See No Evil

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - Nichi Botsu

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017



Nichi Botsu

She trotted out of the door and slammed it shut, seeing little bits of white, dry, paint float to the ground. She grimaced.

“What was it... 8934757?” Nichi swallowed back the heart that jumped to her throat. She cleared it.

“Yep, sounds like it.” She pulled up a GPS, it was small, purple and had blue fluorescent lights flickering out of the edges, (obviously aged). She spoke into it, “8934757.” Her voice was shaken, and she was glad no alone was there to hear it. The GPS responded, “Taking you to ‘8934757’ valley, getting directions.... Turn right on 03849 Valley, make a left towards...” it trailed off and it was half way through

the directions when Nichi noticed she’d drifted off. She bolted towards the directions it was giving it.

“Wait.” She commanded, the GPS stopped talking. “I need a disguise.” She ran to the trading center. It was getting dark out and red lights flickered in storefronts. She saw the clothing station. A woman with warm brown skin, a small gap between her pearly white teeth and glossy black cornrows that hung from her heart-shaped head. In a French accent she called, enunciating her words poorly, “Anyone want buy clothes?” her poor grammar drew Nichi’s attention, and to her surprise, the woman knew not of who she was. Looks like the ‘wanted’ posters hadn’t been posted on every billboard yet.

“Clothe for you miss?” She said again, her dark eyes brightening.

“Y-yes, please.”

“Oh wonderful, I love have pretty girl for dressing up.” She gazed at Nichi, examining her. “Yes, yes you do nice!” The woman dived into a pile of clothes.

“I- don’t need anything much... Just something simple.” The woman popped out and held up a sickly yellow dress. It was rimmed with brown dirt, and had tiny holes splattering the bottom. “No, no I’m sorry.”

Nichi started to look on her own.

“May I?” she asked the woman. She sprung up, cornrows bouncing, and smiled.

“Well, sure. Go head.” “.........Okay. Thanks.” Nichi rummaged through pink dresses to royal blue cargo pants, to a sweatshirt with a unicorn on it. Then, she saw something decent. It was a brown tee-shirt, a v-neck, and a pair of baggy cargo pants.

“I’ll take these, thank you.” Nichi set them on a table and then saw something else, a gun holster, she’d needed one, rather than carry her gun around everywhere, or stuff it in her shirt, wondering if it made her look like she had swallowed it whole. She grabbed it. On it, it wrote, ‘Don Emilie’, a popular brand name, originated in Paris, France.

“And this too.” She set it on top of the folded clothes. The woman nodded and held out her hand.

“I’m Nadia Emilie.” She explained. Nichi shook her hand and said, with hesitation, “I’m- I’m Ashley Bennette.” She smiled warmly. Nadia looked confused and a dark eyebrow shot up.

“You sure?”
“As sure as I’ll ever be.”
“Well... It took you long time to answer.”

“_a_“ she whispered under her breath. Nadia shook her head, “Never mind that, do you have thing to trade?”

“Well, um, what are you looking for? I’ll trade these clothes for the new ones......... If um, if that’s okay.” Nadia stared at her. “Not worth it. Anything else you have?”

She patted her pockets, her stomach, her elbows, searching for something to give. Then she felt it, a little round oval, no bigger than her thumb, hanging from her neck. It was a locket, one that she never took off. Reminding her of her parents. Jack was in the picture too, as was his family, he was smiling wildly, canines in all, right beside her, 11 years old maybe. Six years had passed, she had long forgotten the accident that took her parents from her.

“I have this...” She held the locket up from underneath her shirt, the golden designs sparkling.

“Is that real gold?” Nadia asked, finally decent grammar.

“Yes, it is.” She replied, tossing Nadia the locket. She flipped it open and held her hand to her mouth.

“Your friends or something?”

“Or something.” Nichi slapped a smile on her face and Nadia peeled the little picture off. She handed it to her.

“I hope you and your friends close.” she smiled warmly.

“We are,” She spoke rapidly now, noticing her hurry. “So um. Is that alright? Can I take the clothing and leave?” Nadia shot her head up.

“What? No! This is worth much more than some silly old clothes. Let me feed you, give you something a bit more worth it.”

Nichi cringed.
“Okay.” She grinned, hiding the sharp pain in her heart

that knew she was wasting her time. Jack’s time. ?

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