See No Evil

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - Dakugure

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



Dakugure skipped down the hallway, clicking her little feet onto the white tiles. Little speckles of blood trailed behind her.
“It’s just a gift!” She sang. “A red, liquify gift, just for you!” she smiled wickedly. She skittered around the hallways, trying to find a way out.
“My friends have called me! I must go to them!” She skipped around until she found a door. She pushed open the doors and ran out.
“Why is the exit out in broad daylight?” she whispered to herself. She opened her eye and saw a red sky.
“Red like the Sky. Please tell me why. Why do you always seem to die?” in a hushed tone, she sang to herself. She tip toed on her white, bare feet, across the black dirt, and empty bullet cases. She walked. Not knowing where. Not knowing who she might meet when she got there. Her legs throbbed.
“I should have brought my guard. He would’ve protected me.” Dakugure spoke, crossing her arms, thinking about her lovely, eyeless guard.
“As we all knew this would come. From my one eye. To her hushed voice. We do wrong. Who can’t hear noise. It all combines to one little thing. To destroy it all, and we’ll be free. Just like she said.” She sang and her thoughts drifted off. She stopped at a small town. It was colorful, with flickering storefront lights, and the smell of smoke that lingered in the air. She skipped around. Ignoring the looks of worry from the people around her. She continued to walk.
“Now, let’s go to Europe.” Dakugure spoke to herself.

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