See No Evil

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - Nichi Botsu

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



Nichi Botsu

Nichi walked into a little house. It wasn’t much and cardboard boxes were scattered everywhere.

“You live at your booth?” Nichi asked, peering at the mess.

“I sure do! How about you? Not too far from here?” “Yep, just- just right um, over there.” Nichi pointed to the opposite direction her apartment actually was.

“Ah. I see. Well, come sit down, then,” She gestured to a floor table, brown and cheap looking. “Not much, I know.” She explained.

“No, it’s wonderful.” Nichi lied, smiling with her eyes closed.

“Aren’t you sweet, then. How about that? Not many young folk around here as nice and trustworthy as you are, my dear. You are a lucky girl.”

“Thank you.”

“Anytime, what would you like to eat? Soup, I think I have some of that in here. Maybe rice?”

“I don’t mind, whatever is easy for you.”

After the soup was done, she brought two small paper bowls over to the table, spilling little oily drops onto her tile floor. It smelled, decent and it looked alright. Nichi scooped some in her mouth, looking at Naomi, watching anxiously for her reaction. It was disgusting. Truly, the worst thing she’d ever eaten. Jack’s cooking skills though, were beaten by a landslide, if she’d compared it to Naomi’s.

“It’s wonderful.” She said, mouth full.
“Oh good. I have more if you like.”
“No, no thank you. I’m full.” She lied, yet again.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” Naomi scooped up Nichi’s new clothes and handed them to her. “There’s a bathroom right down the hall. Go get changed, let’s see how you look.”

Nichi smiled warmly, now having an excuse to not continue to force soup down her throat, marched down the hallway. She opened the mildew smelling door and creeped in. She slipped the clothes on, now comfortable and clean, but kept her red army boots. Nothing could beat her red army boots. She trotted down the hall, back into the room from which she came to see it empty.

“Naomi?” She called. “Naom-“ She was cut off. A knife was being held against her neck.

“Who are you?” Naomi’s voice whispered behind her.

“What are you-“

“_Who are you_?” She repeated, more forceful.

“I’m Ashley. Remember?”

“No, you lie.”

“I no lie, swear.” Nichi mocked.

“Don’t.” Naomi’s voice was shaky.

“What do you want? Put the knife down.” Nichi told her, still holding her arms up in defense.

“I saw this,” She held up a piece of newspaper. It was Nichi’s face.

Wanted Nichi Botsu

“That’s not me.” “Do you have a twin?” “No. Woman, let me go.”

“Not until you tell me who you are and how much money someone would pay me with I were to turn you in.”

“I’m Nichi Botsu, arrested for spray painting, you would get a few cents, maybe a couple quarters if you turned me in. That won’t buy you a pack of gum, don’t waste your time.”

“Fine.” she let go.

“You scared me there. I thought you might actually slit my throat.”

“Maybe I would’ve.”

Nichi ignored her. She kept her distance, but stared Naomi in the eyes, her brown, round eyes. “Who are you?” She asked, the same tone Naomi had asked with.

“My name is Naomi Emilie, and I’m on a mission. I need to find my daughter. I was told she was slaughtered by the Empress, but until I see her body, cold and dead, I’m not stopping until I find her.”

“That’s sweet.” Nichi said dismissively.
“I have to go.”
No! Please, help me find my daughter.” She begged now. “I can’t, I have a mission of my own as well.”
“I will help you!”

“You’ll just get in the way.” Nichi turned and headed for the door, when Naomi’s hand lunged for her’s.

“Get off of me!” She yelled, throwing back her arm.
“I am a good fighter, I won’t get in the way,
please please

please.” Nichi’s eyes widened.
“Fine-“ Nichi was cut off.
“I swear it, if I’m interrupted one more time-“
The door shot open. Guards burst through the door, guns

in all.
“There she is!” One of them yelled, running to her.

“Gotta run.” Nichi bolted for the opposite side of the house. She saw faces through the windows. They were surrounded.

“Would you like to help me?!?!?” Nichi yelled to Naomi. “Yes!” She shrieked.

“Get your knife or any other weapon you might have!” She commanded.

“Yes ma’am!” Naomi handed Nichi a gun and Nichi batted it away, showing her the one she already had.

“On three we run!” Nichi yelled to her.

“Where?!?!” Naomi was holding up her hands, shaking, confused.

“Straight! 1.............. 3!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Hey that’s not fair!” They both ran forward, knocking down guards, aware of the many gun shots that had been fired.

Nichi kept running, with Naomi’s hand, turning corners, then she stopped on a side of a fish market. It smelled repulsive. She glanced through the wall, seeing a guard yanking a woman’s arm, she fell and he asked, “Where did she go?!?!?” the woman shrieked and ran away. A gun fired. It ringed in her ears.

“C-come on.” Nichi tried to act brave, “Someone just got killed because of- me.”

“We have to go.” “Where?”

“You tell me, I’m the one helping you, you should know these things by now.”

A memory flashed through Nichi’s brain. She patted around for the GPS and finally found it. She yelled into it.

“Continue our route! Continue! CONTINUE!” She yelled into it.

Guards ran in her direction.

“Over there!” one yelled.
The GPS spoke, “Make a left at the nearest turn.”

Nichi ran left, yanking Naomi as she went, right, another right. Left again. Straight. Left. And finally, the directions stopped.

“You have arrived at your destination.” the GPS finally said.

“You um. You can’t come with me.” Nichi shrugged to Naomi.

“What do you mean ‘I can’t come with you’?! We’ve come this far! You’re helping me with my daughter!”

A twig snapped in the distance.

“Hide! I promise I will find your daughter and bring her to you, but I’m putting you in danger! Flee, shoo, now!” Nichi whispered.

“You will bring her to me?” Naomi pleaded. “Yes, I promise.“ They both shook and Naomi ran. 

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