See No Evil

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - Jack

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017




“Hurry up in there, you’re taking forever to change.” Maki scolded, sprawled out on an office chair, white coat in all, chewing on a stick. Jack emerged from the “dressing room” which was actually just a closet full of files, the one luxury though, was that it had a single dangling light, just hanging from a push-pin in the ceiling.

“I’m almost done.” Jack yelled, slipping it on, his first foot went in, then the second, barley missing the leg hole. He

tripped and fell, slamming on his temple on the cold, hard tile floor.

“What’s happening in there?” Maki rose from his chair.

“I-I tripped, that’s all.” Jack rubbed his temple, seeing that his fingers were now covered in blood. “That’s going to leave a bruise.” he said under his breath. He zipped up the clothes and yanked on the door knob. He emerged waving his hands around him, “How do I look, as beautiful as you imagined?”

“Yes, yes. Now, lastly,” Maki pulled out a syringe with purple liquid and a little chip floating in it. “Roll up your sleeves.” Jack rolled his eyes and did as he was told. He sat on a chair and grimaced. Before he shoved it in his wrist, Maki looked up at him.

“This is going to hurt bad. Real bad. You’ll probably scream your head off, wet yourself, and pass out.” he said.

“Hey, Dr. Maks, have you ever heard such a thing as a little white lie?”

Maki ignored his comment and shoved the needle into his wrist. Jack bit back the pain, and forced himself not to show pain.

“You’re a tough one, child.”

“Thanks.” Jack said through gritted teeth. After about 20 minutes of letting the huge needle sit in his wrist, Maki pulled it out, satisfied.

“Okay, that just about does it.” Maki said.

“Alright, now what is this ‘meeting’ you were talking about?”

“Oh, that. Follow me.”

“Kay.” Jack stood up, his army boots skirting on the white tile floors, leaving little dirt stains. They walked through halls, into doorways and finally came upon a door, well, two actually. They had criss-cross black marker written on the small windows and large handles.

“Out we go.” Maki sang. He pushed open the doors. The yellow grass wasn’t much to look at, with little patches of green, but no brown, other than the beige color of the lifeless, dry dirt. Cafeteria tables lay on the grass, and just a couple feet away, were barbed wire fences. Then, Jack stood, wide-eyed at the many people who were staring at him. A small child, maybe no older than 12 sat, legs crossed on a table, her short, pixie hair cut, with it’s jet- black color enunciating her large green eyes and tiny nose. A man, about 30 years of age, stood, he was about 3 feet taller than Jack, he was bold and muscular, and his sunburned skin sparkled with sweat, he looked at Jack like he had just sprouted wings. A woman, with pearly white teeth, yellow eyes and brown iris’s looked up at him, her nose was large and was rimmed with black dots.

“These are your soon-to-be-friends.” Maki waved to everyone, no one waved back.

“Yay.” Jack said sarcastically.

“Oh, please, you’ll only be here for about another week, but before you die, you may as well make some friends.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence.”

“Anytime.” Maki walked away, with a new look of confidence on his face.

“Everyone!” He shouted. “We would like to welcome a newcomer, his name is Jack Ze’ve! Now, this is our first meeting. Everyone will follow my rules, and if you disobey, I won’t hesitate to blow your arm off.” Maki held up an tablet, a picture of everyones face was on it. He clicked one, it was the girl’s with the black hair’s picture. She looked afraid. Maki tapped a red button under her name. There was a long pause. The girl gasped and stared at her arm. Red spots began to form on her arms, redder and redder until blood began to seep through her pores, her eyes widened, green eyes locked onto her arm. Blood dripped down her fingers.

Drip Drip Drip

“Stop!” Jack yelled, his eyes almost as wide as hers.

Maki tapped another button and the girl’s eyes went back to the normal size. Jack couldn’t move, and he knew why.

“Now, imagine that 10 times worse. That’s what’ll happen if you get me angry. everyone nodded, nervously. Maki walked around.

“Now everyone can meet each other.” Maki clapped his hands and trotted over back to Jack.

“Okay, go get em.” He whispered into Jack’s eyes.

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