done as we can. BRAD Come on rain! Everyone including Elliott chuckles at that one for a bit. ELLIOTT Ok guys, I want this project done as much as everyone so that’s why we work every chance we get. Elliot gives everyone their jobs. ELLIOTT (cont’d) Matthew. (beat) You’re up top. Matthew looks up, the look on his face as a cross between dread and disappointment. MATTHEW Of course I am. Everyone starts to disperse. EXT. CONSTRUCTION SIGHT, MIDLEVEL - DAY Three men get a beam in place, another goes by with metal rods. THE CAMERA RISES SHOWING EVERYONE WORKING There is a conversation going on between a pair of employees as another one just behind them welds. EXT. CONSTRUCTION SIGHT, GROUND LEVEL - DAY Metallica’s Enter Sandman plays from a RADIO as Brad and Michael put down cement, Elliott checks the work and moves on. FOLLOWING ELLIOTT He goes to a makeshift desk and looks at the plans. Looking up, Elliott sees the dark clouds, he feels a light chill. EXT. CONSTRUCTION SIGHT, TOP - DAY Matthew stands with two other guys, Don, 50’s, gray hair, has a RADIO, he holds the bottom for it and leans in as he directs the CRANE. DON (Into radio) Your good, hold her there. RICHARD, 30’s, unkempt, grabs some tools and waits. Don and Matthew hold the BEAM steady as Richard bolts it in. Matthew has his eyes closed, he peaks one eye open and looks down at Richard as he works the second bolt. Matthew closes his eyes again and holds his head up. Richard steps away. He looks at Matthew who is taking deep breaths, Richard smirks and shakes his head. DON (Into radio) Alright, we’re good here, take her away... Don looks at Matthew. DON ...You ok kid? Matthew nods and turns, he steadily walks along a few steps. He looks up at the darkening sky with a small glimmer of hope. EXT. CONSTRUCTION SIGHT, MIDLEVEL - DAY More welding is being done, Garret walks by with a sledgehammer. Everyone is looking up longingly. EXT. CONSTRUCTION SIGHT, GROUND LEVEL - DAY Elliott hears a DRIP off his helmet, he looks up to some light spitting rain. Elliott walks over to the TRAILER. INT. ELLIOTT’S OFFICE - DAY Elliott walks in and looks at paperwork, it shows that a shipment of material will come in later that day. He picks up the PHONE and dials. It rings twice BRRR BRRR. The other end is picked up. BOSS (O.S.) Hello. ELLIOTT Yo, boss man. I know it’s still early but it’s starting to rain... BOSS (O.S.) I don’t care. I’m getting into my car right now, it’s not that bad and you guys are still behind. CLICK, he hangs up, Elliott looks at the phone with an annoyed look on his face. ELLIOTT We’re not that far behind but fine. Elliott hangs up too and walks out. EXT. CONSTRUCTION SIGHT, GROUND LEVEL - DAY Elliott has once again gathered everyone together during brake. Some eat, some relax, the few that are smoking stand several feet away. Light rain is falling. The reaction to what Elliott says is somber.


EXT. CONSTRUCTION SIGHT, TOP - DAY The wind picks up more, the storm is getting closer, Richard is walking, and he slips but catches himself. He whips his face with a relief look, FEW. RICHARD (To Don and Matthew) Alright, we’re good here. Time to go. Richard heads over to the LADDER. MATTHEW chuckles and shakes his head. Richard sees Joe, 30’s, stocky, coming up. Richard gives him a confused look and climbs down. Joe looks around his feet and grabs a ROPE, he starts hoisting up a TOOLBOX. Matthew walks over and looks at Joe with a puzzled expression. He helps out. MATTHEW Why are you doing it this way? Wouldn’t it be easier to have carried them up? Joe turns back slightly but doesn’t look at Matthew. JOE I know what I’m doing. (beat) And I didn’t ask for help. Matthew shakes his head and sighs. The BUZZER declaring end of day goes off. Matthew puts his hand to his face and mutters to himself. MATTHEW And of course we did that for nothing. Joe toe kicks the toolbox into a corner and turns, he makes his way down the ladder. MATTHEW (cont’d) Sure. Just leave it there. (beat) its fine. Matthew looks at Don who is gingerly making his way across the slippery metal. A hard GUST OF WIND blows, they both hold their hats down, a BEAM that wasn’t fully supported starts to tip over towards Don. MATTHEW (cont’d) Watch out! Don drops to the ground and covers his head, the beam comes down onto his lower body, CLANG. DON Ahhhh! Matthew looks stunned, he turns back. MATTHEW Help! Matthew quickly goes over to Don and crouches, he gives him a light shake. Don groans. DON I’m alright. Matthew looks back, he looks worried. MATTHEW I need help here! (beat) Joe! Matthew looks back at Don then at the beam, he squats by it, with his arms wrapped underneath. He starts to try to lift. EXT. CONSTRUCTION SIGHT, MIDLEVEL - DAY Richard stands by the LIFT, he looks up and removes his earplugs, he looks confused as if unsure about what he heard. He sees Joe coming down the ramp. The dark sky seen behind him. RICHARD Yo Joe! (beat) You hear something a second ago? Joe making his way to the lift gives a goofy smile. JOE Yeah, the buzzer. We get to go home, eh? Joe hits the button for the elevator. RICHARD Where are Don and Matt? Joe looks unconcerned. JOE I don’t know, there too slow, not my problem. Richard can barely proses this before the elevator opens and Joe gets in. Joe hits the button and starts going down. Richard steps away from the elevator and looks up towards the ramp. A faint CRY FOR HELP is heard over the wind and thunder, Richard rushes to the ramp. EXT. CONSTRUCTION SIGHT, TOP - DAY Matthew is still squatting he has gotten the beam up a few inches but not enough. He is puffing heavily, he manages to straighten his legs. Matthew takes a few careful steps to the side, Don starts to crawl away in the opposite direction. Suddenly a BOLT hits the beam, ELECTRICITY COURSES through Matthew’s body, he drops the beam with a CLANG and collapses. FADE TO BLACK EXT. WATERFRONT DOCKS FROM THE WATER - NIGHT The words Willoway Bay appear at the bottom of the screen. EXT. DOCKS - NIGHT Two men unload a LARGE BLACK CRATE from a TRUCK, three others watch over as DEVIN, 30’s, dark skin, pale eyes, short dyed golden hair, opens the case. It is full of GUNS, the BUYER looks it over. DEVIN I hope this is satisfactory to you. The buyer gives a nod and the case is closed and carried to another TRUCK. The buyer turns and gives a wave signal to a CAR, the driver steps out with a BRIEFCASE. FARTHER DOWN THE DOCK A FISHERMAN, 40’s, gruff looking, walks down the dock with a ROPE, he looks toward the car, he reaches a BOAT and throws the rope into it. The fisherman sees another black case being loaded and looks startled, he turns and tries to get away. JOHN COZWELL, 30’s, clean slick look, blocks the fisherman’s path. JOHN Where do you think you’re going? The fisherman panics. FISHERMAN Nowhere sir. Honest. John laughs. JOHN Sir. I like that. Very respectful. John pulls out a GUN and attaches a SILINCER, the fisherman sees it, his eyes go wide, he steps back, looking freaked. JOHN I’m sorry to say you’ve met your end. FISHERMAN No, please, I don’t know or care what’s... Before the fisherman can finish his plea John points the gun and shoots him just over the eye PING the body falls THUMP. JOHN Well, almost sorry. John takes the body and drags it away. BACK AT THE EXCHANGE The buyer’s stooge looking back at the events that have occurred turns his attention back to Devin, fear and uneasiness are visible on his face. He’s sweating as he opens the briefcase to reveal a large amount of money. Devin closes the briefcase and takes it. DEVIN Pleasure doing business with you. Devin watches as they go back to their car and goes to the truck. INT. TRUCK - NIGHT Devin sits next to the driver, HAROLD MARTIN, 30’s, who starts the truck RRRRR. DEVIN Your friend John took care of business pretty good there, Harry. Did you see the look on that guys face? HAROLD I know you only work with the best. Harold shifts the truck into gear and starts to drive. HAROLD (cont’d) So. (beat) Who do you think will win that little war anyway? Devin looks unconcerned as he looks out the window, arm hanging out. DEVIN It doesn’t really matter in the end. Harold moves his eyes looking at Devin for a second and back at the road. EXT. TRUCK - NIGHT THE TRUCK TURNS A CORNER, HEADLIGHTS GLARING INTO THE CAMERA. INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY LOOKING UP AT THE LIGHTS IN THE CEILING. There is a light BEEPING noise, indicating a pulse. A DOCTOR, 50’s, gray hair, handsome, walks in and looks at the patient. DOCTOR Good morning Mr. Stone. How are you? Matthew’s eyes move around the room. MATTHEW Where am I? DOCTOR You’re in St. Michael’s hospital. My name is Dr. Dell, you were struck by lightning Mr. Stone. MATTHEW Doesn’t sound like I’m doing well then. Dr. Dell chuckles. DR.DELL On the contrary, you’re healing extraordinarily well considering. Now how do you feel? The machines can’t tell me that. MATTHEW Good, I guess, I don’t feel anything. (beat) I’m dead aren’t I? Dr. Dell laughs. DR. DELL No, you’re very much alive and I think you’ll recover soon. But I’d like you to stay another day for observation. Matthew sighs. ELLIOTT (O.S.) Don’t worry, you got the best excuse to miss work. Elliott and Richard walk in and Dr. Dell excuses himself. RICHARD Sorry for ditching you bud, I thought you were right behind me. (beat) I didn’t get back up until after the strike, damn that’s some freaky shit. Matthew slowly sits up in bed. Elliott puts a hand to his shoulder. ELLIOTT Easy now. Matthew looks at the MIRROR, he starts to unwind the bandages to reveal his hair has been turned completely white. MATTHEW Holy crap! They are all shocked to see the change. (beat) RICHARD Well, look at it this way. (beat) You might get a senior discount now. Matthew gives him a drop dead look. MATTHEW (Sarcastically) Yay. Richard and Elliott leave after a bit and Matthew takes another look in the mirror before laying back down. EXT. STREET CORNER - NIGHT SNAKE, late 30’s, Long hair with bald spot, ugly mustache, uses SPRAY PAINT to cross out a gang logo and replace it with his own. A crudely made snake with the tongue out in green paint now marks the wall, his EIGHT gang members look at it. BULL DOZZER, 30’s, dark skin, huge muscles, smiles. BULL DOZZER Cute worm boss. Snake looks at him with annoyed confusion. The others start to chuckle. SNAKE It’s a snake. My name is Snake, we’re the Snake gang. Why would I draw a worm? (beat) And it’s not cute. BULL DOZZER Then why is it razzing people? Snake shakes his head and sighs aggravatingly. SNAKE It’s hissing, ok? Will you stop thinking it’s cute. The others giggle a bit more. Snake seems more frustrated. SNAKE (cont’d) You see, this is what I’m talking about. We’ve been causing trouble in this city for a year and we get no respect. Just once I’d like to see our names on the paper. Bull Dozzer gets a bright look in his face and runs to the other corner were a NEWSPAPER BOX is. The gang looks on in wonder as he knocks the box over, busts it open and retrieves a paper. He returns and puts the paper in Snake’s hands. ON PAPER A copy of the Snake logo has been drown on it. The group laugh like hyenas as Snake looks like he’s trying to control some inner rage. Snake looks at Bull who still has the goofy smile on his face. SNAKE (cont’d) Good job Bull. (beat) good job. Snake tosses the paper aside while the gang keeps laughing. INT. HOSPITAL LOBBY - DAY Matthew is at the front desk signing himself out. Dr. Dell looks on with a smile and waves as Matthew walks out. EXT. DON VALLEY - DAY MATTHEW JOGS DOWN THE HILL, MAKES HIS WAY ACROSS THE BRIDGE AND ALONG A PATH BRANCHING OFF THE MAIN ROAD

