See No Evil

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Nichi Botsu

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017



Nichi Botsu

window there’s a window. Nichi tiptoed over to the open window, purple curtains glistening in the moonlight, and held onto the railing. She closed her eyes, then peeked to see a long way down.

“It could always be worse.” she reminded herself. Then she heard a knock on the door.

“Empress, are you in here? I thought you were dealing with some political issues with the rest of the court,” Nichi groaned and smacked her head against the window seal. “Your Majesty, may I come in?” no answer...

She gripped it tight and flung herself over, underneath the window, being held barley by some bricks in the wall.

“You’re an idiot,” she told herself. Then she saw, a couple feet below her, another window. “Possible ways I’m going to die; either, I fall and die, I get caught by her royal guard by staying here, and get shot, or even better, I could be executed by the empress herself! Oh, but the last one is great, I could get down to that here window and someone could be in there, kill me, which one to choose, so many possibilities, and they’re all so nice.” She held back a sigh. “Darn it!!” she sung with no tune whatsoever.

She closed her eyes, breathed in and then exhaled, in, out, in out, and then she placed her foot on top of the window beneath her. The window was finely decorated, with small detailed designs, if only she had time to admire it, hadn’t it have been for her life or death situation. She slipped through the window, feet first and scanned the room. “You’ve gotta be kidding me.” Nichi let out a sigh. A woman wearing a glittery royal blue dress and blonde hair that held tight ringlets down to her waist stood wide-eyed at her. “Please don’t hurt me.” she pleaded.

“I like it when you beg,” Nichi taunted, she knew it was cruel, but she hadn’t ever had control of anything, and it felt good for once, this beautiful girl wasn’t on her side, so it mattered not what she said to her.

“But, as much as I don’t want to hurt you, I mean you’re not on my side, so how will I know you won’t tattle on me?” Nichi smirked, and knocked the girl on her head. She squealed and fell to the floor. Then she fainted. “That was easier than I had hoped.” Nichi brushed herself off and trotted to the dresser.

“It’s illegal to steal.” The girl spoke barley.

“I’m not stealing. I’m borrowing something, I swear I’ll return it.” Nichi waved her hands around emphasizing her point. “Let’s see what I need here...” Nichi made a list in her brain.

a weapon of some sort. Preferably a handgun, but I seriously doubt she’ll have one in here just laying around...

A knock on the door.
“For the love of...
Again?“ Nichi groaned.

“Mariam Leadeth? Are you still in here? I had sworn you were done cleaning a long time ago.” The voice spoke. Nichi burst into laughter.

“Wait, you’re a maid? Why are you wearing one of the Empress’s dresses?” Nichi swiped at a tear. The girl swept some hair behind her ear and blushed. “I- I was just playing dress up.” She pouted. Nichi’s smile disappeared. Nichi grabbed the girl’s chin and said into her ear, “If you say a word about me, I will kill you. Understand pumpkin?” The girl’s response was barely a squeak, “Y-yes I-“ she was cut off by the door bursting open. Nichi rolled her eyes at the armed guard. His hand was on his holster ready to fire. He had blonde hair that fell over his left eye and a smooth, shiny face.

“You’re supposed to be in your cell, let me direct you there Miss... Miss. Botsu.” Nichi slowly rose, and then suddenly grabbed his wrist, which was quite larger than hers and twisted it behind his back.

“No thank you.” Nichi smiled a devilish smile. The guard smirked and took his gun from his holster with his free hand, distracted by his sudden movement she had been tripped by his left leg sliding under her calf. “Ouch,” Rubbing her head, she sprung up again, and threw a punch at his face. His hand came superhuman fast in front of his face and blocked her punch, grasping her fist in his.

“You’re good, but not wonderful,” he said. She got up slowly and said with a smile, “I’m fantastic~” she responded. She kicked him in his stomach, wiping the blood from her lip she glared at her now bloodied hand. Now that he was down she quickly ran over to him and held his hands behind his back. He struggled and broke

out of her hold, he tackled her to the floor and punched her in the stomach, while he still had some mercy left in his heart, Nichi was relentless and kept punching him. He soon became sick of it and he grabbed his gun from his holster and aimed it at her forehead, but at the same time, Nichi grabbed one of the guns from his belt and aimed it at his.

“You shoot me, I shoot you. We’ll both be dead.” His eyes widened and then shut slowly, he furrowed his eyebrows in annoyance.

“You’re annoying.” He said.

“I know~ I also know that you’ll get picked on when they find out you’ve been beaten by a girl.” She said.

“You haven’t beaten me.” He responded. Click “I have, actually.”

His eyes got big, and he groaned. She had handcuffed him. He smirked at her and she crawled out the window. ?

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