See No Evil

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Dakugure

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017




Dakugure woke up in a cell. She opened her eyes slightly adjusting to the light. She glanced down at her legs. White bandages, drizzled with red wrapped tight around her shins. Her arms too, were covered in these bandages. Oh how she hated them.

“Stop looking at me like that!” she yelled at them. They didn’t speak. “Answer me!!” She ripped them off aggressively and threw them across her cell, watching them flutter down, with their light weight, they practically flew. She looked at them and slowly tip toed towards them, almost like she was scared. She glared at them. Then, as quick as light she kicked and stomped and punched and pounded them. The enemy was down. Then, she walked back to her bed. It was metal, with barely a sheet for

warmth. Then, in the darkness and sadness of this all, she started to sing, cocking her head back and forth to the rhythm, “Red like roses fill my dreams and lead me to the place you sleep.” she sung.

“Thank you for understanding, friends,” She spoke to the bandages.

“But I still don’t forgive you.” She grabbed onto the cold metal bars of her cell and sunk down, crying with the one eye she still had, a woman rounded the corner. It was outside her cell of course. She was beautiful. Her eyes were big and round, but still tilted elegantly at the corners, her pupils were like black discs set into white sockets. Her lips, full and as red as blood. Her skin, as white and clear as snow. Her chin had a point but was not too sharp. And her hair was jet-black, it was held in some type of hairstyle she couldn’t quite describe, but curls and loops and twists held in her beautiful silky hair like iron. A single red flower lay behind her small ears, and two men stood beside her. The right, was taller than the woman, with a pointed chin and black rimmed glasses, a blue earring dangled from his left ear, while the left guard had blonde hair and a blue earring dangled from his right ear.

“Red like roses fill my dreams and lead me to the place you sleep.” The woman spoke in a meek voice, but it was beautiful and elegant at that.

“What an interesting thought.” she continued, increasing the beauty in her voice. “What happened to your eye,

young one?” her voice was high in pitch and fragile, as she held Dakugure’s chin.

They did this.“ She pointed to one of the guards. “Oh? I am sorry to hear that.” She turned around and

glanced at one of the guards. “Did you do this to her?”

“No my empress.” Said the guard with the glasses. The woman glanced back at Dakugure.

“Have you lied to me?”
“No! He did it I promise!” “Then I shall have him punished.” “NO! I want to punish him!”

“So be it.” The small woman grabbed the guard’s ear and grabbed his key chain. “Open the cell.” Dakugure jumped in excitement.

Click Open Freedom

“Oh, no revenge is much more important.” Dakugure clapped her hands and the small woman threw the man into her cell, locking it behind her.

“Enjoy.” The woman spoke again. She rounded the corner and was no longer visible. The one guard still following her was quivering. Dakugure glanced at the man. His black hair was now a mess, he was sweating and his dark pools of eyes were filled with fear.

“Would you like to be my friend?” Dakugure knelt down on both of her knees, clasping her hands and begging with excitement and hunger in her eyes.

“O-okay.” the man spoke barley. Then, his fear dissolved and he poked the bandages in the corner.

“I said don’t touch those!!” Dakugure screeched.

“You never said such a thing.” the man hesitated, and then Dakugure ran after him, pounced on top of him and started to claw. The man screamed and to her delight, blood started to come out of his face.

“What happened to your face?” She yelled in his ear.

“What happened to your beautiful face?!?!?!” She screamed and ripped his eyes out with her sharp nails. The man stopped moving. and his now black and bloody sockets remained dead.

“I’m done now.” Dakugure smiled and propped the dead body up against the wall.

“You look much happier now. And look at how quiet you are. So pleasing.” 

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