EXT. DON VALLEY, OPEN FEILD - DAY Matthew is walking along, enjoying the fresh air and open space, no one else is around. Matthew walks by a TREE, not paying enough attention, he leans on it for balance and CREEEEEEK CRASH the tree falls over. MATTHEW Whoa! Matthew looks stunned and startled, he bends over to inspect the tree. MATTHEW (cont’d) It looks like it’s in good condition. Why would it break? Matthew stands and steps back, he looks at his hands, then the tree, he looks around again. Matthew looks over and sees a ROCK, he walks over to the rock, looks back at the tree, looks at the rock. Matthew crouches in front of the rock, he expels a breath. MATTHEW This is so stupid. Matthew grips the rock and without any hesitation, lifts it up over his head. MATTHEW Holy crap! Matthew looks around and puts the rock back where it was THUMP. Matthew clenches his fists and breaths a sigh as if saying "Wow. That just happened." MATTHEW (cont’d) Alright. I got greatly enhanced strength now. (beat) Cool. Matthew looks around again with a cocky smile. He looks back at the rock and crouches slightly with his arm pulled back. He takes another breath and punches the rock, drilling a whole into it SMASH, it soon breaks apart CRUMBLE. MATTHEW Woooo! Matthew quickly walks away from the rubble, looking around and still seeing no one. INT. BAR - DAY Matthew sits slouched over with a MOLSON CANADIAN in front of him, the bar has very few people, the bartender cleans glasses. Matthew takes a big gulp and lowers the bottle down with a LOAD THUD. Matthew looks around, only the bartender gives him any notice. Matthew gives an apologetic look, he taps his foot anxiously and stops when he hears a small CRACK. His eyes go wide with worry and he takes another swig of beer. Matthew holds onto the bottle, let’s a few seconds pass and drinks a bit more. He looks around again, He’s eyes are darting a bit. He takes another drink and slams the bottle down and it shatters SMASH. Everyone looks at Matthew who stands up and moves away from the bar, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a WALLET and throws a TWENTY on the counter. MATTHEW Sorry. Matthew walks out of the bar as the bartender takes the money and cleans the mess. ALONG THE DANFORTH EXT. HOLY NAME CHURCH - DAY There is light foot traffic outside. MATTHEW (O.S.) I need guidance father. Two people meet out front and walk in the same direction.

INT. CHURCH - DAY The PRIEST, 80’s, balding, wearing glasses, sits next to Matthew in a pew, there are three other people throughout the church. PRIEST That’s what I’m here for. How can I help you? MATTHEW I have recently been granted a gift but I don’t know how people will react. I think they might be scared. The priest nods and hums in affirmative. PRIEST Well, a lot of people thought Jesus was pretty scary but that didn’t stop him from helping people. Matthew nods back. He stands and steps out of the pew. MATTHEW Thanks father. The priest gives a non-shallot nod and wave as Matthew walks out. INT. MATHEW’S APARTMENT, NEAR DOORWAY - DAY OF MATTHEW LOOKING DOWN AT CAMERA WITH THOUGHTFUL LOOK. (BEAT) OF THE STEEL TOED BOOTS (BEAT) INT. MATTHEW’S BEDROOM - DAY Matthew is at his computer checking the Rising Star web site, taping the mouse with care. MATTHEW Maybe I’ll learn how to control this strength thing better. Matthew puffs out a breath. He also looks up moving companies, scrolling down for the cheapest deal. INT. BUS DEPOT - DAY Matthew steps up to the counter, he has an over the shoulder bag and two suitcases, one on wheels, he places some money on the counter, he gets his ticket. EXT. UNDER DOCKS - NIGHT police and CSI techs with WBPD emblems carefully look over a burnt up corpse, the CORONER, 60’s, glasses, fatherly face, detects his assistant. CORONER Carefully with this one, burn victims can be trouble. The little evidence left suggests it’s the fisherman who was killed by John the previous night. INT. BUS - DAY Matthew reads James Patterson’s Cross the line as the bus travels. MONTOGE OF MATTHEW ON TRAVELING BUS EXT. ALONG HIGHWAY - DAY The bus passes a sign reading “Welcome to Willoway Bay” BUS WORKING IT’S WAY THROUGH THE CITY EXT. BUS DEPOT - NIGHT Matthew exits with his bags. EXT. STREET CORNER - NIGHT Matthew notices the Snake gang logo pained on a wall as he walks by, he stops at the corner waiting for the light and crosses. A moment passes, Devin and Harold walk around the corner from the other direction. Devin notices the gang logo as well and hitches a thumb towards it as he looks back at Harold. DEVIN See this ridiculous crap? (beat) Let these morons fight for their little bit of territory. (beat) Just makes it easier for us. They continue up the street and enter a bank, Willoway Trust. Ext. RISING STAR TRAINING ACADEMY – DAY Matthew approaches the building, without his bags and a fresh set of clothes, which takes up about a quarter of the block and stands two stories high. Aside from stencils of males and females punching, kicking, grappling and lifting weights, the building was cold and lifeless. Matthew looks up at the SIGN marked RISING STAR TRAINING ACADEMY over the door, he takes the door handle in his fingers and opens the door. INT. RISING STAR TRAINING ACADEMY - DAY Just by the entrance on the right of the entrance, behind a wall is a WEIGHT STATION, THREE trainees in the room do squats with large weights. On the left side, some rings hang from the ceiling and a set of parallel bars, both over a mat. A TRAINEE works a HEAVY BAG while another keeps it steady, in the center is a large MATTED AREA, a SIXTH STUDENT, an athletic looking 30 something dirty blond male with a goatee performs a judo throw on his opponent THWAP. Matthew steps through the doorway with a new set of cloths and looks around. He sees the trainer and goes over. The TRAINER, 50’s, gray hair in a ponytail watches the match with intent, he looks at Matthew as he approaches. MATTHEW Excuse me sir. I would like to get some training. The trainer keeps looking at him, Matthew looks somewhat uncomfortable. TRAINER Are you going to take this seriously? Because I will not make it easy on you. MATTHEW Yes sir. The trainer keeps looking at him, Matthew starts to sweat. The trainer turns and gathers the trainees around, all EIGHT of them line up, two girls, the rest male. TRAINER We have a new trainee. (beat) Mr... He looks at Matthew with a raised eyebrow. MATTHEW Oh, uhh... His eyes go up and to the left. MATTHEW Matsumoto... (beat) Silverstone. The trainees look at Matthew blankly for a beat. TRAINER My name is Zackiria Nietchi. Allow me to show you around. ZACKIRIA LEADS MATTHEW AROUND THE MAIN TRAINING RING, OTHER TRAINING ROOMS, A LUNCHROOM, POOL AND DORMS WHILE GIVING A SPEACH ABOUT RISING STAR ZACKIRIA Here at Rising Star we strive for greatness. You may believe the world to be a safe place but there is darkness everywhere. Through my years I’ve gained a vast knowledge and I’ve dedicated the last five years to spreading that knowledge. (beat) The world needs more heroes Mr. Silverstone, and I am creating them. INT. ZACKIRIA’S OFFICE - DAY To the right of the door was an ODD SCULPTURE THAT LOOKS LIKE A DEMONS SKULL, beside it an ancient map and a DRESSER with a SHETH AND SWORDS in the back corner. On the other side, a BOOKSHELF where a copy of THE ART OF WAR and all kinds of mythology books as well as guides for all fighting styles are prominent. At the back is a DESK WITH A STACK OF PAPERS, a few knick-knacks and other things, behind it is a PAINTING OF THE ANGEL MICHAEL SPEARING THE DEVIL. Matthew looks at the sculpture and takes a step away as he walks by, Zackiria moves to the back by the dresser, opens it and pulls out some SHORTS, TANKS, SWEATS, AND T-SHIRTS. Zackiria also takes out a BOOKLET. He turns and sees Matthew is now looking at all the books. ZACKIRIA You’re welcome to take and read any you like. He drops the cloths down on the desk, next to an OLD LOOKING DAGGER on display. MATTHEW No. (beat) thank you. Zackiria sneers at him disapprovingly and puts the booklet on the cloths. ZACKIRIA These are stretching exercises you’ll need to do every morning as well as a diet plan. You can eat what you want but these are the best things for a strong body. Matthew picks up his things. Zackiria moves to the door. ZACKIRIA Let me show you to your room. Matthew follows Zackiria out of the office. INT. DORM ROOM - DAY Other than a fair sized window and bed the room was bear. Matthew walk, Zackiria stands by the doorway. Matthew puts his clothes on the bed and inspects the room.

