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This 'short story' is a brief belief of mine and how I feel I want to live my life. This is a work in progress and I hope to carry this on to show people how I choose to live my life .xo.

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017



I am destined for more. Much more. I refuse to be another fellow citizen who plays by the rules, working hard and paying bills. Merely living just to survive this life we destined for. I want more. Much more. I want to feel alive. I want to feel accomplished in this life, and I am not going to be capable of these feelings if I play by the rule book. I need more. I need adventure, risk, excitement and danger. I want to live the life everybody dreams of living but was always afraid to. I refuse to lay on my death bed expressing my regrets to the later generation, explaining how you should never be afraid to pursue your dreams. I refuse to be the next example of what NOTto do with your timely life. If you want something, hold on to it. Never let go of what you dream of doing.

You shouldn’t live a life that is build around pleasing other people. You were brought in this life naked and alone and the only thing that matters when you’re lying on the death bed is not what people thought of you, but how they remember you. Be remembered as the one person that took risks to better their own life, not the one who walked on eggshells to please everyone. Create your own destiny and leave everyone behind who believes otherwise.



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