See No Evil

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Chapter 34 (v.1) - Nichi Botsu

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



Nichi Botsu

“I can’t see anything! Noochai! Where are we?!” Naomi yelled at the top of her lungs.

“Shut up.” Nichi commanded, fixing the lease of her night- vision contacts.


“ Oh my god. Shut it!” Nichi said. Naomi folded her arms and her brows furrowed. “We’re inside of a box,” Nichi explained. “Titanium, maybe.” Nichi examined the room. She knocked on the walls.

“There’s a ray of light!” Naomi excitedly peeked through a loose screw’s hole.

“Where are we?” Nichi whispered.
“Same place we started-“ she was cut off.
They were

moving now, something with wheels.

“We’re moving. There are people in white dresses. Even the guys. Ew.” Naomi got off track and Nichi slapped her across the face.

Focus. What do you see, besides the white dresses?” Nichi glared. Naomi stared back into the hole. “Inside... A building... Oh, um. There are white floors. Everything is white in here. We just went through some plastic curtains and um... A boy with brown hair. He’s also wearing a dress.” Naomi nodded, deliriously.

Enough with your hatred towards dresses.“ Nichi glared.

“Well, it’s not that I hate them I just-“

“What did the boy look like, details.” Nichi folded her arms.

“He’s got a tattoo on his arm. WAF9038. And he has earrings, but they're not attached, just the holes. He is with a girl. With black hair. She looks kinda crazy and on her arm, it says ‘Dakugure’.” Naomi explained.

“What color were his eyes?” Nichi asked, in a hurried tone. “Icy blue. Very pretty,” she said dreamily.

“Stop it....” Then, Nichi started to yell, taking out her gun and shooting at the walls.

“Jack! JACK! JACK! JJJJAAAAACCCCCKKKKK!!!!” She screamed furiously.

“Who's Jack?” Naomi rested her head in her hands, smiling.

“Look through the hole.” Nichi’s glare was now on her, not her gun.

Naomi skittered across the box, finding the hole.

“He looks like he heard someone. Probably your annoying screaming and gun-firing,” Naomi rolled her eyes. “And...

He’s turning... Okay... he’s coming towards us... They both have machine guns...” They all heard punches and kicks coming from outside of their box.

“NICHI!!!” Jack yelled, his voice profoundly muffled from the titanium. His machine gun was firing now. At the walls.

“The guards have keys, you idiot!” Nichi yelled. She waited to hear the jingle of keys.

click, jingle, click, snap, clatter

Two doors swung open and light burst through their box. Jack ran to Nichi, hugging her tight. Nichi didn’t fight the embrace and finally gave in, hugging Jack back soundly. Her eyes squinted as she adjusted to the light.

“Whose she?” Jack held up his gun to Naomi’s forehead.

Jack! Don’t kill her, dumbo, she’s helping me get you out of here! And I’m helping her get her daughter, yatta, yatta, yatta. Sappy crud, as usual.”

Naomi held up her hands in defense. Jack slowly lowered his gun and Dakugure raised hers. Jack smiled, pitying Dakugure’s logic, and made her put her gun down.

“Whose she?” Nichi flicked Dakugure’s forehead. “I’m helping her escape.”

Nichi’s eyebrow shot up and she got closer to Dakugure’s face.

“How old are ya’, kid?” she asked, smiling.

“13, and get away from me before I cut your arm off,” Dakugure said dismissively.

“Holy....” she got up, smiling, eyebrows both making creases on her forehead.

“I like her,” Nichi said, pointing at Dakugure. “I like her a lot.” ?

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