ZACKIRIA Get plenty of sleep, we start first thing in the morning.... He narrows his eyes. ZACKIRIA ...Don’t be late. MATTHEW No sir... Zackiria walks out, closing the door somewhat as he does. Matthew huffs. MATTHEW ...Ya jackass. Matthew looks around again. ZACKIRIA (O.S.) Drill time boys and girls. Get a move on. Matthew has a look of frustration before exiting the room. INT. RISING STAR, TRAINING SQUARE - DAY MONTOGE OF THE TRAINEES DOING EVERY KIND OF WORK OUT, GETTING MORE SWEATY AND FATIGUED AS THEY GO AIDEN, a little dorky looking trainee comes over to Matthew. AIDEN Hi, the names Aiden, and just fair warning. We do this twice a week. MATTHEW And you still have energy to do other exercises and whatever after? Aiden pats Matthew on the back. AIDEN It’s not all bad, it’s not like we work out twenty four seven plus, we do get a lumberjack breakfast every other day. Matthew does a little "not bad" head nod. EXT. PARK - DAY Matthew is in a secluded part of the park, he slowly stretches his fist towards a ROCK. He continues driving this, letting his punches move faster but stopping his hand before they make contact. He delivers a few light touches, his face shows great concentration as he punches at the rock, a chip breaks off CHIP. MATTHEW Come on Matt, don’t want to break someone’s ribs. Matthew continues to punch at the rock. INT. LOUNGE - DAY The room has two couches, a coffee table, a huge TV that is on the news and an ELIPTICAL. The blond who did the judo throw and a FEMALE TRAINEE, short cut hair, cute features, sit on the couch. Matthew enters the door and nearly crashes into GABRIEL MARCUS, near Elvis look-alike hair, lots of muscle, a dragon tattoo on his right arm, just under the shoulder. Gabriel gives Matthew a dirty look as he goes out. Matthew stands for a second with confusion, the blond male comes over. He’s wearing a yellow dress shirt over white t-shirt and tan pants. TRAINEE Don’t worry about him. He’s a real believer in proving your worth. Come on. The trainee leads Matthew to the couch where the female trainee is. They sit. TRAINEE This is Jessica Luv... She waves. TRAINEE (cont’d) I’m Kevin Marcus, and the guy who almost ran you over was my brother Gabriel. MATTHEW So what do you do for fun around here? KEVIN Shhh, not so load... He looks around over his shoulder towards the doorway, Jessica giggles and slaps him on the back. KEVIN (cont’d) ...Zackiria might hear. JESSICA Don’t be such a tease. You love it here and you know it. MATTHEW So how long have you been here? Jessica’s smile fades. JESSICA Seven long months. KEVIN Yeah, she’s not a fan of Zack. Me I’ve been here nearly a year. Zack and I reached an understanding a while ago. It’s not so bad here. JESSICA Yeah, being the top student hasn’t got anything to do with it. KEVIN Seriously though, as unorthodox as the training is, soon you’ll appreciate the push. The better you do the better you feel. This kind of training. (beat) It’s not for the weak of heart, so everyone here, shows outstanding character. The TV reports of a bank robbery, insider help is suspected. Seconds later, Zackiria just seems to appear in the doorway.

ZACKIRIA Mr. Silverstone, your moving van is here. (beat) Everyone will assist you. All three stand and walk by Zackiria as they go out. INT. MATTHEW’S DORM ROOM - DAY Kevin and Gabriel move in and adjust a BOOKSHELF while two others set the TV on the dresser. Matthew places his favorite CHAIR just right. Aiden carries in a pair of stacked BOXES followed by TETSU, an Asian-American Looking trainee. MATTHEW Just leave it there in the corner. The two of them do so, moving past another trainee who is adjusting the bed in the corner. Zackiria watches from the doorway. ZACKIRIA Good work everyone, and thank Mr. Silverstone for the little break in training. Everyone gives little reaction. Aiden turns and looks down at the boxes he just put down. He tilts his head noticing the box reads "comics" Aiden casually opens it as most everyone else files out. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) Come along Mr. Silverstone, and put on your training gear. Aiden looks at Matthew with a pitied look and exits. INT. RISING STAR, TRAINING SQUARE - DAY Matthew and Kevin both step onto the matted area, both in their training closes. The other trainees surround the area. Zackiria looks from Kevin to Matthew. Matthew looks a little freaked out but calms himself.

ZACKIRIA Let’s see what we have to work with. Matthew shakes his arms, Kevin dances around a bit and takes a half-assed fight stance. KEVIN Try to last long enough to learn something, Matsumoto. (Name said sarcastically) ZACKIRIA Begin! The two slowly move in and circle each other. Kevin mockingly throws an easy jab, Matthew dodges. Matthew does a slow easy punch as well which Kevin sidesteps and razzes. They circle each other some more, Kevin uses another faster jab which Matthew avoids again. KEVIN Nice reflexes. He goes into a Muay Thai kickboxing stance, he performs a kick to the mid-section WOMP, Matthew hunches over, Kevin connects with another jab SMACK, and Matthew takes a step back. Kevin shakes his fist. KEVIN What is your jaw made of? Matthew swings with another easy punch, Kevin ducks it and thrusts a kick into Matthew’s gut POOMP, and he steps back, smirking at Matthew. ZACKIRIA Enough games. Kevin squints at Matthew, as if he’s now taking it seriously, Matthew throws a hook, Kevin ducks it and wraps his arms around Matthew, pops his hips taking Matthew over and brings him down belly-belly FOOMP. Matthew looks around from the mat, his face shows little evidence of pain.

ZACKIRIA (cont’d) Well, now we know what we’re working with. I can build your ability but you have to get rid of that fear. Matthew sits up as most everyone walks away, Aiden comes over with a small smile. Matthew stands. Gabriel comes over to his brother. GABRIEL Why do you always go easy on the new guys? Matthew and Aiden stand where they are AIDEN You hung in there pretty good Matt. (beat) I couldn’t help noticing your comic collection. (beat) So, Marvel or DC? Matthew smiles and shakes his head. MATTHEW Both. Matthew and Aiden walk away together still chatting. INT. DORM ROOM - NIGHT FACING DOORWAY Jessica is alone in her room, she is levitating over her bed in meditation. (Beat) Matthew walks by, Jessica floats back down to the bed, Matthew returns to the doorway, looking in, taking a double take, his eyes are darting a bit. He eventually goes away again. (beat) Jessica turns her head to the door. No one is there so she returns to meditation. INT. MATTHEW’S DORM ROOM - NIGHT Matthew stands by his bed and let’s himself fall onto it. He groans softly and rolls the rest of his body in place and closes his eyes. EXT. UNDER BRIDGE, BY RIVER - NIGHT The Snake gang hangs out in the undercover of the bridge, the wall is covered in all kinds of graffiti, the gang logo, prominent in the center. There are five chairs around a table, four members sit around it playing cards. Nearby Snake stands by a BARREL OF FIRE, keeping warm. Two more members approach from the street, one is drinking from a 7 ELEVEN BIG GULP the other holds a full bag, they go up to Snake. Snake takes and opens the bag. SNAKE Not a bad haul boys, did you leave our mark? They roll their eyes slightly. BOTH GANG MEMBERS Yes. A FANCY CAR comes in from the other direction, everyone looks up at it, a few reach for weapons. The driver of the car steps out, MANNY RAMIREZ, 30’s, Hispanic, shaved head, lots of tattoos spread arms. MANNY I got you bitches beat. Snake puts the bag on the empty seat at the table and walks over with the other two, another gang member joins them. They give Manny high fives. SNAKE Nice ride. Manny gestures to the inside of the car. MANNY Not just the ride dog. They look in the car and there is a TV in the front passenger seat. The back seat is full of DVD PLAYERS, CD’S, MOVIES AND GAMES. Manny goes to the trunk and opens it, Snake goes around to see the GAMING SYSTEMS. Snake looks at the group at the table. SNAKE And what about you losers. They look up at him, annoyed they throw down some WALLETS with other people’s info. GANG MEMBER You think we’re playing with our own money?

A beat goes by and Bull Dozzer approaches with a large FELT BAG. Snake looks at Bull. SNAKE It’s the Bull Dozzer. What have you got for me? Something good by the looks of it. Bull Dozzer nods enthusiastically. BULL DOZZER You got that right boss. The group of them gather round near the table where Bull reaches into the bag and pulls out a KITTEN. It meows. GANG MEMBERS Awww. Bull puts the bag on the table and more kittens crawl out. Snake is not amused. SNAKE Why would I want kittens? Bull Dozzer looks at him with a shocked expression. BULL DOZZER Because their adorable. Snake combs his hand through his hair with annoyance.

