See No Evil

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - Nichi Botsu

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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Submitted: June 27, 2017



“Great,” Nichi folded her arms and huffed. “This is just fantastic!” Nichi yelled.
“Come on.” Naomi grabbed everyone’s hand and sneakily led them to follow the little drops of blood.
“So um... What’s your name?” Jack whispered to Naomi.
“I’m Naomi. Nice to meet ya.” She grinned.
“Yeah... Uh huh.” Jack nodded. Finally, the little drops of blood came to a screeching halt at two, large metal doors.
“The brat went outside.” Nichi closed her eyes.
“You know you like her.” Jack had a smug expression on his face.
Nichi rolled her eyes.
“You see?” Jack pointed to Nichi, whose head shot up. “That, right there. That eye roll, indicates your deep affection you secretly have for her.” Jack grinned.
“You know what?” Nichi reached for the knife in her pocket. Naomi noticed the annoyance filling in Nichi’s eyes and she planted a hand on Nichi’s chest, stopping her from ringing Jack’s neck.
“Easy, Tiger.” Naomi said, taking the knife from her. “Until further notice, this knife is mine.” Naomi spoke. Nichi raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms.
“You can’t take that from me. That’s mine.” Nichi snapped. At this point, standing here. Watching Jack and Nichi standing side by side, she noticed the unfortunate comparance in height. Jack, who was unbearably short, and Nichi who was unfairly tall. Naomi giggled.
“You and I are a lot alike, you know.” Naomi said to Nichi. Nichi squinted her eyes and said. “Except, you know, the whole, ‘I’m not an idiot part.’. “ Nichi smiled. Naomi rolled her eyes and shoved her away.
“Okay, so after all this time we’ve wasted arguing, where are we going?” Naomi crossed her arms, waiting for a response. Jack kicked the tile, his shoe screeching. Jack started to hum and Nichi glared at him in annoyance. Nichi rolled her eyes.
“Europe,” She said. “We’re going to Europe.” Nichi talked confidently.
“What? Why?” Jack asked.
“I heard her mumbling about it when Naomi and I first arrived,” Nichi replied. “Let’s meet our friends at Europe, shall we?” Nichi mocked, in a creepy, exaggerated voice. Then, they heard footsteps in the far hallway, behind the door, louder this time, in a precise rhythm. Nichi’s attention drifted towards the door.
“The door. Block the door.” Nichi glared at Naomi and Jack. They skittered towards the door and closed it, locked it and blocked it.
A booming, thundering voice shouted from outside the door.
“YOU ARE UNDER ARREST! WE CAUGHT YOUR VIOLENT ACTIONS ON TAPE! OPEN THIS DOOR NOW !” They yelled. Jack hesitated and then smiled confidently, speaking to the door, still pushing it closed, “It’s cooler when you break in, though.” He joked. There was a long pause, and no one spoke for a while until Nichi yanked Jack’s and Naomi’s hands and ran to the exit, just a few feet away. She burst through the door and a loud alarm went off.
“Why didn’t this happen to Daku?” Nichi groaned. Jack shrugged and said,
“I don’t know, but we need to get out before they find us. Who knows what they’ll do to you, to us?” Jack trembled and Nichi let go of his arm. Naomi saw a city. Just a few miles away.
“ Run . “ Nichi commanded.
“Why aren’t there any gates?” Naomi asked, suspiciously.
“No one of the prisoners would come out here. That, or it’s a trap, but if it was a trap, we wouldn’t know where Dakugure went.” Nichi proudly stated. Jack glared at her and shook his head, “We don’t know where she is.”
Naomi giggled.
“Based on the direction of the wind,” Nichi licked her finger and held it up to the sky, “And the smell of this dirt-“ Nichi was cut off.
“It doesn’t work that way.” Jack crossed his arms and smirked.
“I know you idiot... She left footprints.. see?” Nichi pointed to the ground, little brown indents shaped like tiny feet were everywhere. Nichi looked up. The clouds were dark, which they usually were, due to the pollution, but today they seemed to be extra dark, it was going to rain soon...
“Couldn’t have gone far...” Jack said, in a little voice.
“Why do you say that?” Nichi twisted her eyebrows.
“It’s going to rain soon. I can smell it.” Jack tilted his nose in the air.
“Okay wolfie...” Naomi mocked.
“Well? What are we doing just standing here?” Naomi tugged both of their arms and ran to follow the now muddy footprints. They had walked for some time, the mud sucking their feet down into the earth,definatly did not make it easier for them to walk, but they managed. Jack was panting, and if Nichi was tired, she showed no sign of it whatsoever.
“This is my life now. I have climbed this hill and now I shall die upon it.” Jack complained. Nichi rolled her eyes and said sternly, “Shut up, we’ve only been walking for 20 minutes.” Naomi muffled a laugh and continued to walk. They stopped to admire the lights and stopped at a fish market, it reaked of the sea and there stood a man, in a white apron, covered in fish blood, smoking a pipe. Nichi walked up to the stand and said, “Have you seen a girl with black hair and an eyepatch running around here?” Nichi asked. They waited, he was now chewing on his pipe when he glared at them all.
“Who wants to know?” His voice was low and clear, but also mixed with an accent of a sailor.
Naomi raised both of her eyebrows, making creases in her forehead. Nichi shut her eyes and massaged her brow.
“I can’t-“ she started, she walked away, massaging her temple and staring at the floor.
“Did she just walk away from me when I was still talking?” His voice was harsh and angry.
“I can only take so much stupidity at once.” Nichi smiled and squished her foot into the mud, making her red boots seem darker. Naomi huffed and said, “She’s just moody right now.” Naomi thought up an recuse for Nichi’s behavior. Jack chuckled and added, “Who ate your bowl of sunshine, thundercloud?”
The man at the fish market looked as if he were watching a play.
“Alright. Show’s over. We just want to know if you’ve seen her.” Naomi begged. The man rose one, furry eyebrow and slammed his fist down onto the table, making a few fish flop onto the ground, lifelessly.
“I said who wants to know?!?! “ he yelled now. Nichi sighed, a long dramatic sigh and ran over to the man, gripping his shirt in her fist she spoke, staring into his brown eyes.
“ We want to know, that’s why we asked, and if you won’t answer we will stop wasting our time with you.” This was as stern as Nichi could get, she was stressed, and angry, now only a few inches away from the man’s nose. He looked frightened, but soon covered it up with confidence.
“Yes, she went that way.” The man quickly told them, and pointed down the road. Nichi let go of the man’s shirt and he sprung up back to where he first stood. Naomi tried to keep the happiness up and led them to where the man said. They walked by a few street stores, each person casting worried glances down the road.
“It was her. She was here.” Nichi said.
“How do you know?” Jack asked, crossing his arms.
“The extremly frightened, and worried looks on everyone’s face, proves that the little devil went this way.”

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