See No Evil

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Nichi Botsu

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017



Nichi Botsu

Nichi Botsu groaned and walked herself back to her prison cell. She waited for it to get dark out until she spoke to a guard by her cell. “Hey,” She whispered.

The guard didn’t flinch.

“So do you like.. live here? Cause you’ve been standin’ here for... hours.” the guard didn’t respond and Nichi sighed. She felt around on the back of her neck, she’d installed a virus chip in her neck when she was very small, assuming something like this would happen at a very young age. She assumed they’d already checked her camera and that the file was already on his computer, now all she needed to do was make it a virus. She examined her nails, seeking the sharpest one, which would hurt the least, and felt her neck again. She groaned in pain, covering her mouth to muffle the grunts and growls. She started to scratch her neck viciously, back and forward, faster, faster, until she thought she almost cried. She picked and pinched and

sliced until she felt liquid, warm, red liquid. She had installed it in her neck that very place because she knew it would bleed the least when she took it out. She patted her neck and whispered, “Good job, you did a very good job.” She then shifted her attention onto the guard, looking for his computer, then she spotted it, just lying there, just for her. She crouched down, making the noise as little as possible, and slipped the chip into the hard drive. Waited. Beeped. Waited. Just 15 more seconds. Just a little while longer. Stay distracted for a little while longer. A final beep. Done. She had done it. Now that she knew he’d uploaded it, she slipped the virus in. He would have no reason, not to click it, instead, his uncontrollable stupidity would lead him to do just that, then she smiled and took it out. The intercom blasted through loudspeakers in her cell.

“Everyone, your shift is over, you may rest at your desks, but remember, it’s the Empress’s orders that you still keep watch on the prisoners, but you may sit down for a bit and eat.”

Aces, it was annoying. The guard next to her cell left, taking his computer with him. She sat down and stared at him out of the corner of her eye. He opened the computer and looked surprised. He then glanced behind him, to make sure no one was looking, then in the nick of time, “He fell for the bait.” Nichi snickered. ?

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