SNAKE No one cares about kittens. We’re trying to look bad here, make people fear the Snake name, Manny did great and you rob a freaking pet store. Snake walks to the car, reaches in and turns on the RADIO, CLICK, and turns it to the news. SNAKE (cont’d) Let’s see what they have to say. The radio comes off a road accident and the reporter starts going into the story of stolen kittens that has the city appalled. The gang laughs. INT. DARK BASEMENT - NIGHT There is a map of the train yard and photos of security and other papers and info on a wall. Devin has EIGHTEEN other men with him. DEVIN The military will be running a shipment of goods through this fare city and we’re going to take the deliver hehe. The group join the laughing. EXT. TRAIN YARD - NIGHT There is are three POLICE cars and a large CORINER’S VAN, a half dozen officers and two CSI. Seven bodies full of holes lay scatters on the ground, lots of blood around each, the team collect clues and evidence. Several packages of MONEY are scattered near one body, an officer bends down. He looks around and picks up the Money, he goes to put it in his pocket.

LEUTENENT I’m pretty sure evidence is supposed to go in a bag officer. LEUTENENT JACK MARTIN, 40’S, looks younger, walks by not looking at the man as he loses his balance in surprise. He puts the money back and walks away, somewhat hiding himself. Jack approaches the coroner, near another body, he looks down at it, recognition strikes. JACK The Dorian brothers... He scans around at the other bodies. JACK (cont’d) …All three of them and their men. (beat) So what happened here, Chuck? Chuck stands up and looks at him, he removes and cleans his glasses. CHUCK The former heads of Harborside, shot up. If they had guns, which I’m sure they did, there gone now. Other than that you’ll have to wait. Jack walked away and pointed the officer he caught to come with him. INT. MATTHEW’S DORM ROOM - DAY The ALARM CLOCK reads two AM, Matthew is sound sleep. ZACKIRIA (O.S.) Drill time boys and girls. Get a move on. Matthew has his eyes closed as he gets up, he shakes himself loose and stands. The room is fully set now, books, comics and movies line the bookshelf. A few collectable figurines on dressers. Posters of Bret Hart and Donavan Bailey are on the wall. Matthew gets his training clothes out of the bottom of the dresser. INT. TRAINING AREA - NIGHT Several ROAD CONES were set up in a zigzag pattern, there was also a few HURDLES in a path leading to the exit. The trainees stand on a LINE OF TAPE on the ground, most of which, still groggy. ZACKIRIA As you can see, I have set up an obstacle course for you. Gabriel is the first to get on his mark, his arm folded over his knee. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) Ready. Everyone gets ready. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) Go! They start zigzagging through the cones and jump over the first hurdle and out the door. EXT. STREET - NIGHT The trainees make their way down the sidewalk, one leaps the hood of a car. EXT. PARK - NIGHT THE TRAINEES RUN A TIRE COURSE AND GO INTO A ROPE COURSE AND THEY CRAWL UNDER A WIRE

Gabriel and Tetsu slow down a bit, holding their sides, Matthew passes by them with a look of satisfaction. ELSEWHERE IN PARK Matthew hoists himself over a TEN FOOT WALL, and jumps down on the other side PLOP. ELSEWHERE IN PARK Kevin jumps over a water hazard and takes to another rope course, Aiden comes out of another WIRE crawl, jumps up and jumps the water hazard SPLOOP, and continues. ELSEWHERE IN PARK Mathew jumps and swings himself over an EIGHT FOOT HIGH WALL. He looks back with a little surprise on his face and keeps going. Jessica catches up to Matthew, they are even for the next moment. ELSEWHERE IN PARK Kevin is running a straight away, he looks as if he can tell someone is behind him, he tries to remain focused but can’t help looking back, Aiden is catching up. Kevin refocuses a split second before the next hurdle, he trips over it CRUNCH. Aiden leaps over him and makes a break for it. Kevin gets back to his feet and continues, he crosses the finish line right behind Aiden. Moments later, Matthew and Jessica cross at the same time. Everyone starts panting. Matthew smiles and throws his arms in the air. MATTHEW Woooo, yeah! Aiden smiles at him. AIDEN You know you didn’t win right? Matthew shakes his head still smiling. MATTHEW No, but I finished. My stamina used to be crap. Zackiria emerges from the treeline and watches the late stragglers come in. He walks over with a somewhat sour expression. ZACKIRIA Congratulations Aiden, well done. All the trainees look at Zackiria as if shocked. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) Oh don’t act like I’m an uncaring tyrant. I’m always glad when my students succeed. Everyone gathers around Aiden, even Gabriel shakes his hand. INT. CAFETERIA - DAY The trainees sit at a long table, all being served the LUMBERJACK BREAKFAST. Matthew takes his KNIFE AND FORK, Zackiria places a hand on Matthew’s shoulder. He looks back. ZACKIRIA Tell me Mr. Silverstone, what is it you fear? Matthew blinks and looks a little nervous. MATTHEW Well, I don’t know about fear but I’m not too comfortable with heights. Zackiria gives a mischievous smile. EXT. RISING STAR, ROOF - DAY Zackiria has Matthew by the collar, leaning him over the roof. Matthew flails his arms around, looking panicked. MATTHEW I don’t think this is helping! Matthew continues to flail his arms, Zackiria’s expression is stoic. INT. RISING STAR, SMALL TRAINING AREA - DAY Matthew is walking along a BALLANCE BEAM He keeps his eyes straight ahead. The other trainees stand by the wall, there are LARGE HOLES throughout the room. Zackiria paces before the trainees. ZACKIRIA You know the drill, who wants to go first. Matthew’s eyes look toward the trainees, he starts to sweat and tries to keep walking the beam. A student steps forward. Zackiria moves to the back wall where a BOTTON is. The student readies himself. Zackiria pulls out a STOP WATCH and pushes the button for it as well the one on the wall. A LARGE POST shoots out of one of the holes WHOOSH, the trainee kicks it, more posts come and the trainee attacks them. From his position on the beam, Matthew breaths a small sigh, turns and walks the beam again. The trainee starts to slow a bit but keeps striking posts, he turns and one hits him in the face CRACK. He staggers back and bumps into another post WOMP, Zackiria pushes the buttons again. Zackiria helps the guy up and against the wall. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) Next. Gabriel steps out, Zackiria pushes the buttons again, and Gabriel works the course. After a few hits, Gabriel hears a faint CLINCK, he jumps forward just as a post wizzes past him WHOOSH, he steps back and hits it with a back elbow. Zackiria pushes the buttons. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) Much better than last time. Zackiria looks from Gabriel to Matthew on the beam. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) Your turn Mr. Silverstone. Matthew lowers himself and places a hand on the beam, he jumps down PLUMP. Matthew walks onto the course with his head hanging, hands at his side. INT. HALLWAY - DAY A few of the trainees are standing in the hall, Aiden has his arm over Matthew, and they’re both smiling. Gabriel pushes past everyone in a grump. AIDEN First time and you beat his time, can’t blame him for being a grouch. MATTHEW You did pretty good yourself. Aiden puts his arms behind his head and looks at the ceiling. AIDEN Yeah, but of course, Kevin got the best time as usual. Kevin casually walks by heading down the hall, he looks back. KEVIN Hey, you don’t have to outdo me, you just have to outdo yourself. He continues down the hall, Zackiria comes out of the room with another trainee who has his head up, his hand covering his nose which is BLEEDING. ZACKIRIA Let’s get that fixed up, shall we? The last few trainees in the hall, clear out. INT. WEIGHT ROOM AREA– NIGHT Matthew looks over his shoulder as he enters the door into the room, he approaches the WEIGHT MACHINE. He places all the heaviest weights on the bar.

Matthew returns to the door and looks around again, he lays out on the bench press section. He grips the bar and brings it off the holder, the weights RATTLE with the movement, Matthew does several quick lifts of the weight. His face shows no strain. Matthew places the weight back down CATHUNK, he sits up and looks back at the bar for a beat, he puts his head down. MATTHEW How strong am I now? Matthew puts his hands to his face, and drags them down wearily. MATTHEW This whole thing is so crazy… Matthew drops his arms into his lap and shakes his head. MATTHEW …What the hell am I doing here? What was I thinking? Matthew sits and mopes for a while longer and looks back at the bar again, he stares for a beat and sits up, he allows himself to smile. Matthew removes all the weights and puts them back, he lets his eyes scan the room. He walks to the door and looks out at the main training area. Matthew looks up at the ceiling for a beat as if waiting for a sign. He closes his eyes (beat beat) Matthew chuckles and smiles ever so slightly, he looks up again, his eyes a bit brighter. INT. RISING STAR, TRAINING SQUARE - DAY MONTOGE OF ZACKIRIA TEACHING MATTHEW A VARIETY OF PUNCHES, KICKS, THROWS AND HOLDS. Zackiria slowly punches Matthew’s shoulder and pushes it. ZACKIRIA You have to learn to "Roll with the punches." As they say. TRAINING CONTINUES Zackiria grabs Matthew hooks his leg around and brings Matthew down over his hip, Matthew’s feet remain on the ground as the move wasn’t completed. Zackiria looks at Matthew. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) Every style has its strengths and weaknesses... Zackiria brings Matthew back up and they step away from each other. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) ...That’s why it’s best to have a variety. Zackiria turns and waves in a "come here" motion off screen. The other trainees surround the area. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) We shall split into teams of two and have sparing matches. Mr. Silverstone, you can watch from the side. Matthew walks off the matted area and folds his arms. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) Tetsu and Aiden shall face Gabriel and Jessica. They step onto opposing corners. Aiden and Tetsu seem happier with the team-up than the other two. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) Fight as if you are facing an enemy, show no weakness or sympathy, do not hold back. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) Begin! Aiden dashes forward and locks Jessica in a double under hook arm hold. Tetsu and Gabriel throw heavy blow after blow at each other. Matthew walks over by Kevin. Tetsu tries a roundhouse, Gabriel ducks and hits Tetsu in the back with his forearm. After some time struggling to get out of the hold, Jessica stomps on Aiden’s foot CRUNCH, he lets her go. AIDEN Ahhh! Jessica turns and kicks Aiden in the nuts FOOMP. Aiden buckles a bit, hands over the tender area, eye’s wide. AIDEN (cont’d) Son of a... Jessica hits him with a roundhouse sending him down WHACK. Matthew leans in to Kevin. MATTHEW Remind me to stay on her good side. Kevin looks back. KEVIN As long as you return the favor. Tetsu gets Gabriel in a headlock and drives his head into the mat THUNK. Tetsu and Jessica lock eyes, she charges, Tetsu does a sidestep turn a moment before she reaches him, hooking his arm over her head, he rolls through WHAP. With Jessica landing in a seated position, Tetsu quickly stands and kicks her in the ribs HOOMPH. Both Gabriel and Jessica were down, Zackiria raises his right arm. ZACKIRIA Tetsu and Aiden are the winners. Gabriel pushes himself up to kneeling position, he lets out a disappointed sigh. He stands. Jessica also gets up into seated position, shaking her head, Gabriel walks over and extends his hand to her. Jessica slaps his hand away SMACK, and stands on her own and turns her back to him.

