See No Evil

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Jack

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Submitted: June 27, 2017




Jack was looking for Dakugure, to see if she was alright, to see if she’d survived the torture.

“Where’s Dakugure?” Jack turned to Maki. Maki looked up at him, and a gray, curly eyebrow shot up.

“Dakugure?” Maki repeated, looking back at his tablet screen.

“Yes. Where is she? Why is she not here?” Jack was anxiously waiting for a response. Maki’s head tilted up.

“Ah, she’s under some ‘restraints’, but um, if you want to see her, she’s over there.” Maki pointed to a corner, where two gated met, a little patch of brown, dead grass, clouding

the area. Then he saw her. A collar was around her neck, reminding him of a chained dog. It was secured tight to the fence and she was sitting, back to him, hugging her knees.

“You’re treating her like an animal, why is she chained up like that?” Jack’s eyes widened, staring at Maki with deep curiosity.

“She has a history of being... violent,” Maki explained, glaring at Dakugure. A long silence erupted between them.

“Well, who can blame her?!? She was forced to rip her own eye out!” he yelled. Everyone outside was silent.

Maki then anxiously whispered, “ That was an accident, now, leave me be!”

Jack rolled his eyes and trotted towards her. Jack sat on his knees and whispered into her ear, “I can help you leave this place.”

Dakugure glanced up at him, her icy blue eye, clouded with tears. Her jet-black bangs shifted and so did her focus. A small white eye patch was taped onto her other eye. A shadow created by her hair fell over her eyes and all that was left to view was her full, red lips. She smirked.

“I need a gun.” She said, her voice was hoarse and quiet.

“Let me get you out,” He told her, he looked at her collar and grimaced.

“Do you have a hairpin?” He asked her. She nodded and pulled one out of her glossy, thick hair. He held it between his fingers and put his hand on the collar. He started to pick the lock.

“Have you ever done this before?” her voice, still strained. “Because you don’t look like you’ve ever done this before. My friend says people that don’t look like it, are usually idiots. You’re an idiot aren’t yo-“ She was cut off and Jack raised both of his dark eyebrows and grinned.

“Hey, you wanna shut up and let me finish?”

He continued to pick the lock and she put a hand over her mouth, furrowed her eyebrows and looked embarrassed. He heard a click, and before he knew it, the lock snapped off and clattered to the floor.

“Thank you!!” she yelled, collapsing on top of him. He batted her away and said, “Keep your voice down, craziness, you’ll get us both in trouble!” ?

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