See No Evil

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Jack

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017




Hand trembling, Jack stared at his stolen hand. “How...” Jack started.

“Good, okay, that works, no need to worry though, the test that usually kills is in the making so you can test it out tomorrow, no one will be praying for you, so it will be a quick and easy death for you.” the doctor smiled showing crooked, creepy, and blackened teeth.

“You’re sick,” Jack said it with no emotion, for his fear was now dissolved. “Is there anyone else here that’s suffering like me?” Jack asked, trying to sound brave.

Suffering? you’re far from suffering. But yes, there are, in fact, you can meet one right now. We’re testing the one that usually kills patients today and we can go and watch, the results are usually quite amazing, anyways, the girl’s name is Dakugure. She’s a pretty little thing, so I’m excited to see how ugly this machine can make her. Let’s go, come on.” The doctor smiled again and drifted his attention to the machine attached to Jack’s arm.

Follow me, now.“ his body moved without his command, he was following the doctor with no question.

“Stop- this-please...” Jack pleaded.

“Hush now. Only a little further.” Jack followed to a room with a chair, just a normal wooden chair, an innocent wooden chair filled with lies and murder. A beautiful girl with skin as white as snow and hair as black as night, that fell to her waist in a thick strait motion, her eyes, icy blue, rimmed with black eyelashes that framed them perfectly, Jack had never seen such beautiful eyes, she had thick bangs that didn’t take any thickness away from the rest of

her hair and a little nose that tilted elegantly. She was truly made with perfection. Her eyes were filled with hatred and she struggled behind her bound hands. Some doctors in long white coats threw her on the wooden chair and tied it tight around her stomach. The doctors stuck a needle in her elbow and she flinched.

“Close your eyes and then touch them.” Said one of the doctors, like it was a habit to say such controlling words. The girl touched her eye with an irritated look on her face.

“Now, for the moment of truth,” the doctors paused.

“You must feel like your eye hurts, your eye hurts like it has sand in it.”

The girl shrieked in pain.

“This isn’t supposed to happen, it’s only sand! Shut everything down! Now!!” The girl kept screaming, strings of saliva hung from her teeth. Her hand slowly rose, up to her eye, and she rubbed her eye viscously, back and forward, back and forward. Her hands went deeper into the socket, she was still screaming when blood spurred from her eye. A vein hung out of her eye and she ripped it out with a tug, “She ripped her eye out?!?!?” yelled one of the doctors. Jack had no words, he couldn’t move to help her, he couldn’t scream like the scream that was burning inside him, waiting to be released. The girl fell back in her chair. Doctor Maki took Jack’s hand and led him out of the room, in a rushing voice, he said, “That usually happens, don’t worry. She’ll be dead within hours.”

“What did you do to her?!?” Jack finally managed to say. 


(Note: Dakugure is pernounced; (Dakoo-goo-ray) Now, say that super fast! :D

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