See No Evil

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Jack

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017




“She’s done it.” Dr. Maki spoke, rubbing his hands together, staring endlessly at his computer.

“She’s done what?”

“She escaped prison. And now, look at her, so meek, listening to your cries, she’s probably heartbroken.”


Dr. Maki trotted over to his computer, opened a file and played a video, it was bad quality and looked like it was being filmed from behind something like it was being secretly videotaped. There was no sound, but Jack saw it. He saw Nichi’s horrified face, holding the phone up to her ear, listening to something horrific.

“Would you like to know what she was listening to?”

Maki ignored him, “Your cries.”

“NO!” He yelled.”Leave her alone! Kill me! Experiment on me!” He screamed until his sobs were aching in his throat, a pounding headache, dried tears, and heat from his eyes.

Dr. Maki picked up a cell phone and started to dial.

“Hello?” Jack heard a little voice from the phone. It was Nichi’s.

“Hi.” Maki replied.

“I was hoping you would call me, I need the coordinates, again.” Nichi's voice spoke through the phone. 

“Go to “Farms Bakery”.” 


“Then, tell the clerk you need to speak with the manager.”

“What is this? Do you want me to pick up a beagle for you?”

Maki ignored her “Then, tell him that Goldfish drink water.”

“Then I’ll tell him that Unicorns are plotting world domination, right?”

“You could, but then you’d sound like an idiot.” “As if I won’t already.”

“You won’t. Next, he’ll say, “But did you know that Zebras are horses?”

“Is that it?”
“Then you say “Umbrella.”
“Fine. Goodbye, craziness.”
Jack heard the beep of the phone and Dr. Maki set the

phone down.
“She’s fallen right into my trap. Stupid girl.” “What?!?! No!”


“Today we have a meeting.” Dr. Maki spoke quietly wrapping Jack’s bruised elbow.

“A- A what?” Jack asked, confused.

“A meeting. Where everyone gets put to use. I have a uniform for you and everything.” Maki held up a sky blue jumpsuit, with a sewed on black cheap belt, rolled up sleeves, and a crest on the left breast pocket. It showed a symbol, looking a bit like a leaf, maybe a heart...

“Oh, yay, costumes, I’ve been waiting for you to admit you wanted to play dress up with my beautiful body soon,” Jack smirked and waved his hands in the air, enthusiastically. Maki rolled his eyes and tossed Jack his “costume.”

“Gee, thanks.” Jack caught it. 

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