Fashion Trends of 2005

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What was hip in the middle of the 2000s? Had fashion evolved and somehow become it's own? Or were we still borrowing trends from the decades gone by?
Here I'll analyze some trends that were common in the year 2005-as seen on the street, in high school and college, and fashion magazines and catalogs.

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017



I'd say that one thing that we first started seeing in 2005 (that we hadn't really seen earlier) was the use of "distressed" denim jeans.  By distressed I mean the jeans were ripped in strategic places.  True, this trend was not particularily new (remember the grunge look of the early 1990s?).  It was more of a revisit in 2005.  You'd even find tips in magazines on how to distress your denim yourself.  All you needed was a cheese grater.

Around this time we also saw a lot of shrugs and cropped jackets (or were they called boleros?)  They were often paired with a longer length camisole or t-shirt.  I recall a lot of sequi-trim camisoles, tho sometimes they were lace-trim rather than sequin trim.  And the t-shirts were fun stuff to see.  It was common to find them in cute prints that were labeled "vintage t's" because they were usually in a heathered hue and had logos like "Coke", "Wonder Bread" and "Blow Pop".

One of my favorite things from 2005 were the shirt dresses.  Shirt-dresses were comfortable, usually belted and looked darn good on most body types.  Another favorite were the short sleeved sweaters that you could pair over a long sleeve top.  These sweaters were typically button front or open, but could also come closed.  Either way they looked good.  The sweater vests were also hot in 2005.

The "Boho" look that had begun earlier (sometime in 2002-2003) was still popular in 2005.  You'd still find women donning the peasant blouses or otherwise flowy tops reminicent of the 1970s, you'd see the long length prairie skirts and the bangles.  But this look was on its way out.

Other looks you'd see in the year 2005 included the hobo bags, blouses with appliques, the "tier" skirt. seersucker fabric, skinny stripes, jewel tones, bows, embroidered sashes, lacy boleros, fur lined boots and metallics.

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