ZACKIRIA (cont’d) Very good Tetsu. (To Aiden) You should never give any leeway to an opponent, no matter what. They are unlikely to do the same for you. (To Gabriel and Jessica) Perhaps if you two could get along, you’d perform better. They all walk off the mat. The next two teams step in, Matthew crouches and watches intently. INT. LOUNGE - DAY Gabriel, Kevin, Jessica, Aiden and Matthew sit spread on the couches, one of the other trainees uses the elliptical. GABRIEL This training is great, I just wish I was making better progress. Kevin slaps him on the back consolingly. KEVIN Everyone has their own pace, sometimes slower is better. Matthew looks around at the group and crosses his legs. TETSU It’s a little extreme considering what I was expecting but I’ve been able to manage. JESSICA I’m too stubborn to quit. Gabriel sneers. GABRIEL Suck it up you two. You need to go at anything full force. Jessica glares at him, Tetsu blows him off. Kevin gives his brother an annoyed look. KEVIN Going full force is what got you fired as a bouncer, you nearly decked your boss. Gabriel’s sneers goes away. GABRIEL Yeah, yeah. I know. AIDEN I’ll push as hard as I need to, I want to be a cop like my dad. MATTHEW Do you really need this kind of training? For the military, maybe. AIDEN Actually at least seven current officers trained here, Matt. Matthew’s eyebrows raise in surprise, he looks to Kevin who nods as if verifying the statement. KEVIN No doubt Zack told you, he’s trying to make heroes. Matthew sticks his tongue out mockingly. MATTHEW I guess I should go get a cape. Everyone laughs lightly except Gabriel who growls a bit and gets up, he leaves the room. The trainee on the elliptical gets off and towels himself off. MATTHEW (cont’d) Does he get along with anyone? Matthew looks at Kevin. MATTHEW (cont’d) So if you’re not going to join the army police Mortal Kombat task force. Why are you here? Kevin leans back more, his face gets a little more serious but then he cracks a half smile. KEVIN I just enjoy being awesome. (beat) And sometimes a dirt bag needs his butt kicked. Matthew scoffs at him and smiles. INT. DORM ROOM - DAY One side of the room has a sock pile of TOOLS hanging from the wall and three graduation degrees. There is also is a collection of gadgets and weapons, a bow staff leans in the corner. There is a WORK BENCH and Tetsu is welding something, Aiden watches an Anime movie, Matthew stands, leaning in the doorway. Matthew looks at the two contrasting sides of the room, one side work, the other play. Matthew walks over and tries to look at what Tetsu is making. He looks at the degrees on the wall. MATTHEW So what’s a smart guy like you doing here? Tetsu remains silent and reaches for a new part. Matthew shrugs it off. Matthew’s eyes are wide with wonder as he looks at the inventions on the wall Tetsu continues to do his work without looking away. TETSU Please do not touch anything. Matthew mocks not touching while Tetsu’s back is turned and goes to watch Aiden’s show. INT. CRIME LAB - NIGHT Two techies stand by a large table with sets of SHOE PRINT IMPRESSIONS. PHOTOS of multiple tire marks through some mud hang on a GLASS WALL with PICTURES of the diseased criminals. Jack Martin walks in, he sees the photos, and one set is of the train yard the other seemed to be the docks, two different tracks.

JACK So what am I looking at here? The two techies look up at him, the darker haired one follows his gaze to the photos. They both come up to him with looks as if wanting to impress. TECHIE 1 You remember the burnt up fisherman we found the other week? The second techie walks around and points out each item as he talks. TECHIE 2 Well these foot prints and those tire marks show that our friends the Dorian brothers were at the docks. The first one points out the second tire mark photo. TECHIE 1 And these tire marks most likely belong to a large truck with a heavy load. JACK So what? Ammunition sale maybe? And our fisherman stumbles along and is killed. They nod, both looking a little too happy. TECHIE 2 More than likely. Jack circles the table looking at all the evidence before him, he looks at the techies. JACK Well, it makes sense but if they bought some high artillery, it wasn’t enough. Whomever took them down must have taken it with them, with as much money as they could grab. (beat) Still doesn’t tell us who the seller was or who killed them and if their one in the same. He looks disappointed as he walks out, the two techies lose their thrill and look at each other. INT. BASEMENT, SMALL ROOM - NIGHT There is a MAN with his hands CHAINED to the wall, Devin shocks him with a SHOCK STICK BZZZZ, Harold stands in the corner. DEVIN Tell us what you know. Devin shocks him again BZZZZ. MAN Fuck you! DEVIN Now now, that’s not nice. We know you’re a cop, how long have you been watching us? The confined police officer remains silent. Harold steps next to Devin. HAROLD He’s not going to talk. Devin turns away and paces back and forth, swinging the shock stick. DEVIN Fine. Devin pulls a GUN from the back of his belt, points it at the cop and fires BANG. The body hangs there, blood dripping from his heart. DEVIN (cont’d) We still have an advantage. (beat) We’ll be expecting them. Devin leaves the room while Harold unhooks the body, letting it drop CLUMP. INT. RISING STAR, BY THE WEIGHT ROOM - NIGHT Matthew is at the BENCH PRESS, carefully lifting around four hundred pounds. Nearby, a few feet from the entrance Zackiria paces before the Marcus brothers, Aiden and Tetsu. ZACKIRIA Two nights ago, an officer went missing. The police are obviously looking for his killer... He continues to pace, the four look at each other, they seem to be expecting something. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) ...As you know we have been given permission to deal with the low priority criminals. (beat) A rather pathetic group called the Snake gang is out there being pests that they don’t have the time to deal with... Aiden and Tetsu sigh and hang their heads, Gabriel smiles and rings his hands, Kevin is somewhat expressionless. Matthew drops the weights on the holder CLANG. He looks over to the conversation with a confused look. He walks over as Zackiria continues the talk. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) ...They shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Zackiria looks at Matthew with a cocked eye brow. MATTHEW You’re actually sending them out to fight a real gang? Zackiria turns to face him. ZACKIRIA Yes. As I said, Chief Alexander lets us do this. The training here is great but nothing compares to being in a real fight. Any time your life is on the line, you push yourself harder. Matthew seems like he wants to question it more but walks away. Zackiria turns back to the others. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) Dismissed. The four head out the exit and Zackiria goes over to Matthew who once again stands by the weight machine. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) If your still here tomorrow, you’ll have a test to complete. Zackiria walks away, his arms crossed behind him. Matthew watches him, he thinks about it for a bit and follows. EXT. STREET - NIGHT Snake, Bull and another gang member exit a small convenience store with a full bag. They run down the street knocking a man over. Kevin and the other’s watch down the street, behind a parked truck the gang is heading their way. TETSU Only three? Kevin keeps watching. KEVIN Don’t underestimate your enemy. AIDEN What are we worried about? Let’s just take’em down already. Aiden charges out from the hiding spot. TETSU Wait. Tetsu runs out as well, the Marcus brothers have an annoyed look on their faces as they follow. Snake sees Aiden coming but Aiden charges and jumps Bull with an elbow attack CRUNK, knocking him down. Aiden springs up and tries to kick the third guy, he grabs his leg and hammers at it HUNF. Manny and three other Snake gang members round a corner as the rest of Rising Star join Aiden. They are all surprised to see one another, Gabriel sneers and turns to Aiden. GABRIEL Why to go Aiden. The four go back to back as they get surrounded. Tetsu thrust kicks a thug in the gut HUMPH, then with the same leg a roundhouse to the jaw CRACK. Bull Dozzer holds his face as he gets back up, he tries to grab Kevin who performs a roll through judo throw TUMBLE. Snake gets behind one of his men and essentially pushes him into the fray. SNAKE Come on, we have the numbers advantage, use it. As Kevin stands another man comes at him, Kevin hits him with a hard Muay Thai jab, hook combo, and he goes down hard UMPH.

