Farewell, Dearest Love

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Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017



The theory, as an absolute;
if something happens to him,
that's it for me -- you know?
"More tears found their way down
to the apples of her cheeks
onto her knees, and then the floor
as her hand released the bottle
in the most relaxed of ways."
There was simply no reason
to live after that.

That's the difference between you and me --

you were strong enough to survive without me,
but I wasn't strong enough to survive without him
because I've lost faith in humanity.
You see, he was my whole world;
the reason I got up in the morning,
the reason I even tried.
Everything I did was to make life better for him,
so much better than I had it.
Forget money, and forced love.
This was real love.
You-aren't-a-burden-to-me-and-never-will-be love.
I will love you until my dying breath love.
My love.
I didn't know the moment you entered my life
that the way I felt about you would be stronger
than the most unbreakable bond.
I never knew you'd go before me.
Before I got the chance to write my will;
a will at all --
now there's no will.
Not a single effort left.
You're not a parent.
And in this world somehow I expect judgement
before the idea of mere understanding
can even be formulated.
We're all selfish.
And experiences either make you better or worse;
but those of us who have fought the good fight,
who just have nothing but a tired,
defeated sigh of an energy left --
sometimes we just have to let go.
And hope they understand. 

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