A Girl

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Don't you try so hard to fit in and certainly don't try to be a different Just try to be you, because that is what makes you ...you one out of millions.

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017




A Girl


Don't you try so hard to fit in and certainly don't try to be a different Just try to be you, because that is what makes you ...you one out of millions.


Certainly, boys don't care much about how they look, like girls do and almost every girl has the insecurity of how they look.  And I will not blame you for that, I mean I have insecurity too but in times like that, we have to remind ourselves that we are beautiful no matter what anyone says or thinks about us. And we should also remind ourselves that beauty is not just about how we look, but what is in the heart?  Every girl is beautiful in her own way, sometimes it just takes the right guy to see it. Don't be afraid to find your own way to know who you are, I am going to do what I want to do, I am going to be who am, you are stronger than you know or more than you think. How do you measure perfection anyway, is it based on our weight size or height, I think everyone's definition of perfect cause we are all perfect in our own ways.


She got the eyes of innocence the face of an angel, a personality of a dreamer and a smile that hide a lot of pain than you can imagine. A girl hides a lot of pain inside she just pretends, like everything's okay but inside she is sad,  hurt, angry, mad and disappointed,  you know girls tell themselves I will put a smile and move on, it will hurt but I will survive. People believe that but one thing that, I think everyone should understand is that, just because some girls eyes don't fear, doesn't mean her heart doesn't cry.  The prettiest smile hides the deepest secret...the prettiest eyes have cried lot tears, the kind heart has felt a lot of pain. You know what girls think, smiling is a lot easier than explaining, why you are sad.


Pretty girl wants to be more than just a  face. Indie girl wants to belong someplace.Broken girl wants to be looked in the eyes. Silly girl wants to hear when they cry, cause every girl dream to be love.


Isn't easy second-guessing, you are sitting on the fence, so told but if were are confessing, you are not so different not at all.

Supergirl still needs a hand to hold, sometimes girls pretend that they are okay but they are dying from the inside,  maybe just hoping someone could see it.


Sometimes all you want is just to be you, not to change because of someone. I just want to be me,  it all about I just wanna be myself when you smile but you wanna cry, when you talk it actually you want to be quiet, you pretend that you are happy but you ain't. It time to let go of what people think you should be and just be yourself. Because the real people will like you for you. Well, I can't tell you the key to success but they key of failure is when you try you please everyone, and if you can make everyone in this world happy.  I am sure of one thing that you are not happy. Not everyone will like you, I have learned that in this world some people will hate you and some will love you for you, and if someone's hate you who cares, you can't please everyone and you have to accept that fact,  you don't live to please other people. You live to please yourself...


Nothing defines like who you are as a person. Okay, girls let be honest they are a lot of things that insecure us especially our body, we want to become as the internet describes or defines a beautiful body is when you are skinny, hight, ass, legs, name it. They are many things a girl can be insecure, but this is the truth. One thing that you have to be sure of is that everyone has insecurities, and a the end of the day those people who you look at, saying

I want to be like that,

I want to like her I want to have a face like hers.

In the end, they are just insecure as you are, just like you.

You know that thing is that doesn't define you, you are not defined by your weight, height, size, you are not defined by the kind of makeup you wear, you are not defined by how many followers you have on Instagram or any other social media. There is nothing that defines you better than who you are as a person.  You know, there are things you do people like and they are things you do people don't like. I mean that just how the world works you can't please everybody. You can't just appeal to everybody you just can't, don't place your values on what you look like that, not where it lies. Who you are on the inside defines you.


Just be you and make yourself happy trying to love yourself and making happiness means loving yourself being less concentrated approval of others, don't feel scared of being different.  I think I will be scared if I am like everyone else because that what is so special about me, you should heart you



So what if someone is skinnier or has cheekbones or more followers on Instagram, who cares?

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves,  it okay not be perfect how do you measure perfection anyway, I think perfection is a myth and we shouldn't have to measure up to media features. everyone's definition of perfect.


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