Gabriel has one guy in a front face lock, another clubs him on the back WUMP to little effect. Kevin grabs him in a crossface chicken wing and drags him to the ground. Gabriel takes the guy he’s holding and suplexs him over, Tetsu and Aiden have done a number of fairly light attacks in the meantime. A thug kicks at Kevin until he releases the hold, the victim lays on the ground non-the-less. Tetsu hits Kevin’s attacker with a back fist combo WOMP WOOP, Manny jumps him and clubs repeatedly GOODG until Tetsu shoves him off. Tetsu tries a thrust kick which Manny catches, Tetsu immediately does a flip kick to Manny’s jaw CRACK. Manny stumbles down and gives Snake a dirty look since he had yet to be of use.

SNAKE (cont’d) Come on, come on. I thought you guys were supposed to be tough. Kevin kicks a gang member in the knee SKRIK Gabriel whips a guy in his direction and Kevin slams him down HOOMPH. Kevin grabs the same injured leg of the other guy, pulls it out from under him FUMP, then flips over stretching the leg. Aiden finally works the kinks out of his own leg, he sees two guys lined up nice. Aiden quickly steps behind the one thug, hooking his neck, he jumps, delivering a dropkick to the second THOOM. As Aiden falls, he brings the guy he’s holding with him CRICK. Tetsu does a Hurricaneranna on yet another gang member, sending him on top of a CAR HOOD CROOM. TETSU These guys are a gluten for punishment. Kevin twists the leg of the same man he had been working. KEVIN Good thing we came along then. Gabriel hooks Bull by the head and drops him down into a BUMPER of a car DUNT. Bull crawls along and gets back up, he shakes his head. He charges Tetsu who sidesteps him, Bull charges into a LIGHT POST CLING. Snake slaps himself on the forehead. SNAKE For crying out loud. The member still rolling around, nursing his leg looks in Snake’s direction. THUG Why don’t you help then? SNAKE Why should I? I’m the leader, I have you guys to fight. ON MANNY AT A CAR Manny is bruised, he has the car door open, and he’s laying as low as he can as he starts to hot wire the car. Snake runs to the passenger side door, Bull crawls into the back, the rest of the gang continues to take the beating. One holds onto Gabriel so he can’t stop the getaway, the car drives off VROOM with another guy running behind. Kevin pursues the runner, he turns and tries to attack Kevin who ties up the arm, wraps around bringing the guy down into an arm bar. Kevin tightens the hold. THUG 2 Alright, I give up. Kevin releases and brings the man to his feet, still holding him in a half nelson. Tetsu is on the phone when Kevin brings his catch over with the other three. TETSU That’s right, four punks wrapped up for you at Paulson and Fenton. Tetsu hangs up and looks at Aiden with disappointment. Kevin shoves the man he’s holding down with the others. KEVIN This could have gone better... He also looks at Aiden. KEVIN (cont’d) Zackiria’s not going to like this. Aiden hangs his head shamefully, Gabriel crosses his arms, and the look on his face clearly shows disgust and disappointment. They wait until a COP CAR comes WOOOO. INT. CLASS ROOM - DAY There are rows of desks, Matthew and two other trainees sit spread out. A BLACKBOARD on the wall shows a number of ranging questions. A few strategic scenarios, geometry, math, word puzzles and so on. Matthew writes down on the paper, his face shows that he’s unsure, he erases it SNAP, the PENCIL breaks. Matthew sets it on the side of the desk where three other snapped pencils lay. INT. HOT ROOM - DAY The room is glowing orange, the air sizzles, the Marcus brothers, Aiden and Tetsu all hang by their legs from a bar. They are all holding LARGE WEIGHTS and sweating like mad, Zackiria stands watching them sternly. ZACKIRIA I’ve seen people knocked out with a single move, there is no reason any of those punks should have escaped yesterday. The four men strain to stay up, a few moments pass, Zackiria steadily walking and standing in front of each person. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) Maybe you’re not taking this seriously enough. You think this is some kind of game?! Are you having fun now? He leans in close to Gabriel who almost looks apologetically at him, they all merely groan a response. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) No... Zackiria leans back again. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) I didn’t think so. Zackiria waits patiently to see if anyone falls. A few more moments pass.

INT. SMALL TRAINING ROOM - NIGHT Jessica wields a SWORD, she swings it around somewhat skillfully as Matthew watches from a BENCH. After some time, she takes the sword to the bench pick up the SHEITH and puts the blade in it. She smiles over at Matthew and comes to stand in front of him. JESSICA You want to learn? Matthew looks a tad embarrassed, he turns his head away. MATTHEW Not really my thing, coming here was more for discipline than fighting. Jessica continues to smile and hand combs her hair away from her face. JESSICA Well, I can help you with meditation. Or you could get Tetsu or Zackiria. Matthew acts as if he’s thinking about that for a bit and stands. MATTHEW I think you’d be better at keeping me calm than Zackiria. She smiles again and they both head out the door. INT. FEMALE DORM ROOM - NIGHT Two BOOKCASES full of BOOKS took up nearly one whole wall, the few feminine items seemed to belong to the roommate. Jessica places the sheathed sword on a pair of HOOKS over a long table. Matthew looks around as he didn’t really see the room before, there was a BAT and UMBRELLA in a SMALL BIN. On the table was a PILE OF MAGAZINES, Jessica was on the cover of the top one. Matthew’s eyes look to the magazine and widen. MATTHEW You’re a model? Jessica looks at the magazines and blushes, she goes over and picks them up. JESSICA Yeah. She puts the magazines into a DRAWER and closes it. MATTHEW So are you training here to deal with crazed fans? Jessica laughs but then puts her index finger to her mouth and tilts her head. JESSICA Hmm. Well with some that might be necessary. Jessica walks over to a closet, she opens it, pulls out a pair of MATS and closes it again. She lays the mats out and sits on hers, crossing her legs, she pats the other mat. Matthew struggles a little to potions himself, she closes her eyes. JESSICA (cont’d) Close your eyes. Try to calm your mind and take deep breaths. He closes his eyes when told. She takes a deep breath, he does the same. JESSICA (cont’d) Consecrate on your breathing. (beat for breath) The outside world no longer exists. You hear only the sound of my voice. After several breaths Matthew peeks open an eye and looks in her direction. He watches as if waiting for her to float like before and closes the eye, facing forward. They take a few more breaths together. INT. LOUNGE AREA - DAY The room is full, everyone quality watches the news, it shows the time at six o’clock PM. The reporter gives news of three shootings, a stabbing victim who was in critical condition and a car theft. Everyone’s face looks bleak, as if hoping for at least one bit of good news. TO THE NEXT MORNING Zackiria stands in front of the black screened TV looking at Aiden, Matthew is on the next couch and looks to be uncomfortable being there. ZACKIRIA I probably shouldn’t, but I’m going to give you a chance to redeem yourself for the other day. You shall go out with Mr. Silverstone here and Jessica... Matthew looks at Zackiria, he clearly doesn’t like that plan. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) ...I hope this new team will work better for you. Zackiria nods and points in the direction of the door, Aiden quickly gets up and goes out it. Matthew is slower to respond, he looks back at Zackiria who now faces the blank TV. EXT. RISING STAR, PARKING LOT - NIGHT Kevin approaches a HYUNDAI ELLANTRA with a TAXI SIGN on top, he gets in. INT. CAR - NIGHT Kevin makes a quick inspection of his gages, an ID with his photo hangs from the REAR VIEW MIRROR. Kevin starts the car. EXT. RISING STAR, PARKING LOT - NIGHT The car pulls out onto the street, the light turns on. INT. CAR – NIGHT Kevin turns on the radio and some jazz fills the car, as he drives, he taps the wheel to the beat and hums along, he doesn’t seem to care if he picks anyone up tonight. Kevin turns the wheel to go around the next corner, still letting the music relax him. His attention is drawn to the sidewalk. Kevin pulls over and the door opens, a WOMAN, 40’s secretary look, with a SHOULDER BAG, gets in, she closes the door CLUNK. WOMAN Thank you. 75 Weston Road please. Kevin nods, he starts the meter and pulls out, he no longer hums along to the music as the woman looks at her CELL PHONE. She types in something and puts it away, now removing some paper work from her shoulder bag, Kevin keeps his eyes on the road and makes a left hand turn. After traveling the street for a bit and the woman flipped a page, she started to hum to the song herself, Kevin smiles a bit and hums too. EXT. STREETS - NIGHT THE THREE SEARCH THE STREETS, ASKING AROUND, EVEN TALK TO A COP WHO SEEMS TO BRUSH THEM OFF, FINALLY COMING TO A DELAPIDATED BUILDING WITH A PASSED OUT DRUNK GANG MEMBER OUT FRONT AND THE LOGO JUST BY THE DOOR

