The Ebola Virus

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This is poem about the horrors of Ebola.

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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Submitted: June 26, 2017



It erradicates many in africa 
The land of where 
nobody masticates  
It is a true master
of disaster  
It will kill you faster
 than the speed light 
with just one flight
 to guinea 
Thousands on streets wanting to live 
While fleets
 of soldiers keep them in 
and keep them at bay 
These poor people don't even
Have a say 
of whether they live or die 
Smoke is high
 in the air 
From the burning bodies 
Scientists are 
slowly learning
 about this helical RNA virus
That came from the fruit bat  
While vehicles piled up with dead bodies 
Drive by the tents of study and death 
As the people 
become more bloody 
Some of them can't locate their sons or daughters 
So their cursed to wonder if 
they've been slaughtered and burned because they don't return home 
It's terrible when someone dies while bleeding 
from their eyes 
Along with the 
unheard cries for help  


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