See No Evil

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Nichi Botsu

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017



Nichi Botsu

She looked around.

“Stores, stores, stores...” she glanced at the nearest market. Then, she glanced at her gun.

“You know I could just....” She grinned and pulled the gun out of her jeans. She put her hand on the trigger, held it against the molded window, and shot. The fire ringed in her ears, echoing in the back of her skull. Everything was mute other than the long, monotone ring in her head. She climbed through the window, again, with no audio, and saw that everything had been ransacked. That ugly green couch, destroyed, she was surprised it was still there, despite the state it was in. The fan was slowly spinning, she spotted a lamp, which held barely a flicker, and lastly, a framed photo of her and Jack in it, usually placed on her nightstand was pinned on the wall, with a little cut-out of Jack’s face.

“Jack.” her voice broke. She yanked the photo off of the wall ripping the hole made by the pin. The pin clattered to the ground. She ran to the phone, the white, old, dusty phone that clung to the wall to their apartment, was now, dare she say it- useful. She grabbed the phone and tried to remember their number. It was unknown. She could trace it. She looked for any recent messages and soon found one from “unknown”.

“You’ve made this easier than I expected.” she grinned at the phone and slammed it down on the counter. Soon, a monotone voice spoke.

“Recording 3:45” the phone spoke, in the dead silence, she heard something that was sickening.

“HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” screams. There were screams coming out of that phone, terrible, blood-curdling ones.

“Where’s Nichi?!?! Where am I?” It was Jack’s voice, her Jack, scared and alone... She hung up the phone before it was done. She’d heard enough. ?

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