INT. DELAPIDATED BUILDING - NIGHT Matthew, Jessica and Aiden sneak down a garage strewn hall, graffiti marks the walls. Voices are heard down the hall in one of the rooms, through the doorway the three see six gang members. MANNY (O.S.) You are just the worst leader. The reason this gang is a joke is because of you! SNAKE (O.S.) You don’t like it? There’s the door. Matthew presses himself against the wall out of sight, he looks back at Jessica and Aiden. Matthew slides his foot back, knocking over a PIPE CLANG. SNAKE (O.S.) What was that? Matthew sighs, jumps out and charges through the door. INT. DANK ROOM - NIGHT Aiden and Jessica rush into the room, they see Matthew standing over an unconscious body. There is a DUFFLE BAG on a ROUND TABLE. Aiden hooks an incoming opponent and drops him head first into the ground KURUNK. Snake and Manny jumps out the BROKEN WINDOW and disappear. AIDEN See that? Your so called leader runs from yet another fight. (beat) Why fight for him? The gang members back away slightly and look at each other as if asking the same thing. BULL DOZZER He’s our boss, that’s why? Bull gets Aiden in a bearhug, Matthew swats away at three guys surrounding him. Aiden struggles out of the hold as Jessica fights another thug. A MAN, 30’s, has a look of a drug abuser about him comes through the window and grabs the duffel bag. Jessica looks at the man in shock. JESSICA Danny? Danny scoots back out the window, a gang member follows and soon so does Jessica. AIDEN Damn it, their getting away again. Aiden roll flips over a gang member, kicking him down to the ground as he jumps off PLUMP. Aiden goes through the window with Bull Dozzer in pursuit. MATTHEW Hold on, let’s take them together. Matthew makes quick work of the few gang members left. EXT. DARK ALLEY - NIGHT Aiden spots Manny at the end of the long alley, he runs down the alleyway. OF SNAKE HIDING BEHIND A CORNER Snake draws out a KNIFE as he hears the FOOTSTEPS coming. He springs out, Aiden gasps in shock and the knife is driver into his liver THWIK. Snake runs off toward Manny who has already disappeared, Bull slows as he passes Aiden who reaches out to him. Matthew grabs Bull by the shoulder, turns him around and punches into his ribs CRICAK. Bull goes down, gasping, Matthew scolds himself and rushes to Aiden. Matthew tries to cover the wound, he fumbles for his phone, pulling it out, and he dials BEEP BEEP BEEP EXT. EMPTY ALLEYWAYS - NIGHT Jessica is flying at low attitude, she is smiling but she forces it away. Jessica sees Danny with another girl, 30’s, short hair, plane Jane looks. Danny hands her the bag, Jessica lands, the other two aren’t particularly surprised to see her in the air. MYSTERY GIRL Another one, eh? Jessica gives her a puzzled look. JESSICA Another one? What the hell is going on Danny? Danny cowers back, behind the woman, she gives a nasty smile to Jessica. MYSTERY GIRL We saw you and your friends go into that sorry excuse for a clubhouse, he tells me you’re his sister. (beat) So we staged this little theft just for you. She playfully drops the duffle bag, suddenly she ZIPS up to Jessica and slaps her SLAP, she ZOOMS away again before Jessica can grab her. Danny looks on nervously as the woman uses speed her uncanny speed to her advantage. MYSTERY GIRL (cont’d) Do you know how many times I could have killed you then?

Jessica from kneeling position looks at Danny, her face seems to ask "why" Danny gingerly holds the other woman by the shoulder. She scowls back him, he releases but looks at pleadingly. DANNY Please. (beat) Don’t do this. She pushes him aside and walks over to the bag, picking it up, she looks back. MYSTERY GIRL Your soft Dan. The two of them make a getaway, Danny looking back with sorry expression. Jessica slowly stands, she has a look of frustration as she stands for a moment, and she walks in the other direction. INT. AMBULANCE - NIGHT Matthew looks on helplessly as the PARAMEDIC works on keeping Aiden steady, the machine BEEPS slowly. Matthew rocks back and forth, trying to keep it together when the machine flatlands EEEEE. ON MATTHEW Matthew’s expression changes as the realization of what’s happening hits him. INT. SUBWAY - NIGHT The platform has a sparse amount of people, Danny gives Sandra a cold look, and she returns it. DANNY What the hell was the point of that? Sandra turns away, she looks down the tunnel for the train and acts like she doesn’t care. SANDRA Just a little fun, don’t get so wound up. Danny looks angrily at her. DANNY That was my sister. I’m sure the boss wouldn’t like you causing trouble like this. She looks back at him as if she couldn’t care less. SANDRA As if he’d care what you have to say. Remember your place. You were nothing before (beat) (under breath) Still are. He tries to speak up but the TRAIN comes in, interrupting him, he hangs his head in defeat as they board. INT. POLICE STATION, OFFICE - NIGHT Jack sits behind a CLUTTER FILLED DESK, a FRAMED PHOTO sits on the corner. A SHELF holds books, more personal photos and awards. A LARGE BLACK OFFICER walks in and removes his hat, he stands at attention. Jack finishes writing and looks up at the man, he seems to wonder why he is silent. JACK Officer Delgado, isn’t it? DELGADO Yes sir. Still no word on Smith sir... Jack’s face becomes weary. DELGADO (cont’d) ...He must have gotten into something that got him killed, sir. Jack puts his hand to his face, elbow on the desk for balance, he messages his forehead.

JACK Damn. You may be right but it’s still not a good idea to speculate. (beat) Still have Davis follow up on it. Simply follow the trail. Observe. Nothing reckless. (beat) And keep me in the loop. Delgado salutes. DELGADO I’ll call Davis up now, sir. Delgado leaves the room, Jack shakes his head in mild amusement and returns to work. INT. RISING STAR, TRAINING SQUARE - DAY Matthew walks in and Tetsu is yelling at Zackiria. Gabriel holds Tetsu back, trying to calm him. TETSU We have to go out there. The Snake gang has to pay! ZACKIRIA No. (beat) Aiden made his mistake and payed for it, you go out looking for trouble, it’ll find you. Gabriel continues to push Tetsu back, Kevin pulls him aside and hugs him, Tetsu cries in his shoulder. TETSU It’s not fair. (beat) He didn’t need to be there... Tetsu turns back to Zackiria, the pain and anger evident on his face. TETDU ...It’s not our job to stop the criminals! Kevin takes Tetsu away, the other female trainee comes to Matthew at the door. FEMALE TRAINEE Matthew, Jessica got here before you. Zackiria kicked her out, said she deserted you. Matthew couldn’t even respond, he just walked past her. Zackiria turns to Gabriel who is now the only one still there. ZACKIRIA Maybe I should have released Aiden from here. (beat) He failed in many ways before. But I had big hopes for him. GABRIEL It’s not your fault. How could you know what would happen? Zackiria takes a few steps and sits on a BENCH nearby, he slouches over, hands in prayer in front of his face. Gabriel almost looks surprised to see his mentor this was.

GABRIEL (cont’d) If you had sent someone else, they could be dead. Zackiria puts his hands down and slowly looks up at him. ZACKIRIA Or they could have been the glue that kept everyone together and won the day. Gabriel crosses his arms, hanging his head as if thinking about that while Zackiria hangs his head again. INT. TRAINING AREA - DAY The trainees and standing in a group, Tetsu sits alone in the corner. He seems to be guarding himself, wrapped up and still showing sadness and anger, he refuses to make eye contact with Zackiria. Zackiria is in front of a PODIUM with a WIRE sticking out of the top.

ZACKIRIA Pain is like fear. It’s a matter of choice. You can stand and face it... He grabs hold of the wire which SHOCKS him, his face is still as stoic as ever. (beat) He releases. ZACKIRIA (cont’d) ...Or you can sit and cry. (beat) So who is the master? And who the slave? Gabriel cringes a bit but steps up, everyone else seems displeased. Tetsu gets up from the corner and stands beside Gabriel, he looks at Zackiria definitely. INT. POLICE STATION, DEPLOYMENT ROOM - DAY Fifteen OFFICERS sit in desks, POLICE CHIEF JOSEPH ALEXANDER, 40’s, withered face, at the front. Lieutenant Martin leans on the back wall. The board has pictures of men loading crates or driving, a photo of Devin has a question mark by it. All are chatting or arguing. CHIEF ALEXANDER Listen up people... Everyone becomes quite. CHIEF ALEXANDER (cont’d) ...We lost more of our own last night because we underestimated who we were up against. We will not make that mistake EVER again. We’re going after them. (beat) Hard. (beat) Tonight. (beat) Get out there and talk to your informants, any other lowlife looking for some slack. Like it or not I will be calling Zackiria for backup.

