See No Evil

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - Dakugure

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



“Come on everyone, let’s go to my secret spot.” Dakugure hopped up and down, her heart fluttering as she waited for their responses. “Where?” Nichi eyed her with distrust and Dakugure bit the inside of her cheek.
“Follow me~” Dakugure skipped down the white hallways, leaving little black footprints.
“Would you stop frolicking towards the sunset and be careful of what you’re doing?” Naomi folded her arms and pointed at the footprints like a distressed mother. They heard footsteps. They all scooted behind a wall, silently praying to themselves as the scientists passed.
“Come, let’s go.” Dakugure grabbed Naomi and Nichi’s hands and ran down the hallway. She stopped at a door. It had blue flourecent lights all around it and petri dishes were scattered everywhere. “This is my room.” She whispered. “I finally got out of that stinky old cell with that stinky old senseless guard that I happily took apart,” Nichi smiled a nervous, conceded smile, and said, “Well aren’t you just a little ray of pitch black.” Nichi patted Dakugure’s hair.
“Aces... Daku...” Jack sighed.
“But... I will not help you, if you do not first help me.” Dakugure folded her tiny pale arms and pursed her lips to one side. Nichi laughed bitterly.
“What makes you think we need you?” Nichi started to walk away when Dakugure said, in a small voice, “Because you want your lives. And I have not yet given them to you.” Dakugure smiled. Nichi stopped in her tracks and said, “What is it that you want then?” almost like talking to a spoiled child.
“I want revenge,” Dakugure smirked. “I want them to feel exactly what I felt, not worse, not any less painful.” She sang it in a little demonic tune.
“Hey now, sugarplum...” Jack raised his eyebrows at Dakugure.
Dakugure’s one blue, icy cold stare, filled with sadness, shot him in the heart like a dagger.
“We- We are helping her. Yep. It’s settled. She’s awesome.” Jack smiled, proud of himself. Nichi lightly punched Jack’s arm.
“You’re such a child.” She insulted.
“What did they do to you Jack? I-I heard screams... It was you right?” Nichi asked Jack.
Jack rubbed his arm.
“They are working on a weapon. I think. This weapon, this thing can alter the course of history as we know it... It will change everything. It can destroy- “ Jack was cut off.
“I call dibs...” Nichi raised her right hand and everyone shot her angry glares.
“What? It sounds cool...” she said. Dakugure laughed and in-between constant cackles she sang;
Red. Hhahahahah. Like roses. Hue hahah. Fill my dreams bahahahah and bring me to the place you HEE HEE HAHA You sleep
Jack pursed his lips into a thin, nervous line and said, “Good thing she’s on our side.” Nichi crossed her arms. Naomi, standing silently through all of this, huffed.
“What’s your plan, then?” Naomi asked Jack. Jack looked nervous and said.
“My plan was to follow Nichi’s plan. I don’t make plans...” he said. Nichi felt all of the attention fall on top of her.
“Why must you assume I already have a plan?” Nichi studdered. “I mean... I do.. But ...” Nichi rolled her eyes. Dakugure spotted a passing scientist. She ran towards him, ignoring Nichi.
“You idiot!” She scolded.
Dakugure tackled one and started to claw his eyes.
“Only one! I promise!” She yelled. “Just one!” She kept clawing and tearing and clawing... Her fingernails, lined with blood, hands, soaked, stood up.
Naomi grabbed Dakugure’s arm.
“You don’t just do that to people!” Dakugure batted her arm away and ran.
“We lost her.” Naomi sighed.
“I have been called by my dear friends!!!” Dakugure yelled, and skittered away.

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