They all groan. They get up and file out, Chief Alexander turns to the wall with pissed off determination. Martin steps to the center of the room. JACK Joseph. Chief Alexander turns still with the angry look in his eyes. CHIEF ALEXANDER Not now Martin. JACK You rely too heavily on Zackiria and his students, you need to have faith that our men can do the job. Chief Alexander stomps towards him and shoves his finger in Martin’s chest, Jack looks down at the finger, annoyed. CHIEF ALEXANDER You need to understand how good those guys are, many of them might end up here anyway. Jack pushes Joseph aside and walks to the door, he looks back and Joseph is once again looking at the board. Jack has a look of slight disappointment on his face before he leaves. EXT. WHEREHOUSE DISTRICT - NIGHT Matthew, Tetsu and the Marcus brothers sit on a ledge, Tetsu holds a BO STAFF. He is also wearing an ANIME T-SHIRT, the others look at him with mild concern. ELEVEN OFFICERS retrieve gear from the back of an ASSULT TRUCK. They barely even look in the direction of the other four. The TEAM LEADER, a man I’m his 40’s, scar over his right eye, thick jaw, comes over, his face shows no respect or emotion. TEAM LEADER There may be a few of our guys who trained at your school but I don’t care. We still have authority here, we’re in charge. You’re our backup. That means you follow. Keep your head down, mouth shut and eyes open. He turns and walks away, after a beat Tetsu looks at his comrades. TETSU What? We don’t get a gun or anything? Vests would be nice. Kevin gathers us together in a huddle. KEVIN Ok, they don’t want us here and it’s not like we volunteered our time but we’re here. And we’re going to make that count for something. We’re going to go take care of business and you know what else? We’re going to be freaking awesome about it. The other three couldn’t help but crack a smile as they break out of the huddle and make their way to the police unit. INT. WEREHOUSE, LONG HALL - NIGHT A MAN, 40’s, five-o-clock shadow, wearing black fatigues, walks down the hall. He carries an AK-47 and is smoking. A pair of arms reach out from behind a corner as he passes. One hand disarms the man, the other blocks his mouth before he can scream. The OFFICER, 50’s, graying hair, puts him in a sleeper hold and drags him off. The team leader moves in and carefully looks around, he gives a signal and the rest of the men make their way down the hall. Kevin and Gabriel follow from a fair distance, one of the officers, a man in his late 20’s looks back at them with disgust. YOUNG OFFICER You boy’s stay back and let the real men do the work. Matthew, keeping low, jogs up to the brothers as the officer moves forward. MATTHEW Making friends are we? Kevin smiles back at him but Gabriel isn’t as amused and keeps moving. INT. WAREHOUSE, STORAGE AREA - NIGHT Devin watches his men load a TRUCK with more CASES from the upper level. DEVIN We need to get this shit out of here. A RED LIGHT blinks near a MONITORING STATION, EHHH the BUZZER sounds. OF MONITORS An open area full of EMPTY SHELVES, several police officers walk past them. DEVIN (TO HIS MEN) Their here. Get ready. John opens a case and pulls out an ASSULT RIFLE. JOHN Come on coppers, it’s time to play. The other men, TENTY THREE in all, arm themselves and find a hiding spot. One man takes out a MACHETE and glides his finger along it with a grin. ON LARGE DOUBLE DOORS INTO ROOM The doors fling open WOODGE, the officer with the BATTERING RAM drops it, quickly runs through and behind a PILLAR where he draws his GUN. Five more officers rush in and find cover, the other men taking shots at them and failing to hit BANG, PING. Devin climbs down a LADDER and takes a position by the truck. The tires are shot out. More officers come through the door, guns are going off in all directions BANG. INT. WAREHOUSE, OUTSIDE STORAGE - NIGHT Kevin, Gabriel and Matthew exchange concerned glances, Tetsu holds a tight grip of his staff, and he wipes some SWEAT from his forehead. TETSU They want us to go in there? The same young officer looks back at the four with the same dirty look. YOUNG OFFICER Come on. You guys are the Rising Stars, you’ve trained for this. He charges into the room, Gabriel snarls a bit. INT. WAREHOUSE, STORAGE AREA - NIGHT The shooting continues BANG, one of the crewmen is down with a COLLAR SHOT. The young officer goes in shooting wildly BANG, BANG, POP. BLOOD splits from the hole now in the officers head, he goes down and his eyes are lifeless. Three of the crewmen and two officers are in a fistfight out of range of the gunfire. Harold approaches two officers hiding behind a CRATE near the door, he sneaks up carrying a PIPE, and he gets ready to swing. Kevin slides in, hooks under Harold’s swinging arm and flips him over, he takes the pipe I’m mid-town THUMP. Kevin sprints up and cracks another crewman in the face with the pipe CLANK, he’s out cold. Kevin dives behind a wall and is soon joins by his brother, they give each other a determined nod. The shooting dies down, three more thugs are down with GUNSHOT WOUNDS and an officer holds his bleeding arm. TEAM LEADER Give up, will you? Devin regroups with John and another grunt. DEVIN Oh you’d like that wouldn’t you? (beat) Make things easier for you? Devin points out an unguarded back doorway to his men. A group of ten, including Harold who had gotten back up, surround the Marcus brothers, they wield CHAINS, CLUBS and KNIVES and other weapons. The one with the machete waves it at Kevin with delight. He swings the machete in a downward ark, Kevin dodges with ease, he kicks the arm holding the weapon which he drops CLANG, Kevin punches him in the face. Gabriel head-butts an incoming 2x4, it breaks, CRACK, but he’s not dazed. Kevin has the guy who use to have the machete in a hammerlock, he spins over and around him while kicking another perp WHICKET, Gabriel throws the guy still holding the bits of wood aside HOOF. Kevin knees the man he has in the arm lock in the gut GUNK, and shoves him aside, both Kevin and Gabriel dodge a chain swing SWOOSH and both punch the one who used it DOONF. The others circle around for positions. The brothers docee-do each other and do separate kick attacks to surrounding men FOOSH, Kevin gets hit with a kick to the back as he gets up PUMP, Gabriel hooks him in a full nelson, Kevin punches him POW, Gabriel does a full nelson slam WHOOM. Kevin gets another guy in a judo style headlock take over PUDOO, Gabriel is clubbed in the back with a bar twice FOOMP, FUMP, when the guy tries again, Gabriel grabs it and throws it away CLANG. The brothers perform a double suplex on the clubber WAPOO, Kevin sweeps a guy coming to stomp him FWIK, he stands as another attacker comes from the other side, and Kevin does a judo arm throw THAWUMP. Gabriel dodges the chain again and hits the thug holding it with an uppercut DUUF, Kevin leapfrogs Gabriel and kicks the guy as he’s going down BIFF. Another thug swings a bat at Gabriel who swipes it away and WHACK, hits the would-be slugger in the knee, he gets him in a headlock and swings him into a dazed opponent. Kevin hooks and wrenches the arm of an attacker, trips him and rolls over into a fireman’s carry, he drops the man’s face into his knee KAPOW. The group are becoming frantic, trying to make what’s left of their numbers advantage count for something, they gather together, all but one. Gabriel swings the bat into the gut of the loner HOOF, and hooks him in an abdominal stretch, Kevin kicks the held guy as three of the huddled group charge, and Kevin hits one with a back elbow WACK. The two brothers grab him and use him as a human spear against the others FALUMP, Gabriel pulls Kevin out of the way of a pipe being swung by the one guy left standing. Kevin back kick’s him KRACK, and does another judo throw FLOOP. They look around at the bodies as all seems quiet for a few seconds, then Harold delivers a rising knee to the back of Gabriel. Kevin jumps at him and brings down a powerful punch BAFF, and finishes him off with a high Knee. ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM (Tetsu takes out six with his staff) Tetsu looks at his staff as if studying it. Matthew peaks out from a pillar close to the door, he seems quite satisfied not having to get involved. BEHIND MATTHEW, TOWARDS BACK DOOR Matthew sees three men heading to the door and out, Matthew looks around, no one is near him or otherwise preoccupied. Matthew moves to the door. EXT. ALLEYWAY BEHIND WAREHOUSE - NIGHT The ground is strewn with garbage there is a DUMPSTER not quite against the wall. Devin swings his SHOCK STICK at Matthew, Matthew avoids the first hit VEEW. Devin swings again VEEW and again BZZZ it makes contact. Devin keeps swinging BZZZZ, BZZZ, VEEW. On the next swing Matthew grabs the stick BZZZZZ, Matthew thrusts a palm into Devin’s chest WICKOOM sending him flying into some CARDBOARD BOXES FOONF. Matthew snaps the weapon in his hands CRACK and tosses the parts aside. MATTHEW Huh. John and the other grunt start shooting at Matthew from down the alley, BANG, BANG, Matthew ducks behind the dumpster. BANG CLANG, BANG CLANG, Matthew shoves the dumpster into them RRRCURUNCH. They slam into the wall and collapse. Devin gets up from the boxes, he looks hatefully at Matthew. DEVIN Think you’re special?... His hands clutch and begin to course with ELECTRICITY CURKZZ. DEVIN (cont’d) ...You’re nothing! Matthew has a look of mild surprise and concern on his face. MATTHEW Well, that’s going to suck... Matthew looks determined as Devin closes in. MATTHEW (cont’d) …But it won’t help. Devin throws an electrified punch CRAZZK, The two go into a test of strength, Devin shocking Matthew while in the hold ZZT. Matthew pushes him back, Devin rolls a few feet away and stands. Devin throws a BOLT at Matthew CACHOOM, Matthew flattens himself to the ground and avoids being hit. MATTHEW (cont’d) I’ve had enough of that, thanks. Matthew jumps back up, Devin hurls another punch, and Matthew pulls his head back, dodging. Matthew shoulder tackles Devin into the wall CLUNK, Devin falls to his knees, he looks dizzy and passes out. Matthew puffs a breath, the resolution wasn’t up to his expectations. He checks Devin for a pulse and notices a CRACK in the wall, Matthew returns to the door, sticking his head in. MATTHEW (cont’d) Yo, I got a few out here. Matthew goes over to the dumpster and with one hand, pulls it away, he checks on the other two. INT. WAREHOUSE, STORAGE AREA - NIGHT The police have seventeen of the men sitting huddled back to back, all handcuffed. They grumble a bit as Kevin, leaning against a wall tries not to look cocky. The team leader shoves Devin down by the rest of his men and slowly looks at each of the Rising Star members. He nods in appreciation to Kevin and walks over to his men, they had laid out nine bodies. They look at the bodies on the ground, a large space between the three cops and six criminals. All with multiple BULLET WOUNDS. Other officers suffer non-life threatening injuries. INT. ZACKIRIA’S OFFICE - DAY Zackiria sits at his desk, Matthew, Tetsu and the brothers stand I’m front of it. Gabriel is at attention, Kevin stands with his arms crossed, and the other two were more relaxed. Tetsu has quite a bit of distain on his face. ZACKIRIA You are to be commended on a job well done. Tetsu grumbles. TETSU As if you really care, we’ve been thrown into these situations we have no business in for too long. I appreciate the training but I think I need to go on my own. Tetsu leaves the room, Kevin and Matthew look at him, as if wanting to stop him but seeing he made up his mind. They turn back and Zackiria has closed his eyes, he opens them again and shoos the three men away. EXT. RISING STAR, ROOF - DAY Matthew sits at the edge of the roof looking out at the city. MATTHEW I can’t believe it, but this place actually helped a lot. He continues to sit looking out, he picks up a TIM HORTON’S COFFEE CUP and drinks from it. He holds the cup in his hand, taking note that his grip is just right and smiles. He watches the sky for no particular reason. FADE OUT FADE IN MAYORAL CAMPAIGN ADD FOR KOSH LYSON, 40’S, RUSSIAN, DARK HAIR, SMOOTH LOOKS, WEARING A SUIT FADE OUT

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